Thursday, 13 February 2014

Review : Berrianne Skin and Lotion (Trial Kit)

Hello everyone~ I bet Korean fever is still 'in' in Indonesia and one thing I notice from them is they pretty skin *u* Seriously they look so flawless and their skin look glowing~ I bet you girls want to have that kind of porcelain skin too? Here I'm going to share a skin care that might help you to achieve that!

Yes, it's from the previous post Korea Beauty supporter's gift ^^ I'm so happy to be chosen as one of their official supporter and I wanna say thanks to the kind owner Reomin :DD

Jump to the review! Before I started using this about a week ago, I tried to search some review about this series but unfortunately I can't found any. So I just tried and used it every night. Before reading any further, please note that every skin is different so what's work for me may not for you.

This trial kit contains the 'skin' and 'lotion' which comes in a plastic tube packaging and each contains 20ml product, which is quite a lot. I only use less than a pea size amount every day and it hasn't run out yet. lol

Yeah, as stated this kit isn't for sale. I guess Reomin get it directly from the company, since he always get fresh product :D

Sorry for the dry skin lol it's my inner arm XD Photo above is the 'skin' one, where the texture is runny and you must shake it well before using (Reomin personally wrote it in the letter :p). It doesn't leave any sticky feelings and absorb to my skin quite fast :)

And photo above is the 'lotion'. It has a thicker texture and more creamy, which makes it hard to take it out >_< It needs longer time to absorb than the 'skin' one and I do feel it more sticky.

Could you see that my skin is glowing? *u* LOVE it! My mom who doesn't interested in skincare what so ever even ask me what did I use so my skin looks so good and glowing like that. I showed the items and she also want to use it lol XD

(+) Moisturize my skin well
(+) Pretty glowing effect
(+) Pink packaging LOL

(-) The Lotion one is a lil bit sticky but still tolerable

Where to get?
Korea Beauty

Get 10% discount if you buy directly via their Facebook ^^
They guarantee that the products are fresh, not like other seller who sells old products which can
harm our skin >_< They also provide FREE and FAST delivery system so what are you waiting for? :D

Thanks for reading, and happy (1 hours 36 minutes) early valentine <3


  1. Setuju sama review kamu cel! hahahaha
    Skin nya pertama aku ga nyadar dia 2 layer gitu, pas mau pake baru liat :p
    Skin nya lgsg bikin glowing nya abis dipake *O*
    Btw aku envy sama kulit km TT_TT

    1. iyaa sher harus dikocok dulu hahaah XD
      bener! sukaaa <3 ah, apanya yg di envy-in kulit ak ala kadar gituu lol
      review jg yg kamu sherrr ^^

  2. sama chel, aku juga sempet nyari tau ttg berrianne ini, and found nothing.
    makenya sesuai insting doang ya XD

    1. iyaaa hahah skrg klo cari di google udah ada *uhuk* post ini eheheh :D
      iyaa, tp untung trnyata bagus *u*

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    ini bogku mampir2 ya :P
    GFC: Reiny Andiani Hadikusuma

    1. aaa maap baru baca reii, udah nemu kan ya? ada di kanan~
      Sip2 nanti ak mampir ^^

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    I follow you too ..

    1. haloo sorry bru bales kelewat commentnya.. followed you back :)