Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review : Soft Brush Head Cleaning Face Brush

Finally another post! So today I'll review another item that Born Pretty Store gave me, this one is some kind of pore brush. The purpose is to help us clean our face until our pore, thanks to it's fine bristles, it can help us to reduce out big pores, blackheads, whiteheads, etc :D

So let me tell you a story.. more like a confession. I'm not a skin care person. I know makeup since I was 17, I guess, but skincare? I didn't have any back then XD I abandoned my skin to the point I don't remove makeup (well, BB cream) before I sleep and I only wash my face when I take a bath with water only o_o I started to take care of my skin about 3-4 months ago, but still sometimes I'm too lazy to wash my face >_< So when Alicia offer me to choose some products, I chose this pore brush without thinking twice!

It comes with (not so sturdy) plastic box. The label above is the code item, 12285. It arrives sooner than I expect, only takes about 2 weeks all the way from HK to Indonesia :))

The size of this pore brush is about the same with my hand. It has 2 option for color, pink or white. I do want to have the pink one but color doesn't matter la hahahah XD

The brush itself is soooo smoth and dense. It's hard to describe but maybe.. 'full'? I think there's hundred thousands of bristle in one brush~

SEE? *u*

How to use?

1. Soak the brush with clean water. It will be a little bit bigger in size :)

2. Put your facial cleanser / facial foam / etc into the brush. I use Garnier Sakura White in photo above :)

3. Then massage it softly into your face. I usually use it for about 10 seconds on cheek, 10 seconds on fore head, 5 seconds on nose and 5 seconds on chin. Don't know if that's right or not lol, it's just my preferences :D After used, the brush will looks like photo above.

4. Clean the brush properly (make sure there aren't any foam anymore) and you can hang it while wait it to dry ^^ It takes quite sometime to dry, though.

Right after I wash my face

Overall, I really like this pore brush. It makes the whole process of washing face more fun (since there's more bubbles ha! :p) and I also feel my face is cleaner than washing face with my hand. The only downside is it's a little bit inconvenient to use it on nose area since it's too big so the bubble get into my nostril and that's so awkward T____T

Well I know the picture doesn't really show up the differences since I don't take any before picture, so here's I put a test result on orange :) (please take note that it's not mine)

(+) Really does a good job to clean face
(+) Affordable
(+) Super soft and dense bristles

(-) A little bit hard to use in nose area
(-) Take quite sometime to dry, but I bet other pore brush is the same :)

Where to get?
Born Pretty Store
Item : Here 
Price : $3,99
Don't forget to put "CHEH10" at check out to get 10% discount :)

That's it for today, thanks for reading and have a nice weekend soon everyone :DD

Monday, 24 February 2014

Review : Wig from toFebruary - Ulzzang Styled Long Curls Wig in Black

So last month I got a package from Aimee since I won in her first giveaway. The prize is an ulzzang wig from ToFebruary! I'm excited when I found out that I won since I only tried wig one time before and it's the fake pinkcoco -_- It doesn't looks good and I don't know if it's just me, the wig somehow can't fit my head shape perfectly. So I'm curious and can't wait to try this wig!

The package came safely with a sturdy box, perfectly good without any damage :)
What you get in a package :

1x Wig
1x Hair net (the one to wrap the wig when you keep it)

5x hair pin
1x hair net

So that is how the wig looks like. Stated as black color, it turned out to be reddish-brown color under sun lightning. However, it's true that in the room lightning it will seen as just black. The thickness is medium to thin, sometimes you can see the hair net cause the hair is a lil bit too thin :/

The curly part - I LOVE the curly! Hahaah it looks natural imo, and it's easier to brush than my previous fake pinkcoco <3

Photo above is the close up for the hair fiber. You can see the reddish brown color I mention earlier, right? hehehe :D It feels just like real hair, unless it isn't as smooth as mine.

