Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What's on My Travel Makeup Pouch?

So last weekend I went to Jakarta to celebrate CNY with dad's family. I stayed for 2 night, one in Harris Kelapa Gading and another in Ara Sumarecon hehe :D I have a great time there since the hotel is so near to the mall (the Harris one is even IN the mall lol). Did some mini shopping there and of course a lot of eating XD. I also enjoy the red envelope given ;3

As the tittle said, in this post I wanna share about stuffs I brought there!

First from the face section :
- Silky girl cc foundation
- Masami shouko blush brush (travel)
- MUFE HD powder (mini)
- Maybelline cheek glow

From the eye-makeup section :
- NYX Jumbo eye pencil in yoghurt

Lips section :
2. Maybelline baby lips - energizing orange
3. Tony Moly Tint in cherry red

I also like to try out samples when I'm travelling so I brought these :
- Etude House Baking powder cleansing foam
- Etude House silk scarf shampoo and conditioner
- Perfumies (solid perfume - love the scent! So baby-ish <3)
- Laneige water sleeping pack (mini)

Also brought :
- Etude House wonder pore spray mist
- Etude House alphabet mask sheet - green tea
- BBW pocket bag

And that's all ! hehe not too much right? I only brought the essential one since it's only 2 night stay and mom will scold me if I bring too much hahah~ What you ussually bring when you are travelling? A must bring item maybe? Tell me in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)


  1. wah lengkap banget ya:3 kalo aku suka lupa pake macam-macam kaya gini kalo udah pergi hehehe . paling facial foam, pelembap, parfume, lip balm hehe:D

    1. cuma bawa yg mini2 ak meiii hihi :D itu bawa jg sbnrnya ga semua dipake ahirnya, suka males XD

  2. Wih cel ga bawa skincare? Aku bawaan banyak tp kebanyakan ga dipake lol yg pasti dipake cuma yg skincare sama any cushion+bedak+eyelash curler+lip tint. Tapi yg dibawa bs sampe bawa brush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick LOL
    CC Cream nya Silky Girl oke ga cel? aku pengen coba cc cream tp bingung mulai dr mana, lg naksir sm tony moly sih :p
    Aku ga pernah kepikiran bawa masker .___. Kyanya next time klo travelling lg mau bawa masker :p Aku ijin bikin post beginian juga yaaaa :3

    1. hahah XD ak jg biasa cm pake bb cream / si silky girl itu sm liptint sher ;3
      btw itu bkn cream, tp two way fondie gitu sher~ beda sama yg the face shop punya hahah
      skincarenya cm bawa si wonder pore XD iyaaa bkin sana hahah gausa ijin padahal :D

    2. Wah asik dong cel, biasa two way foundie gt udah oke coverage nya *O* Aku lg breakout, ga jelas kenapa. Udh mau masuk kuliah bukan nya mulusan dikit malah ngambek gini :( mgkin mesti coba si silky girl ini~
      Ijin lah cel, kan aku terinspirasi dari post kamu :3 tp ntar keliatan aku klo pergi2 ribet bawaan nya wkwkwkw

  3. woah lengkap banget peralatannya kwkwwkkw
    btw chel review silky girl cc foundation nya dong
    penasara ahahha
    suka review mu lengkap soalnya hehhe :)