Monday, 24 February 2014

Review : Wig from toFebruary - Ulzzang Styled Long Curls Wig in Black

So last month I got a package from Aimee since I won in her first giveaway. The prize is an ulzzang wig from ToFebruary! I'm excited when I found out that I won since I only tried wig one time before and it's the fake pinkcoco -_- It doesn't looks good and I don't know if it's just me, the wig somehow can't fit my head shape perfectly. So I'm curious and can't wait to try this wig!

The package came safely with a sturdy box, perfectly good without any damage :)
What you get in a package :

1x Wig
1x Hair net (the one to wrap the wig when you keep it)

5x hair pin
1x hair net

So that is how the wig looks like. Stated as black color, it turned out to be reddish-brown color under sun lightning. However, it's true that in the room lightning it will seen as just black. The thickness is medium to thin, sometimes you can see the hair net cause the hair is a lil bit too thin :/

The curly part - I LOVE the curly! Hahaah it looks natural imo, and it's easier to brush than my previous fake pinkcoco <3

Photo above is the close up for the hair fiber. You can see the reddish brown color I mention earlier, right? hehehe :D It feels just like real hair, unless it isn't as smooth as mine.

Now take a note of this : I experienced a huge amount of fall out hair in this wig! I don't know if I brush it wrong but I didn't experienced it with my fake pinkcoco. Like, once I brushed it, 50 hair will just fall out ._. I'm going bald soon if I keep using this wig LOL

I also hope that this wig will have side bangs to cover up my chubby cheeks (like short layer) but this wig doesn't has any ._. Thinking to style it but afraid the hair will all fall out lol XD

I was like --> O3O
Overall, sold at $35, I don't think this wig is too good. You can find any other wig with same price but much better quality :) BUT, if you love natural thin wig with cute curly style, you might try this one! :)

Special thanks to Aimee and ToFebruary for sending me this wig :)

What do you think about this wig? Do I look weird? Hahah let me know below! 
Talk to you later :)


  1. Mirip rambut aslimu ya Cel. Jadi gak kelihatan ada perubahannya hihihi cuma curlynya aja :D

  2. nggak keliatan kaya pake wig chel, natural yah jatohnya :)

  3. Cantik rmbut km gni… curly2 gtu

    1. Thankyou cc princess cantik :p hehe
      iya ak jg jd lebi sneng di keriting drpd lurus doang~

  4. curly nya bagussssss <3 Cocok kok cel pake wig ini :D
    Sayang tipis ya :( Ini yg bikin aku maju mundur beli wig nih.
    Kalo tipis mah, atuh rambut aku aja. Sama2 udah tipis juga wkwkwk

    1. wkwkw beli pinkcoco ajaa ato kinkee yg tebel sher~
      ini emg tipis + rontok :(

  5. kayak rambut asli kamu chel, natural dan tetep keliatan cantik :)