Saturday, 22 March 2014

Product Empties #1 + Mini Review

Hello~ hehe finally after 5 days haven't post anything here, I came with a short post about my product empties :D To be honest, I rarely used a product until it's empty since I often get bored and in the end I just sell it at preloved group. But, since I start my spending ban (which is a FAIL, I bought a few items - around 2 or 3 - that I'll show you later as collective haul) I realize that I have a lot of beauty stuffs already and instead of selling it and buy it all over again, I'd better finish what I got first.. right?

So there's 8 products in total for this post and I'll keep post "Product Empties" every time I emptied 8 products hehe ;D Somehow using a product all used up make me proud of myself.. Have you experienced the same thought? lol

Let's start with the list of the items and a little explanation! :)

1. Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist
I've reviewed this product here together with the serum but I haven't finish the serum yet. It's my first hair mist and I bought this a looong time ago. The smells is amazingly great, some sweet flowery scent I must say. Not to mention the packaging is also uberly cute with pink decoration all over it *u*

2. Suave Touchable Finish
I've heard about the brand itself which is quite famous but this hair spray is the first item I try from them. I love how it holds my curls but doesn't make my hair frizzy and all stiff like other hair spray. Combine it with lucido-L hair curl and my curly hair stay for about 10 hours! I still can brush it as if I'm wearing nothing~ <3

3. Maybelline Makeup Remover
I don't think I need to say more about this pretty much because.. I bet you guys have tried it already! hahah. It erase my makeup well, a little goes a long way, affordable, and easy to find. If I'm not mistaken, it's my 3rd bottle already but now I move to Bioderma sensibio and I like it more because it doesn't leave greasy or oily feelings like this maybelline leave (a little, though.)

4. Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion
Bought this when Hada Labo imported by Rohto and just managed to used it up recently.. I'm not a skincare person tho, rarely used it because I'm just too lazy XD Claimed as Whitening lotion, it does brighten my face (I wasn't use any other skin care product back then) but the brightening effect takes quite slow~

5. Evelyn Nail Polish Remover
I love painting my nails and doing some (fail) nail art so I also used nail polish remover quite a lot and since I'm in junior high school I always use this LOL. It's my 10th bottle already maybe. The reason is, it cleans my nail polish easily, SO cheap, and so easy to find since it sold at "Stoberi" and it's located at a mall which only 1 minutes walk from my school so.. yeah. XD

6. Maybelline Magnum Volum Express Mascara
I believe this is the first makeup item that me and Acel have (along with the Maybelline eye studio eyeliner). A little story, we started to interested in makeup when I was in 11th grade I guess, and we asked our mom to bought a mascara and eyeliner for us and out mom bought us this. I don't know why it's still in Acel's makeup table and I've forget how's the result of this mascara but one think I'm sure is, this mascara is good. :)

7. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara
My 2 recent mascara before the Maybelline Stiletto that I've reviewed here. It holds my curl well and give a thick looking eyelashes which I love but I personally think all mascara is about the same :x or is it just me? hahaha I've always used Maybelline's tho, next I'll buy the rocket one maybe?

8. Etude House Dear Darling Tint
Actually this is Acel's. She gave me this about a year ago If I'm not mistaken because my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint ( my first liptint XD ) is lost and I just can't find it. o_o I still use it until now and it's the only makeup item (beside oil blotting paper) that I bought to college everyday~ hahah the pigmentation is good and the smells is also not annoying~ Taste a little bit sweet and doesn't make my lips too dry.

So that's it! Have you tried any of them?
Do you also feel glad if you can use a product until it's empty? Let's share in the comment below~ ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend fellas <3


  1. aku punya bbrp produk yg uda kosong tp masih males ngumpulinnya XD sbagian uda kebuang cel wkwk
    nice post ^^

    1. aku jg dulu lsg dibuang, skrg mau dibikin empty post aja ci XD haha kenang2an udah bisa abisin :p

  2. Aku juga pake lip tint nyaaa d:

    1. banyak yg pake yaa liptint si etude ini ;D

  3. Aku juga dulu pake maybelline make up remover.. udah abis beberapa botol. Tp skrg skrg aku lebih suka pake bioderma sensibio. Lebih prefer ini ketimbang maybelline soalnya kalo pake ini rasanya dingin ke muka dan membersihkan lebih cepat, sekali swipe make up nya langsung ilang.

    1. samaaa hihi diitung2 harganya ampir sama soalnya si sensibio kan 250ml yah :3

  4. wahhh hebat tintnya dipake sampe abis :D

    1. iyaa ini plg sering dibawa2 soalnya ci rini :D hehe
      klo lips product nya sebanyak punya cc sih bakal susah abisinnya ya XD

  5. Huwoooohhh tint bs abis ceeeeeeeeellll?
    Aku pake yg kecil aja kok rasanya ga abis2 wkwkw Kamu sebotol itu udah abis aja XD
    Btw ini ga ada di post, tp Lucido-L hair curl itu heat protectant ga cel?
    Aku lg cari heat protectant soalnya kmrn pas coba hair curler ada yg rontok2 lol

    I think you should try Benefit They're Real mascara cel.
    Sepupuku blg itu bgs banget, ga bikin clumpy gitu.
    Aku belom coba tapi .___.

    Btw aku ga kepikiran ngumpulin yg udah abis buat di post hahaha
    Selalu lgsg ku buang kl udah abis, trus lgsg keluarin yg baru :p

    1. iyaa ini dr taun kmren sher belinya trus ampir tiap hari ak pake hahaha XD
      hmm ak ga yakin sih, cuma kayanya iya sher~ hehe

      Waktu itu udh pernah coba, masih lebih suka maybelline punya gatau knp o_o