Friday, 14 February 2014

[Blog Swap] Valentine’s Day Swap with Sherly from BlameTheStore

Heyaaa everyone :)
Happy valentine! How's yours? I spent my valentine day with other bloggers from Bandung since we attended YSL re-opening event just now hehe. It's nice to have a little chit chat with each other and have a lunch (well for me it's a brunch) together ^^ But I'll talk more about that later, okay?

Today I want to share about blog swap to celebrate valentine with sherly ^^ We planned it since January and we chat via line almost everyday hahah from beauty stuff to non-related stuff, and I must say that she is a good chat friend! ;3 I'm so grateful to know her and you guys check her blog too! I've read her blog for quite sometime and it's really interesting to read hehe :D

After having a bad issues with the shipping service, we finally got our package safely :) what? Cut the rambling and just show what Sherly sent to me? Okay okay lol XD

Hehe I blurred my address so a random crazy stalker can't know my address and kidnap me LOL (as if someone care). She wrapped it nicely with a black and pink color (which is my ultimate favourite).

She use the previous BTI box to as the box while I only use wrapped shoe box :( Feel bad cause I don't have any beauty box left T__T Sorry sher~

The first thing I found when I open the box is this sweet note from sherly. HAPPY VALENTINE TOO SHER! lol and since sherly has posted the post earlier ( and I've read it ) she said that her handwriting is bad blablabla when it's so nice and tidy already laa! If this is a mess I don't know how's mine sher, really. XD

And this is the stuffs inside XDD filled with colorful ribbon and she wrapped it securely with a thick layer of bubble wrap. Let's see the items! Btw I was so excited when I open the box to the point I just take a photo click click click without noticing the photo quality is not so good :(

So the first thing she sent me is this stamping lips from the face shop! I'm so excited when I receive this as I've read some reviews before and I think the 'stamp' idea is sooo cute! LOL look at that lips :p I don't know how but she choose me orange color, just like I prefer since I have too much pink and red lips product already :D I've swatch it too and the color is pwetty ;3 review soon!

She also sent me etude house's single eyeshadow in pink-reddish color and a cream cheek from canmake *u* Always curious to try canmake but haven't really tried it so I'm so happy! She sent this probably because I said I prefer Japanese makeup than USA ^^ And again, I'm in love with orange color so it's all good! :3 How can you read my mind sher? hahah

Then she also put an innisfree capsule recipe mask ( we both sent mask to each other lol XD ) and some samples. I heard that crabtree&evelyn is quite good so I excited to try it! :D

Andddd since it's valentine, she also gave me this little snack that's so YUMMY! I always like japanese snack ( but not kitkat greentea please, people like it too much. It doesn't THAT good ). Thankyou for ruining my (oh-so-fail) diet sheerrr~ lol

So all in all, photo above is what she sent me ^^ I want to say once again a special thankyou to Sherly for taking the risk to do a swap with me. I reaally like the things you sent to me and I hope you also like what I've sent you! :) I hope we can still keep in touch and support each other in blogging ^^

You can read what I've sent her here : Valentine's Day Swap with Mitchellina from Chel's latte

Well if you think I'm not excited or happy or what it's nothing. Me and Acel just fight over a small things to the point we both cry lol. So lil sis, I'm sorry that I'm not the best sister but as I always told you, you are the people I love the most in the world. More than mom, dad, or even my future bf or husband. I'm so sorry for today and I hope we can get along well like we used to be :)

Happy Valentine everyone~ <3


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Cel aku baca post kamu heart rate aku naik jd 800000 kali wkwkwkw
    Takut ada yg km ga demen gt T_T

    No lah! tulisan aku itu ditulis pelan2 biar ga berantakan. nanti aku line km foto tulisan aku yg sesungguhnya wkwkwk
    Thank you for posting and doing the swap yaaaaa <3
    Bandingin yg km kasi ke aku sm yg aku kasi ke km rasanya..... .____. *garuk lantai*

    I will give you a surprise Cel! wait for it ya :3

    1. awas jantungnya meledak LOL
      no lah, I really like it sher especially the lip stamp and the canmake cheek :) Thankyou yaaaaa~
      Eh no need lah sher, just take it as my valentine gift to you <3 ini gift dr kamu jg ak uda sukaaa sher hihi :3

  2. nice review ^_^

    follow back if u dont mind

    lovecutiebunny ^_^

  3. Really nice gift Cel, Sherly ^_^
    Packaging giftnya cute banget :)

    1. iyaa lucu hahah ak jg seneng bungkus nya :DD
      Thanks ci ~

  4. Awww, my sister and I fight pretty often too. I'm sure you guys will make up in no time! And that's a wonderful package; Sherly is a great swap buddy!

    1. Thanks! We made up already hahah XD
      yes indeed, she even say she will send me another stuff! <3

  5. asiknya yg punya adik -___- dunia kakak adik ya gituuuu, ga mungkin akur terus, namanya bumbu persaudaraan *bahasaku* wkwkwkk

    1. iyaa tapi bsknya udah baikan lg kok ci wkakak XD