Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review : Tony Moly Goddess Aura BB Cream

Happy Sunday everyone! Just finished watching Running Man ep 182 just now (yeah I'm late since recently busy watching 'My love from another stars' and 'The heirs' lol) I still have some assignments to do but decided to post a review about Tony Molt Goddess Aura BB Cream which Korea Beauty sent me!

So they sent me a travel size one which contains 20ml product. Actually Acel already has it before and I've tried it and the result is good! That's why I'm excited when I got this baby with the perfect size~ Do you know that makeup stuffs have expiry date too? Cmiiw but mostly are expired 1 year after it was opened. I've never really emptied a bb cream before (Etude one is 60ml and lioele is 50ml, just how can I use all of it? lol) so I personally like this kind of amount more :p

It comes in a tube packaging with white and pink color, which of course I couldn't love more. :D Unfortunately, Acel said that the full size one is so easy to spill out so she has to put it upward. The amount of spilled product is a lot to the point she use a jar to keep it.

I don't experienced the same case with this travel size one though. But if you wanna buy the full size one, please be careful ^^

This bb cream only comes in 1 shade and photo above is the swatch. It's a little too bright for me actually but it's still good. In fact, it makes me look whiter / brighter without being too much hehe :) I used Etude House in shade natural beige for your comparison :)

COVERAGE TEST : So when one purchase a bb cream I'm sure one of the purpose is to hide imperfections, right? Here I put a black eyeliner and tried to conceal it with this bb cream. You can see that the coverage is quite good and it's build able. Please not that I use too much amount on this test (my bad >,<) so that my hand looks so white in the right column XD

APPLICATION : It gives a dewy finish and even out my skin tone well. I can't really conceal my dark spots (I only used less that pea size amount for my entire face) but it's instantly makes my skin brighter which I love!

OIL CONTROL : Now that I mention 'dewy' finish, some of you might thinking about 'how is the oil control?' So I did a test on oil paper, comparing this bb cream with the lioele triple solution which has been famous by it's good oil control. Photo above taken after 1 (one) hour and it's of course more oily than lioele but the difference is not that big. Overall, judging by the name itself 'Luminous' it's designed for people who like dewy looks so no wonder the result is more oily~

(+) Pretty good coverage
(+) Affordable price
(+) Can even out skin tone and brighten skin
(?) Dewy look (depend on your liking)
(-) Not good full size packaging (spill the content)
(-) Only 1 shade available
Rating : 4 out of 5
Overall, I recommend this bb cream to people who have dry to normal skin, or people who like dewy finish.

Where to buy?
Korea Beauty
Facebook : Korea Beauty - you can get 10% by purchasing directly via their FB :)
Qoo10 : Reo Ming
They guarantee that their product is 100% original since they directly buy from the company. 
We should make sure that we only get fresh product since many seller sell old stock one which bad for our skin~

Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday!
Off to do homework now ._.


  1. Wihhhh coverage nya oke!! Bisa diakalin sih klo ga suka dewy finish abis pake ini, timpa pake powder yg oil controlnya oke ya :D Kyanya terang ya cel warna nya T_T BB Cream pelit shade nih :(

    1. iyaa ak biasa timpa pake mufe ituu sher hahahah :D
      iya lebih terang dr etude yg natural beige dikiiiiiit~ syg cm ada 1 shade ya >,<

  2. wuihh coveragenya juga bagus chel.. cuma agak putih gitu yaa >_<

    1. iyaaa nih wie hahah untung di ak cm keputihan dikit >,<

  3. wiii itu oilnya banyak siah cii ._. aku pgn bb cream yang oilnya ga banyak T____T

    1. ga jg sih sher hahah XD itu kan didieminnya lama~
      beside ini emg hasilnya dewy2 gituuu :p cobain EH cotton fit aja klo gitu :DD

  4. setujuu.. aku jg lbh suka bb cream yg ukurannya kecil2 :P hahaha

    1. iyaa kan klo yg gede ga abis2 trs expired sayang >_< yg kecil aja ga abis2 hahah XD

  5. Bagus coveragenya cel. Banyak banget macemnya ya Bb Cream jadi bingung mau koleksi yang mana hahaha.
    Great review cel ^_^

    1. iyaaa ci bener smpe bngung pilih mau coba yg mana XD
      thankyou ci :D

  6. wah~ sounds like a good product to me! but unfortunately only one shade. Sigh. Anyway, nice review! :D Looking forward for more.
    Love, Mira |

    1. yeah too bad it only has 1 shade~ :( Thanks mira!

  7. i can see the different! cool


  8. know your blog from sherly and I've followed you ;)
    the coverage is pretty good <3 have heard about this bb cream, kinda popular i must say hehe
    thanks for the review :D

    1. Hi AJ! I also have notice you since we both often drop comments in her blog hahah :D
      You're welcome ^^