Sunday, 16 February 2014

Event : YSL Re-opening at PVJ Bandung

Finally first event post! Hahahah~
I'm so excited when on Thursday I saw ci Nellin post invitation to YSL event since it's the first event in Bandung after I made this blog. I quickly register myself without thinking since I don't have any class on Friday so I can attend this ;)

The day after, I went to PVJ and arrived at 2PM, just when the event was about to start. The YSL representative, Kak Shinta, is so kind and friendly :) I also met others beauty bloggers and get to know them :D

The event started with opening words from the MC. He gives a short explanation about YSL and gather all the guest since the event is about to start :) Oh and I also don't know why his face is like that lol, my bad for capturing a weird expression, sorry >_<

Next is Makeup Demo by Mr.Gusnaldi ! I never saw him before but heard a lot about him already. Well, he is one of the famous makeup artist in Indonesia! I was so excited to learn something new to the point I wrote down the makeup step by step lol

 There she is the model of the makeup demo. The MC said that she has been using YSL products for 6 years! Nggg.. Can't count how much money she has used but her skin sure looks good and pretty~ Let's start the makeup demo!

 1. Put a base first to make the skin look smoother and hold the makeup longer. He used YSL 'Top Secret' as the base and I tried it by myself that it's good.

2. Put foundation to cover imperfections.

Can see me, ci Winda, and Suci on the mirror LOL
3. Draw your eyebrows. Usually we draw the eyebrow from the inner corner outward right? He said that it will be easier to draw it from the outer corner. And to make it more natural, he used pencil first and cover it with eyeshadow :)

5. Move to the eye makeup! Since this event held at Valentine day, I expect the eyeshadow color would be pink but Mr.Gusnaldi said that pinky valentine is just too boring so he use blue color instead #antimainstream xD

Forget what's going on but that YSL staff is smiling so happily so I just put it here LOL :D

 6. Then, put on the eyeliner

 7. Blush on! He gave a tips that the application of blushers is different depending on our face shape. People with round face should use it from the apply cheeks to the ear. However, people with long type (like me) shouldn't use it like thatr but more like vertical line. People with square type is the same with long type but they need to use some on their jaw also.

 8. Put on the mascara with zigzag motion to not make it looks clumpy~

 9. Last step, apply a natural lips product ( he used the gloss if I'm not mistaken ) and that's pretty much it!

The finish result
After the makeup demo, Kak Shinta from YSL offered us to do the make over also with Mr.Gusnaldi and all of us (bloggers) want to try it lol XD

 Ci winda tried it first and turned out that it's not a full makeover, Mr.Gusnaldi only put a lipgloss to her :/ And so on with other people hahah so I decided to cancel it since uhm.. I don't want to use used lips product hehe. Not their fault though, there's no way they provide a tester for each person XD

So instead of make over, I'm wandering around at their counter and found so many, like SO MANY, mouth-drooling YSL stuff that I really want >_< Check it out below :

Lipstick and LipGloss collecntion

Skin Care Section

Nail polishes. All the color are pretty but I find it a lil bit hard to use since the brush is too wide.

Most wanted : The Perfumes section! AAAAA all of it looks so classy right?

I also did some swatches on my top wanted list from YSL, their touche eclat! It can be used as highlighter and concealer also. Left to right : shade 5.0, shade 4.5, shade 3.0, shade 1.5, shade 1

Then after the event is finished, they gave us a goody bag contains the golden gloss and some samples. I'm so excited since I don't have any YSL product before since it's pretty expensive for a student like me x'D

Phew, didn't expect this post to be this long. Here's the last photo I promise :p

Left to right : Bella, Bella's Friend, Me, Dina, Reiny, Ci winda, Kak alfi, Suci
After the event, we decided to have lunch (well brunch for me since I haven't eat anything since morning -_-) together and have a little more chit chat together. :)

Thank you YSL Indonesia! <3


  1. Icel cute banget outfitnyaaaaaaa! Bagus ya si gloss nya? mahal bgt tp T_T klo beli merk2 korea bisa dapet 1 kantong kali *lebay*
    Nyolek foundie sm concealernya ga cel? penasaran tp kan ga mgkin ke counternya cm buat colek2 wkwkwkwk :p

    Yaah aku kira makeover full face gt .__. Taunya dikasi lip product doang toh :( Aku jg gamau cel kl pake ke bibir lgsg XD

    1. Thankyou sher~ :3 itu baju sama rok si dd lol dipinjem mumpung si acel lg skolah kan :p
      bagus sihh cman ak dpt warnanya yg coklat-ungu gitu, kurang suka :( iyaa! cuma kualitas emg gabisa bohong *loh* wkwkw
      cm nyoba touche eclat sama kutek2 nya sher, counternya penuh sesek soalnya lol

      iyaaa, geleh soalnya bekas orang XD

  2. icel udah di post aja nih >.<
    aku aja baru selesai edit foto, sayang aku telat jadi ga tau step by step make over nya, haha

    1. iyaa mumpung libur din wkwk klo hari biasa sibuk :p
      post cepetannn aku mau baca XD

  3. wah udah pada ngepost ya. aku baru mau post malem ini hehe.
    btw temen aku gak ikut photo cel :p
    kalau gak salah sebelah aku itu blogger juga deh kayanya hihi

    1. ayo cpt post bel hihi nanti aku baca :D
      iaaa? trus itu siapa duh ak lupa wkwk. inget ga bel namanya siapa?

  4. Perfume nya icheeeeel menggoda (T____T)
    Kapan dikota ku ada event seperti ini juga? Huhuhuhu

    1. iya yaaa classy banget keliatannya kak >_< botolnya jg cakep2 hihih
      smoga ada event yaaa di bandung jg jarang banget T^T

  5. aku berasa tante2 sendiri huhuhuuuu T_T nice post chel, wait for me yaaa :p

    1. TANTE WINDAAA *dikeplak ci winda* lol
      iyaa cc cpt post mau baca juga XD

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