Friday, 3 January 2014

What I did on my birthday + 100 Days Spending Ban!

Hi everyone!
First, I want to say happy new year 2014 to you all! *throw confetti* lol I know it's so late but sorry last couple days I was still in birthday girl syndrome. I hope this year will bring us more happiness :)

Now as the tittle said, I'll share about what I did on my birthday! Yayyy~ *as if somebody wants to know, huh?* lol. Just in case you don't know, my birthday is on 1st of January ^^

So since me and my family don't go anywhere we decided to do barbeque at our house~ Mom went to supermarket on 30th Dec and bought beef and the next day she went to pasar to bought the chicken. We also still have fish from my cousin's last fishing.

Hahaha don't you think that's too much for 4 persons only? Me and Acel are the one who prepare the meats. We didn't finish it at the end :/


Me and mom hehe :3 

That's me trying so hard to write "19" with that fireworks. Acel said the camera is not that good to capture that, but I think it can be also her fault lolol.

Then the funny thing is almost all of my family member is heavy-sleeper. So at first they said they want to wait until 00.00 AM to say happy birthday to me but in the end all of us sleep before that XD

So when I woke up in the morning (9.00 AM is still morning, right?) Mom and Acel had already woke up and they said happy birthday to me :DD 

Then we went to the nearest mall to have lunch and mom said I'm the one who should pay lol. Usually mom is the one who pay but since they have give me a wonderful present (will reveal it soon!) I agreed. Decided to have lunch at Mujigae (Korean restoran) but by the time we arrived it was so crowded to the point they have to use waiting list :/ Since they said we are on 15th order, we went to food court first to eat something since I am so hungry :|

Acel bought this Macarons. I of course as the birthday girl paid it but of course, I also take some bites lol

Me and mom picked Zuppa soup since it was so cold but I forget to take picture hahah but it's just the usual Zuppa soup which you can see everywhere.

Then we try this some kind of ice cream (?) which actually not so yummy.

Came back to Mujigae and find out we have been called and have to wait all over again zzz
Luckily after about 15 minutes a 3 seater table is empty so we can enter.
Again, forget to take picture since I'm too hungry lol but the food is delicious to me. This is my fourth visit and I'll come back again for sure :9

Then Mom bought me a birthday cake with the candles :

Some birthday girl's selfie :

And that's pretty much it!

Oh by the way, I've decided that I will NOT spending my money on cosmetics or skin care again for the first 100 days in 2014. I already have too much makeup and some of it is still unused. I want to save my money to go to Korea hahah XD hopefully I can go this year or at least next year. :DD

How's your 2014, guys?


  1. Wow happy birthday chel <3
    Smoga apa yang diimpikan bisa tercapai taun ini ya ;)

    itu macaron nya kok lucu amat? hahahaha :D

    1. thankyou ci rini :DD

      iya lucu bnyk bentuk2nya gitu >,< cm syg trlalu manis dia ahahah :D

  2. Happy belated birthday ya cell~ ♥ Macaronnya lucu bgt.. Wih 100 hari? aku berencana ga beli beauty products selama 2 bulan aja masih belum yakin bisa wkwk *plak* :P tp iya nih banyak yg akhirnya ga kepake ya >__<

    1. thankyou laaa :DD iya lucu XD
      ahahah ini soalnya numpuk gitu, kan pd expired 1 taun stelah dibuka jd mnding ga beli apa2 dulu, abisin T_T yg masi segel jg ada bbrapa soalnya >_<

  3. happy belated birthday iceelll :3 Smoga smua harapan dancita2nya terkabul~ Koreaaa~~~~

    1. thanks sabb :D
      Koreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *joget2* lol

  4. Happy (belated) birthday, dear!!! May all that you wished for come true! Wow! 3 months of no spending on skincare!! Good luck! Hmm, maybe I should too! Lol
    Xx, Mira |

    1. thankyou mira! *hug*
      and about the spending ban.. yes you should considering you had stocked SO MANY skincare products LOL XD
      thanks for visiting my blog ^^

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  6. Cell mamamu masih muda banget yaak cantik seperti anaknya :D
    Happy birthday lagi cel muahahah~
    Itu macaroon unyuu banget ada Mike Wazowski yg di pake di PP fb ku hahahaha XD mauuuuu~
    Asikk icel mau ke korea d tungg haulnya nih XD

  7. ahahah thankyou naa :DD
    oh iyaa pantesan kaya pernah liat dimana gitu, trnyata PP FB km yaa wkwk
    ngg ga tau sih kapan tp doain aja jadi XD

  8. CELLLLL ya ampun kita Line-an tp aku lupa ucapin happy birthday T_T HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY YAAAAA <3 Maaf aku sering bgt lupa ultah orang TTT_TTT
    Rumah km asik ya ada halaman nya *O* semoga kesampean ya ke koreaaaa *winkwink* jangan lupa oleh2 wkwkwk :p

    1. Ahahaha gpp kok sherr ak jg sama suka lupa tgl ultah org XD thankyou yaaa~
      Iya iu si papa suka nanem2 soalnya jd ada halaman kecil gitunya hehe..
      aminnnnn :p

  9. happy birthday cel, wish you all the best
    God bless :)))
    kalo ke korea jangan lupa oleh2 ya, haha :D

    1. thankyou dinaaa :DD Gbu too yaa~
      ahahah iya amin smoga aja jadi :p masi mikir2 soalnya ga bisa bahasanya lol