Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review : Soft Brush Head Cleaning Face Brush

Finally another post! So today I'll review another item that Born Pretty Store gave me, this one is some kind of pore brush. The purpose is to help us clean our face until our pore, thanks to it's fine bristles, it can help us to reduce out big pores, blackheads, whiteheads, etc :D

So let me tell you a story.. more like a confession. I'm not a skin care person. I know makeup since I was 17, I guess, but skincare? I didn't have any back then XD I abandoned my skin to the point I don't remove makeup (well, BB cream) before I sleep and I only wash my face when I take a bath with water only o_o I started to take care of my skin about 3-4 months ago, but still sometimes I'm too lazy to wash my face >_< So when Alicia offer me to choose some products, I chose this pore brush without thinking twice!

It comes with (not so sturdy) plastic box. The label above is the code item, 12285. It arrives sooner than I expect, only takes about 2 weeks all the way from HK to Indonesia :))

The size of this pore brush is about the same with my hand. It has 2 option for color, pink or white. I do want to have the pink one but color doesn't matter la hahahah XD

The brush itself is soooo smoth and dense. It's hard to describe but maybe.. 'full'? I think there's hundred thousands of bristle in one brush~

SEE? *u*

How to use?

1. Soak the brush with clean water. It will be a little bit bigger in size :)

2. Put your facial cleanser / facial foam / etc into the brush. I use Garnier Sakura White in photo above :)

3. Then massage it softly into your face. I usually use it for about 10 seconds on cheek, 10 seconds on fore head, 5 seconds on nose and 5 seconds on chin. Don't know if that's right or not lol, it's just my preferences :D After used, the brush will looks like photo above.

4. Clean the brush properly (make sure there aren't any foam anymore) and you can hang it while wait it to dry ^^ It takes quite sometime to dry, though.

Right after I wash my face

Overall, I really like this pore brush. It makes the whole process of washing face more fun (since there's more bubbles ha! :p) and I also feel my face is cleaner than washing face with my hand. The only downside is it's a little bit inconvenient to use it on nose area since it's too big so the bubble get into my nostril and that's so awkward T____T

Well I know the picture doesn't really show up the differences since I don't take any before picture, so here's I put a test result on orange :) (please take note that it's not mine)

(+) Really does a good job to clean face
(+) Affordable
(+) Super soft and dense bristles

(-) A little bit hard to use in nose area
(-) Take quite sometime to dry, but I bet other pore brush is the same :)

Where to get?
Born Pretty Store
Item : Here 
Price : $3,99
Don't forget to put "CHEH10" at check out to get 10% discount :)

That's it for today, thanks for reading and have a nice weekend soon everyone :DD


  1. sounds so promising ceelll *o* looks so good on you!
    murmer pula :3 btw beli garnier sakura whitenya beli dmn cel?
    kulitmu mulus banget ^^

    1. masi mulusan cc~ hahah
      iya ini murmer dibanding clarisonic ato towosong, ga kuat T_T
      ak beli si SG kmren cee, di indo blm ada ya kayanya?

  2. ahhh aku juga kemaren sempet liat ini di BornPrettyStore dan pengen nyoba ;) Kayaknya emang kece banget hihihi. Thank you for the review!

    Bella / / Giveaway

    1. ayo dicobain bell, ngefek ini di aku hehe :D
      thanks for visiting~

  3. Ya ampun saking halusnya bulu pada brush sampe cici kira itu sponge -____-" hahaha
    Kulit Icel mulus dan glowing banget..pengeeeen...

    1. iyaaa ci padet + halus, kaya sponge ya dr jauh? hahaha
      ah kulit cc jg mulus >_<

    2. Bruntusan lagi nih cel..Soalnya selama seminggu lebih cci males bersihin wajah sebelum tidur.