Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review : Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte v1

Hi ladies~
I'm so happy since I've just finish my mid term exam today and I can sense freedom finally XD 
Btw, as I'm writing this, I'm eating this super-delicious-but-the-source-of-FATS martabak Good, one of the best food in earth~

See all the fats? Blame this for making me fat and have a flappy stomach ._. The cheese is seriously thick, the choco is so much and wait until you see how much butter he put there.. enough to grill 20 pcs of bread pfffft. Not to forget that he also put a lot of milk but well.. It's damn delicious so why not? EAT EAT X3

Uhm. Sorry for the OOT topics XD
So today I want to review an affordable bright, colorful eyeshadow palette from Sleek, called i-Divine Ultra Matte v1 :) I rarely use these kind of colors but I just can't stand all the pretty colors so here they are~

Comes in colorful splash of colors and dominated by black, this eyeshadow palette really caught my attention <3 I have a high expectation on sleek since Acel has the oh-so-special one and it's good! How about this one?

The Ingredients.
Spotted Parabed, Mica, etc that I've heard not so good ingredients o_o

Can be used after 12 month after you open the product :) I don't think I can use it up in 12 month >_<

I notice that the palette packaging itself has changed from the old one. The text "SLEEK" in Acel's one is bigger and covered almost all the surface but this one looks more simple and sleek~ hehe

Ultra Matte Brights are intensely cream and super blend-able. Due to the intense color, a little goes a long way. With cobalt blue and canary yellow neon shades these are ideal for creating strong vivid eye looks. Use as a liner along your top or bottom lash line for edgy colorful eyes.
source : sleek's website

It comes with 12 colorful eyeshadow, a big mirror, and a dual ended sponge brush. The sponge brush itself is quite useful (unless MUA's one which is so bad to the point I throw it.. XD)

Swatch :
( in order from left to right, top to bottom)

I find the color is so pigmented and really pop out :D But, some color might stand out and some color's pigmentation is just meh (especially the 4th and 5th in bottom ._.)

Full swatch :

Didn't use any eye primer and all of the swatch is only 1 swipe, I swear~ So good pigmentation or not? My fav is the blue and green *u* both are the most pigmented among all <3 The worst I must say is the baby pink one, it doesn't even show up on my hands and so do on my eyes ._.

(+) Pretty colors
(+) Sleek, sturdy packaging
(+) Affordable ($12)
(+) Good pigmentation
(+) Useful sponge brush
(+) A little goes a long way
(+) Easy to blend

(-) Not so friendly ingredients

Overall, I'm so glad that I bought this palette! I recommend this for people who like to create colorful EOTD, or people who like colorful eyeshadow but have a tight budget.. You won't regret buying this ladies :p

So what do you think about this palette? ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice (long) weekend!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Product Empties #1 + Mini Review

Hello~ hehe finally after 5 days haven't post anything here, I came with a short post about my product empties :D To be honest, I rarely used a product until it's empty since I often get bored and in the end I just sell it at preloved group. But, since I start my spending ban (which is a FAIL, I bought a few items - around 2 or 3 - that I'll show you later as collective haul) I realize that I have a lot of beauty stuffs already and instead of selling it and buy it all over again, I'd better finish what I got first.. right?

So there's 8 products in total for this post and I'll keep post "Product Empties" every time I emptied 8 products hehe ;D Somehow using a product all used up make me proud of myself.. Have you experienced the same thought? lol

Let's start with the list of the items and a little explanation! :)

1. Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist
I've reviewed this product here together with the serum but I haven't finish the serum yet. It's my first hair mist and I bought this a looong time ago. The smells is amazingly great, some sweet flowery scent I must say. Not to mention the packaging is also uberly cute with pink decoration all over it *u*

2. Suave Touchable Finish
I've heard about the brand itself which is quite famous but this hair spray is the first item I try from them. I love how it holds my curls but doesn't make my hair frizzy and all stiff like other hair spray. Combine it with lucido-L hair curl and my curly hair stay for about 10 hours! I still can brush it as if I'm wearing nothing~ <3

3. Maybelline Makeup Remover
I don't think I need to say more about this pretty much because.. I bet you guys have tried it already! hahah. It erase my makeup well, a little goes a long way, affordable, and easy to find. If I'm not mistaken, it's my 3rd bottle already but now I move to Bioderma sensibio and I like it more because it doesn't leave greasy or oily feelings like this maybelline leave (a little, though.)

4. Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion
Bought this when Hada Labo imported by Rohto and just managed to used it up recently.. I'm not a skincare person tho, rarely used it because I'm just too lazy XD Claimed as Whitening lotion, it does brighten my face (I wasn't use any other skin care product back then) but the brightening effect takes quite slow~

5. Evelyn Nail Polish Remover
I love painting my nails and doing some (fail) nail art so I also used nail polish remover quite a lot and since I'm in junior high school I always use this LOL. It's my 10th bottle already maybe. The reason is, it cleans my nail polish easily, SO cheap, and so easy to find since it sold at "Stoberi" and it's located at a mall which only 1 minutes walk from my school so.. yeah. XD

6. Maybelline Magnum Volum Express Mascara
I believe this is the first makeup item that me and Acel have (along with the Maybelline eye studio eyeliner). A little story, we started to interested in makeup when I was in 11th grade I guess, and we asked our mom to bought a mascara and eyeliner for us and out mom bought us this. I don't know why it's still in Acel's makeup table and I've forget how's the result of this mascara but one think I'm sure is, this mascara is good. :)

7. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara
My 2 recent mascara before the Maybelline Stiletto that I've reviewed here. It holds my curl well and give a thick looking eyelashes which I love but I personally think all mascara is about the same :x or is it just me? hahaha I've always used Maybelline's tho, next I'll buy the rocket one maybe?

8. Etude House Dear Darling Tint
Actually this is Acel's. She gave me this about a year ago If I'm not mistaken because my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint ( my first liptint XD ) is lost and I just can't find it. o_o I still use it until now and it's the only makeup item (beside oil blotting paper) that I bought to college everyday~ hahah the pigmentation is good and the smells is also not annoying~ Taste a little bit sweet and doesn't make my lips too dry.

So that's it! Have you tried any of them?
Do you also feel glad if you can use a product until it's empty? Let's share in the comment below~ ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend fellas <3

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review : Baby Color Summer Doll in Brown

Hello everyone! :D
It's been sooo long since I review circle lens. I don't even using it again nowadays in real life and it's suck since I was using it everyday when I sitll in high school. The reason is, a couple or 3 months ago my eyes always turn out red whenever I use circle lens and it hurt. I'm afraid that if I use it again, I'll be blind LOL *paranoid*

But last week I remember that I still have a brand new circle lens that I got from ci Glory's giveaway and I thought, "now it's been 3 month, why don't I give it a try?" and so I open the Baby Color Summer Doll in Brown :) Jump to the review!

Diameter : 19.80 mm
Base Curve : 8.60 mm
Water content : 48%
Duration : 3 - 6 month
Brand : Baby Color
Origin : Japan

As you can see in the picture, it has 3 color which is yellow, brown, and black. When I saw this lens for the first time, I'm surprised that there's a yellow color like, really? Will it look weird on my eye? But turns out it doesn't! :p

As always, I love circle lens which have a black outer ring to give dolly look. This lens, being stated to have 19.80 mm, does a good job to make my eyes bigger. However it's still natural and wearable for daily looks :)

This is the first time to use such a 'many-color' pattern, my previous circle lens is always either brown or black (Mimi almond, Geo Grang2, Miomi brown, etc) and I must say I like it :D The pattern seems pretty and make my eyes sparkling *u*

Left : With, Right : Without.
See the difference right? ^^

I personally think this is more comfortable than Geo lens since the lens itself is thin. But, compared to Miomi (which is thinner) I still prefer Miomi one :) I use this for about 4 hours and it feels just fine ^^ (quite good considering this is the first time I use circle lens again in 3 month after eye-irritation)