Now take a note of this : I experienced a huge amount of fall out hair in this wig! I don't know if I brush it wrong but I didn't experienced it with my fake pinkcoco. Like, once I brushed it, 50 hair will just fall out ._. I'm going bald soon if I keep using this wig LOL

I also hope that this wig will have side bangs to cover up my chubby cheeks (like short layer) but this wig doesn't has any ._. Thinking to style it but afraid the hair will all fall out lol XD

I was like --> O3O
Overall, sold at $35, I don't think this wig is too good. You can find any other wig with same price but much better quality :) BUT, if you love natural thin wig with cute curly style, you might try this one! :)

Special thanks to Aimee and ToFebruary for sending me this wig :)

What do you think about this wig? Do I look weird? Hahah let me know below! 
Talk to you later :)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

IBB MUC February 2014 - Summer Fairytale

Hello everyone!
So today I got home early since I only have 1 class every Saturday (and it's morning.. have to wake up at 05.00 AM in Saturday is not fun at all *sigh). I have nothing to do when suddenly I remember that this month IBB's MUC is collaborating with Etude House Indonesia and the prizes are Etude's products worth IDR 2.000.000 for 2 winners! Well who doesn't want that? Me want *u*

As you can see, the theme for this month is "Summer Fairytale" which reminds me of bright, cheerful, pop out color. I don't really know why I think that way but everytime I heard summer that image will come across my mind :DD

Enough for the ramblings, let me show you my makeup for this Summer Fairy Tale~

So for the eye makeup I used yellow, orange, and reddish-pink and combine them together. I also used Etude House's tear drop liner and put some nail stone to make my eyes prettier :p Then use some mascara and put fake eyelashes, done!

Also use orange color for the cheeks, I use Nature Republic's liptint here. Btw if you notice if my skin looks glowy there, it's because I use berriane lotion before the BB cream hehe XD 

Here's the result (warning : pic spam) :


Products used :

Well about the fairytale itself.. I don't have any flower crown or something like that since
I don't really like it BUT if I have to choose one, I'll be the fairy of procastinating. LOL

What do you think? ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice day ladies <3

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Review : 12 Pcs Brush Set from BornPrettyStore

Hello again everyone :)
Who loves makeup brush? I do! *hands up* I personally think that makeup brush will help us to create a better makeup much easier. There are various brand of famous brush brand such as Sigma, Real Technique, Zoya, etc. But to be honest, don't you think they are overpriced? I mean, I know the quality is THAT good but for something that the function is just to HELP and not even shown at our face, it's too pricey right?

So when Alicia from BornPrettyStore offered me to review their brush collection, I directly accepted it and yes, I'm excited! Why? Simply because the price is mad cheap and the design is too pretty to be true.

It's name is '12 Pcs delicate white wooden handle cosmetic brush kit with penoy flower painted bag'. I fell in love when I saw this for the first time *u* The bag is sooo pretty with flowers painted. The color combination between white, pink, yellow, and green is somehow so perfectly synchronized~ hahah

I don't really know about the bag's material but as far as I know it's satin. To open or close it, there are 2 buttons attached and the quality is quite good :D

Inside the bag >////< PRETTY~! And yes, there are 12 Pcs of brush inside, and I must say that this set is perfect for person who wants affordable makeup brush with complete collection.

Every pieces of brush is protected by a plastic to ensure the hygiene ^^

Close up of the powder brush. It's not too dense and not the softest brush either, but compared to other unbranded brush I've ever used, this one is much better! I gave this to Acel (sister) since I already have other makeup brush set and she has been using it everyday nowadays.


Left to right : Powder brush, foundation or BB cream brush, Angled blush brush, Fan brush

Left to right : Eyeshadow brush, blending brush, concealer brush, sponge tip brush.

Left to right : spoolie brush, angled brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush

PS : The lip brush also has a cap to make it stay clean ^^

Overall, I'm satisfied with this brush! Sold for only $12.79 for the whole 12 pcs brushes + the super pretty makeup bag, I really think that it's a mush grab!
Plus you can also have 10% additional discount if you put my code when you check out "CHEH10" so it's only $11.50!

