Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review : Etude House Cotton Candy Ball + Giveaway Winner!

Have you ever tired to use tissue to remove those nail polish? I ALWAYS HAVE!
Like, I'll need 5-6 tissues for my 10 nails (of course, just how much fingers you can have lol) and it'll need more if I use glittery nail polish.

Luckily, when I was attending Etude House's beauty workshop last November, I bought this little cutie together with ci Winda :D It only cost me IDR 28k for about 30 cotton balls and the uber cute packaging, so why not? I've been eyeing this since it's first launched actually but at first I thought why bother spend such amount just for a cotton? But but but, I'm glad I bought it at the end and I'll repurchase!

 Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball (such a long name zz) comes in a plastic-glass packaging that to be honest not to sturdy. Even in the counter display, some of the products is a little broken (baca : penyok) But of course I choose the best one hehe. It comes with 3 colors cotton ball inside : white, pink, and blue. Idk if this is true or not but each has different composition of color, therefore I choose the one which has a lot of pink color :p

 The cotton ball itself is so fluffy and soft when I touched them~ Can you see? hehe

What it says : This 100% natural nail remover cotton that gently absorbs and easily used by tearing desired anmount of pieces.
Directions : 
1. When used as a cotton ball, soak cotton thoroughly with nail remover. To increase cleansing efficiency, wrap fingertips with cotton as if wrapping with foil. Use when removing nail colors that are difficult to clean of. (ex : color with glitter )
2. When used as extended cotton spread cotton spread themselves into a thin 15 cm spread once it pulled and extended from one end. One cotton ball is sufficient to remove nail colors on all ten fingernails when cotton is soaked thoroughly with nail remover. 

Let's see if this cute cotton ball can do what it claims! Above is my oh-so-ugly nail hahahah. I use glitter as you can see on this post NOTD. I soaked the cotton ball with nail remover (well about 10-15 drops) and here's the result :

A piece of this cotton ball can fully remove my 5 fingers nail polish ! FYI, I use a base coat, blue color, glitter, then top coat so total is 4 layers! Even after it covered with the nail polish, the cotton ball is still wet and soaked with the nail remover. Whoa~ <3

Let's test the other 5 fingers, using tissue this time!
Here's the result :

I need 5 tissues! That means 1 for each finger! 
Not to forget that it consumed a lot more nail remover than using the cotton candy PLUS I have to rub a
little bit hard~

So who will you choose, guys?
Mr. Tissues or this 3 cute babies below? Hahahah
Tell me what do you think in the comment below! Byeee~

Btw I've picked the winners of the previous giveaway and here's the winners !
1. Ha Na
2. Erna Wijaya
3. Arga Litha

Congrats! I'll send you guys an email soon and please reply within 2x24 hours or I'll pick a new winner(s)
For you who haven't win, don't worry, I'll have more giveaways in the future :DD
Thanks for joining!


  1. Hwaa. Thx u icel~

    Tp sayang pakeny cottonny mending buat pajangan :p

    1. welcomee :DD
      tapi ini jd gampang apus nail polish nya na pake ini XD hehe

  2. Ih cel ini SUPER CUTE! demen bgt editing di foto terakhir, pengen aku pencet2 rasanya wkwkwk
    Btw km biasa pake tissue? Aku biasa pake kapan yg buat muka gt, tp emg suka rada susah, apalagi kl udah berlayer2 gt yah :( Gawat nih bacain blog km bisa keracunan T_T

    1. iya lucu yaaa >,< hehe
      he eh sher, susah ribet klo pake tissue T_T ayo dibeliiiii hahaha :D

  3. aduhh lucu abisss :3 hahaha
    thanks for sharing chel :D

    1. iya lucu XDD
      thanks for reading jg ci shelviii :D

  4. aaaa lucu bangettt sayang dipake hihi warna warni pulaa >.<

  5. sayang banget yaaa, udah lucu gitu tapi ....

    eniwei, makasih =)

    1. iya ak jg pakenya di awet2.. hahah :D
      you're welcome~

  6. Lucuuu banget! Thanks ya uda ikutan giveaway ku :) Semoga menang. Following you back already.

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. Aaaa..lucu banget ya foto yang terkahir. Gemesin