Thursday, 23 January 2014

[ Tutorial ] : Penguin Nail Art

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since i haven't posted anything here like.. maybe a week? >,< Blame a new korean drama 'My Love from Another Stars' that really caught my interest. No, I'm not the kind of girl who really like watching drama whatsoever, I watch this drama just because Kim Soo Hyun is the main actor lol XD
And I'm glad the story itself is quite good so yeah, currently finished ep.10 and waiting for the new release~

Then last weekend I went to Jakarta to attend my cousin's wedding. Need to wake up so early since the mom and dad wanna attend the church reception (10 AM) too so we went on 6 AM -_- lol I know it's not that early but for someone like me who wakes up at 8 or 9 AM since I'm still on holiday it's so early right? So I (well, Acel actually) just curl my hair and I did all the makeup on the way hahah. I even think to record it as 'Makeup in the car' challenge XD

Enough for the ramblings, today as the tittle said, I will share about penguin nail art tutorial! Let's get started~

1. Use base coat to protect your nail and make the nail polishes stays longer.

2. Paint your nails using random color (I like to make it colorful :p) 

3. Now using a white or pale pink nail polish, draw the penguin's body. It will be easier if the nail polish 
has wide brush and all you do is just stroke it slowly.

4. If you use pastel color or similar color like the pale pink one, draw a black thin line to make some contrast. I'm using a nail art brush here so it can by tidier.

5. Then using dotting tools, make the eyes and the foot :)

6. Draw the nose (it should be yellow but since I don't have one I just use black) and voila~
you're done!


Product Used : 
So messy, I know hahah XD

So that's it for today! What do you think? Will you try to make these cute penguins too? ;3 Let me know in the comments below~ Have a nice day everyone ^^


  1. cute!

    warna nail polish nya bagus! kaya nya pigmented banget, itu yang botolnya polkadot merk apa ya?

    thanks for sharing ya Chel!

    1. thankyouuu <3
      iya itu smua bnyknya pake 1 coat aja udah sgtu warnanya hehe :D
      yg polkadot pink-ungu ya? beli di toko sejenis stoberi gitu tp ak lupa namanya~ 7rb an lol

  2. Cuteeee abis icheeel nail art nya.. boleh tau nggak sich, Revlon nail polish harga nya berapa?

    1. heheh makasih kak dine :D
      itu yg base + top coat 37rb ya klo ga salah di matahari ^^

  3. omigosh! Thats just beyond cute! U've explained it so clearly and made it so easy to follow! I shall certainly try my hands at this!I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
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  4. iih lucu bangeet:3. keliatannya gampang ya buatnyau,u. ada nail polish beli di naughty juga hihi:3

    1. masih berantakan ini tapi >,<
      iyaa hahah lumayan yg punya si naughty soalnya 1 coat cukup :D