Eyes look so big XD

*Sorry for the spam, like I said, it's been quite a while since I use circle lens so I kinda too excited. lol XD*

(+) Pretty pattern and color
(+) Thin lens, comfortable
(+) Make my eyes bigger but still natural

(-) More expensive than Geo (about IDR 140k)
(-) 3-6 month of usage, while other lens usually 6-12 month

What do you think about this lens? :D
Have a nice day everyone~

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

GIVEAWAY : Born Pretty Store - 2 winners!

Finally another giveaway!
This time sponsored by Born Pretty Store, an online shop based in HK that sells so many affordable beauty stuff starting from makeup to nail art. Alicia contacted me and offer me to host this giveaway for you :D

This giveaway is open for INDONESIAN only and there will be 2 (two) winners. Here's the prizes :

Winner A :

12 pcs makeup brush set with super cute vintage pouch! I've reviewed it here :) This brush set is perfect for you who still learn makeup (like me XD) because the price itself is so affordable ^^

Winner B :

- 1 pcs of pore brush (review here)
- and 1 pcs of moustache sticker (here)

1. Like Born Pretty Store FB page and my FB page
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3. Comment which prize you want (choose only 1)
4. Share this giveaway on your FB, twitter, or Instagram account and don't forget to tag me and Born Pretty Store so we can notice you :)

I will write the name of people who join and write it on a paper then pick it randomly because I prefer manual way like that than using rafflecopter ;D

This giveaway is open from today to 29 March 2014 which mean you have two week to enter~
If you have any questions you can ask me via comment and email :) Good luck everyone~

Btw if you don't want to wait for the giveaway, you can purchase it directly and get 10$% off form entire site using my code CHEH10 :) Even without disc their price is cheap already so go shopping! lol

*off to study*

Friday, 14 March 2014

Review : Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Thanks God it's Friday! *throws confetti*
Hahah I got no class today and instead of studying for mid term exam next Monday, here I am blogging and typing about a new product that I just got couple days ago.. Bioderma Sensibio H2O!

It comes with super pretty packaging, to the point mom thought it's a gift instead of package lol XD they use white sturdy box (feels like getting another beauty box but this one is so satisfying) with pink ribbon as a decoration. When I opened the box, there's the brochure which really caught my eyes and of course..

The Sensibio H2O itself! Wrapped in luxurious (?) reddish pink wraper that looks so GOOD! :)

So let me explain first about Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Basically, it's a makeup remover which purpose is to clean your face from makeup. Usually, we used cleansing milk and toner to remove our makeup. Now with Sensibio H2O, we can get a new easy and fun way! With just one easy step, Sensibio H2O can clean out face as well as moisten out skin, and no need to rinse it with water. The unique formula from Sensibio H2O is a new way for sensitive skin treatment.

And FYI, this product sold one every 5 seconds! Just how great is that? *u*
Let's jump to the review!

It comes with a plastic bottle packaging and contains 250 ml (they also have the 100ml one). The liquid inside is transparent and looks just like water when I first saw it ^^ Oh, it also fragnance free so people who have allergic towards fragnance will not encounter any problem with this, I think?

The cap is the flip-flop model one and comes in pink color as well. I find the cap not-so-good cause I experienced some leak out when I make this review. Make sure you close it tightly until the 'clap' sound heard :D

Put 2 drops of it on my hands to let you see the texture but it's just too runny so by the time I close the cap and take my camera, it's already spread like that. It really is feels like water tbh :)

Performance test! Put a generous amount of product on my hand (as you can read in the picture above). Can this water-like product really clean all of them?

Use about 5 drops and rub my entire hand with it about 5 times, and the only one left is the maybelline mascara. The rest is all gone *u*

The use another 2 drops in the mascara area only and rub it again, it's gone! Too bad the glitters from Etude House tear drop liner is still there although I've tried to remove them with tissues. 