Where to get?
Born Pretty Store
They offer worldwide shipping + free shipping!
Also check their FB page here

What do you think about this brushes? :D

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Event : YSL Re-opening at PVJ Bandung

Finally first event post! Hahahah~
I'm so excited when on Thursday I saw ci Nellin post invitation to YSL event since it's the first event in Bandung after I made this blog. I quickly register myself without thinking since I don't have any class on Friday so I can attend this ;)

The day after, I went to PVJ and arrived at 2PM, just when the event was about to start. The YSL representative, Kak Shinta, is so kind and friendly :) I also met others beauty bloggers and get to know them :D

The event started with opening words from the MC. He gives a short explanation about YSL and gather all the guest since the event is about to start :) Oh and I also don't know why his face is like that lol, my bad for capturing a weird expression, sorry >_<

Next is Makeup Demo by Mr.Gusnaldi ! I never saw him before but heard a lot about him already. Well, he is one of the famous makeup artist in Indonesia! I was so excited to learn something new to the point I wrote down the makeup step by step lol

 There she is the model of the makeup demo. The MC said that she has been using YSL products for 6 years! Nggg.. Can't count how much money she has used but her skin sure looks good and pretty~ Let's start the makeup demo!

 1. Put a base first to make the skin look smoother and hold the makeup longer. He used YSL 'Top Secret' as the base and I tried it by myself that it's good.

2. Put foundation to cover imperfections.

Can see me, ci Winda, and Suci on the mirror LOL
3. Draw your eyebrows. Usually we draw the eyebrow from the inner corner outward right? He said that it will be easier to draw it from the outer corner. And to make it more natural, he used pencil first and cover it with eyeshadow :)

5. Move to the eye makeup! Since this event held at Valentine day, I expect the eyeshadow color would be pink but Mr.Gusnaldi said that pinky valentine is just too boring so he use blue color instead #antimainstream xD

Forget what's going on but that YSL staff is smiling so happily so I just put it here LOL :D

 6. Then, put on the eyeliner

 7. Blush on! He gave a tips that the application of blushers is different depending on our face shape. People with round face should use it from the apply cheeks to the ear. However, people with long type (like me) shouldn't use it like thatr but more like vertical line. People with square type is the same with long type but they need to use some on their jaw also.

 8. Put on the mascara with zigzag motion to not make it looks clumpy~

 9. Last step, apply a natural lips product ( he used the gloss if I'm not mistaken ) and that's pretty much it!

The finish result
After the makeup demo, Kak Shinta from YSL offered us to do the make over also with Mr.Gusnaldi and all of us (bloggers) want to try it lol XD

 Ci winda tried it first and turned out that it's not a full makeover, Mr.Gusnaldi only put a lipgloss to her :/ And so on with other people hahah so I decided to cancel it since uhm.. I don't want to use used lips product hehe. Not their fault though, there's no way they provide a tester for each person XD

So instead of make over, I'm wandering around at their counter and found so many, like SO MANY, mouth-drooling YSL stuff that I really want >_< Check it out below :

Lipstick and LipGloss collecntion

Skin Care Section

Nail polishes. All the color are pretty but I find it a lil bit hard to use since the brush is too wide.

Most wanted : The Perfumes section! AAAAA all of it looks so classy right?

I also did some swatches on my top wanted list from YSL, their touche eclat! It can be used as highlighter and concealer also. Left to right : shade 5.0, shade 4.5, shade 3.0, shade 1.5, shade 1

Then after the event is finished, they gave us a goody bag contains the golden gloss and some samples. I'm so excited since I don't have any YSL product before since it's pretty expensive for a student like me x'D

Phew, didn't expect this post to be this long. Here's the last photo I promise :p

Left to right : Bella, Bella's Friend, Me, Dina, Reiny, Ci winda, Kak alfi, Suci
After the event, we decided to have lunch (well brunch for me since I haven't eat anything since morning -_-) together and have a little more chit chat together. :)

Thank you YSL Indonesia! <3