Monday, 13 January 2014

Review : Tony Moly Cat Chu Mini Tint - Red Apple

Hey there!
Today I want to share a well known liptint, which is Tony Moly Cat Chu Tint ! I already have the full size in cherry pink shade. I was also curious to try the other shade, red apple, but I have too much liptint already so I don't buy it~ Luckily, Miss Lie Collection gave me the red apple shade in mini size to try it! :D

 Photo above is the comparison about the size with the full size product. I personally like the mini size more, since it's cute and it's so travel friendly hehe :D

The name of the product is written on the cap~ At first I'm a little worry since Acel said that many people said the cap isn't secure enough so the content can easily spill but turns out that the cap is secure :DD The mini size approximately has 2,5ml product inside ^^

 The wand itself is so similar with the full size one, and the length is just perfect for me :DD Well, you can see that the size of this mini tint is almost the same with my thumb haha XD forgive my big and long finger :p

 The texture is a lil bit watery if it's compared to Etude's dear darling and fresh cherry tint. It also dries faster, so you better blend it not too long after you applied it. ^^ The color itself is indeed red and so pigmented! I also use a little amount for above swatch and the color already so vibrant o_o perfect for gradient lips :3

After blended
Another plus point above this liptint is the staying power~ It can stay for 4-5 hours! Even if you eat or drink, it will still stay, not like other liptint. I also have tried to take a shower after using this liptint and it stays hehe ;3

Here's the swatch on my lips. Yes, I'm trying to make a gradient lips but it's fail XD My lips is so dry right now, and this liptint make it even worse so you can see my chapped lips >,< My advice, don't forget to apply lipbalm first before using this liptint ^^

(+) Super pigmented color
(+) Secure packaging
(+) Travel friendly
(+) A little goes a long way
(+) Affordable

(-) Make my lips dry so don't forget to apply lipbalm first :)

Some random FOTD using this Tony Moly Mini Tint

Where to get :
Line, Kakaotalk, Whatsapp : 08998175285
BB Pin : 757DA67F
Twitter : @mslie
Instagram : mslie86

Price : 35k
buy 2 each 30k
buy 4 each 28k

Miss Lie Collection guarantee that their products are 100% original and ready stock ^^ We should be
aware nowadays since there are so many fake cosmetics on the market >,< It's also one of my favorite and trusted sellers since it has been 5 years since they started this bussiness and they have more than a thousand testimony already :D

Use code : "chelslatte" to get free shipping for min. order IDR 150k :)

That's it for today, off to watch Running man hehe ;3 Annyeong ~


  1. lucu ya imoed-imoed bener.. sma kaya kamu imoed.. hihihi.. kmren liat nich pengen beli cuma uda kebanyakan liptint

    1. ahahah thankyou cc imut :p
      cobain deh ci, ini bagus~ beli yg kecil aja kaya yg ak dulu, awet kok haha XD

  2. Bagus kok gradient lipsnyaa. Tinggal dipakein lipbalm dikit jadi kayak org korea deh :)
    Cantij chel ^0^

  3. Few days ago I did the same review:) But yours is much better!

    1. I've read it, and your review is sure good! :)
      thanks for reading my post ^^

  4. Oooooh so cute packing lip tint nya ya icheeeel.. warna nya pun terlihat natural..

    1. iyaaa nih kak, lucu kecil2 bulet gitu :DD
      ayo cobainn *racun*

  5. Cakep icel~
    Unyu banget yak packagingnya >_<
    Kalo liptint biasa ak blend nya pake wand applicatornya klo pake tangan keburu kering >_<

    1. iyaaa suka packagingnya hahah XD
      ak si pake jari biar lebih rata, cm emg harus agak cepet2 >,<

  6. You look pretty! And I use this lip tint too. You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. cute color on you
    IG @gracenjio

  8. it's look like ombre :D