Then I rinse it with water and the glitter is easily gone! Clean like before~

So if you ask me, do I love this product? YES!
Not only it doesn't leave sticky-oily feeling, it also helps to remove the makeup easily. Say goodbye to rubbing hardly just to remove our makeup. The only downside for me is it needs more effort to remove mascara and I have to rinse it with water to remove glitters but again, it's easier than any other makeup remover I've tried so far!

(+) Cleans makeup WELL
(+) A little goes a long way
(+) Fragnance free
(+) Dermatology tested

(-) Not so affordable price 
(-) Need more effort to clean mascara and glitters

Thank you Bioderma Indonesia :)
You can buy it at Guardian and they are having promotion, buy the 250ml one FREE the 100ml one! Such a steal XD

Have you tried this product? What do you think? Drop some comment below ^^
Thankyou for reading and have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Giveaway WINNER : $50 Sigma Gift Voucher

Time for giveaway winner announcement!
Before I announce who's the winner of $50 sigma gift card giveaway, I want to say thank you for
every person who taking part and join the giveaway :)
This past 6 month of blogging has been a fun experienced for me and this would not happen without you guys, who still willing to read this crappy blog of mine~

Now without further ado, the winner of $50 Sigma gift card giveaway is..














Congratulations to ANNA ANWEN! 
*throw confetti*
I'll send you an email ASAP and I need you to reply within 2x24 hours or I'll pick another winner :)

For those who haven't win, I still have a giveaway that will be up this weekend and promise you,
it's so simple to join :DD

Have a nice sleep guys~
*go to bed*

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Face Shop Stamping on My Lips #3 Sweet Kiss Orange

Happy Sunday everyone!
Actually I don't have any plan to make a new post since I have home works to do but I forget that I put the books in the car and dad is using the car so.. here I am typing this post XD

Today I want to review The Face Shop Stamping on my lips, which I got from Valentine Swap with Sherly :) this item is the first one that caught my attention due to it's unique-cute packaging hehe :D Before reading forward, I warn you that this post will contain a lot of photos since I love the packaging so much ;p

It comes in box which I find quite sturdy and the box itself really caught my eyes :D Inside there is also the product (of course, duh.)

I got the #3 shade which is sweet kiss orange~ So happy because lately I tend to use orange color for lips and cheeks as it makes my skin look brighter and also make my face fresher :) Do you think the "kiss" marks is cute? hahah

So it said we should use the lip stamp to create vibrant and lively lips. And I was like.. Omo so cute XD

How to Use : 

Pull the caps. This is where the lip 'stamp' located. (see picture below) :D

Then open the second cap ( the separator between the stamp and the liptint )

And press it gently!

Tried it on the tissue and that's how it looks like~

The lip marks on the liptint XD hahah
Now to down side of this uber cute lip stamp is, it doesn't work good if used directly on lips ._. You can see in even in the tissue the color is so thin and doesn't look good right? Moreover, I find it hard to make gradient or even full lips tidily~ So instead of using the lip stamp, I choose to use lip brush which I got from BPS here.

Here's the swatch on my hand :

PWETTY COLOR, right right? :DD
As you can see, the texture is more like gellish, something like Etude House Fresh cherry tint but more thick (?) and gellish (sorry for the bad explanation ._.) One thing for sure is, it's not a liquid type. :)

It doesn't make my lips dry but it's not moisturizing either. I don't use any lipbalm before taking those photos so you can see my chapped lips but I think it can be better if I use lipbalm before hand :D

Overall, I'm satisfied with this product! Not only it has cute packaging, the color is so pretty and it also doesn't make my lips dry :D I think this product will suit those who love natural orange color~

(+) Cute packaging
(+) Affordable price
(+) Pretty color
(+) Doesn't make my lips dry

(-) So-so staying power
(-) Useless lip stamp

That's it for today! What do you think of this product? Drop some comment below ;3
Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday everyone :D