Saturday, 4 January 2014

Review : Make Over Light Remover

Hi guys ^^ Today I want to review a makeup remover from Make Over, one of local brands who have quite good quality products. To be honest I've never interested in their product until last week I was hanging out with my friends and saw it's counter. Since they were having sale that time, we entered the counter and then I found this makeup remover is on sale - buy 1 get 1 and the original price is just IDR 45k! So for this one I only pay IDR 22.5k hehe not bad for a 100ml makeup remover which can last for a long time.

The box comes with a black plain color with Make Over logo on the top and the product's name on the bottom. Oh and if you're wondering why it's called light remover, it's because the purpose is just to clean daily makeup. For the heavy makeup, Make Over provide a product called Deep Remover but I didn't buy it since it was not on sale XD

The description and how to use

The bottle itself come with a transparent plastic which look a little bit cheap for me :/ However, I like their secure cap that won't spill so I can bring it while I'm travelling~

The texture is just like water, it's runny and doesn't leave any sticky feeling. It's totally different than Maybelline Makeup Remover which somehow like oil (?) and leave greasy feeling after used and make our face looks oily. Love Love :3

Let's test how it works :

1 Swipe :

Several Swipe :

It does a good job to remove bb cream, lipbalm, and even eyeshadow but it has difficulties to remove my eyeliner. I can't blame this product though, since the purpose is just to remove light makeup. But after several swipes, the eyeliner can be removed perfectly :DD

The leftover XD


(+) Cheap
(+) Contains a lot of product (100ml)
(+) Secure packaging
(+) Does it's job to remove light makeup
(+) Not oily and doesn't leave greasy feeling

(-) Can't really remove eyeliner
(-) Have a little weird scent but not too disturbing actually haha

What's your favourite makeup remover? Would you try this one too? ;) 
*racun alert*

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  2. Waah celll murceee amet msh buy 1 get 1 gaaa yaa? Hahahahaah..
    tp lumayan lohh membersihkannya soalnya eyeliner km itu waterpoof kan. Lbh susah d apus hehehehe.. Nice review :D

    1. iyaa jd murah ini hehe
      kmren ak mau beli lg buat stock udah ga ada na :((
      iya itu eyelinernya waterproof + smudgeproof bgt lol XD thanks!

  3. Wahhhh asik banget nih 100ml bs dpt 2 botol. Murah dan bagus nih kayaknya. Mesto dicoba2 nih kl removerku abis hihi
    Nice review Chel ^0^

    1. iyaaa 100ml pula isinya banyak :p
      thankyou ci :DD

  4. wow murah banget yaaa..aku biasa pakai punya maybelline dan sekrang lagi nyoba loreal next kayaknya mau coba ini ah hehehe thanks buat reviewnya :)

    1. iyaaa apalagi klo lg buy1 get1 cm 22500 1 botol 100ml XDD hehe
      loreal bagus kah ci? blm pernah coba~
      thankyou ^^

  5. Wow murahh bangettt non.. hehhe..
    sayang dsini belom ada:( ya paling pakai pny maybelline atau sophie ..

    1. iyaaaa XD
      ci ellen emg di kota mana?
      ak jg dulu pake maybelline, klo sophoe blm pernah coba >,<

  6. racun cel racunnnn T_T aku lg berniat gamau beli apa2 bulan ini, tp butuh produk whitening, trus skrg km ngeracun pake makeup remover T_T diriku belom punya makeup remover, gatau mau beli yg apa (water? oil? gel? balm? lol)

    Tapi si make over ini oke ya, bisa apus bb cream juga. ga pake lengket lagi! nunggu ke mall sm mamaku deh br minta dibeliin ini :p eh udah coba di mata cel? pedih ga?

    1. ahahah ayooo cobainn :DD *bisikan racun* lol
      ga pedih kok ini sher, ga lengket ato bkin berminyak juga. cm klo buat eye makeup kayanya mnding beli yg deep removernya biar lebih bersihh :DD

  7. ciee tempalte baru, sorry cel baru mampir lagi, sibuk mau uas dong *curcol*
    bagus templatenya cel~
    btw itu murce ya? aduh pengen coba tapi baru dapet bioderma gaslau, haha
    nice review say ^^

    1. ahahah gpp thankyou dinaaa :3
      iya ini murahhh ahahah eh bioderma bagus ya? review dongg :D

  8. enak ya beli pas lagi diskon :|

    btw jarang juga yang review make over ini. padahal lumayan bagus sih