Friday, 7 March 2014

Review : Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nail in DBR401

Hello everyone~
Sorry for lack of updates since this whole time I was busy with my college (and watching drama, and playing cookie run, and doing nothing.. lol) So this time I want to review my current favorite nail polish which is Etude House DBR401 from dear my deep color nail series! So this nail polish is from Etude's old collection, and I don't think it's still sold in Etude's counter.. or still they?

Anyway, me and Acel have been searching a dark choco nail polish like forever and none of chocolate color nail polish suit us but this one is perfect! So happy that I made a smart choice choosing this color lol XD

The packaging is made by plastic cap and glass packaging. I find it very simple and not too attractive, compared to their other new launched nail polishes like sweet recipe, dear my blooming, the gradation nail, etc.

It has some emboss in the body packaging, Etude House's logo if I'm not mistaken. At least they are trying to make the packaging looks good but.. it's still too plain for me lol XD

The cap detail. This color name is DBR401 which I think stands for Dark Brown (not really sure either :p) with Bravo Brown shade.

I don't know what's so special about the brush BUT I find it so easy to use compared to others. I can paint my nail tidily without putting too much effort~ :D While when I use the ice cream nail polish.. It become as messy as Acel's room *cough*

Only use 1 coat on this swatch and the color is so vibrant already~ Love love :D I also use revlon as base and top coat in the swatch :)

Or if you think it's too plain and boring, you can put some bright nail polish and make ice-cream nail art like this :

What do you think about this color? Will you use it or no? ^^
Happy weekend and thanks for reading everyone~