Friday, 10 January 2014

Review : Etude House Princess Etoinette EDT

Hello everyone :3
Do you know that recently Etude House release a new Etoinette series? It directly caught my attention because of the cute packaging~ I love their EDT the most since the packaging is so princess-y and I imagining the peony scent that must be so 'sweet'. Luckily, I was choosen as Twofacemall's 2nd supporter and they sent me this EDT !

The delivery was quite fast, about 2 weeks all the way from South Korea to Indonesia~ It comes with a secure bubble wrap packaging so no need to worry about your stuff ^^

Have I told you that the packaging is so cute? Even the box itself is cutee~ look at the flowery prints all around the box with white and pink color. Love!

So apparently this EDT is made by " Princess Etoinette " lol :D Made from peony flowers that has elegant scent. Do you know how peony flowers looks like? 

Credit : selene-stock DA
Here's the perfume's notes :
Top : Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Pear, and Raspberry
Middle : Peony, Rose, Jamine, and Muguet
Bottom : Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, and Musk

I also love the Princess Etionette logo on the box, hahah so cute that it said it was made on 1985. I haven't born at that time XD 

Moving inside. So when you open the box, you'll find the perfume bottle itself and the atomiser with lace in it. All you have to do is throw away the bottle cap and replace it with the atomiser and it's ready to use!

To use it, just squeeze the atomiser and the perfume will come out~ I personally love the idea of this atomiser since usual perfume spray is too mainstream. lol :D

The Etoinette Logo on the bottle
Netto : 30ml
Ingredients : Alcohol, Fragrance water, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate, Ethilhexyl Methoxycinnamate

The atomizer lace detail
Well about the scent, to be honest is not my favourite scent. I expect it to be similar like their Petit Bijou collection which smell sweet powdery (something like baby smell (?) ) but it turns out to be different. I don't know how real Peony flowers smell but looking at it picture above, the image does represent how it smell for me. It smells.. Flowery. Sweet. And yes, elegant, just like the box said.

As for the staying power, the scent stays on me for about 4 hours and then starts to disappear~ I don't mind to re-use this EDT again though, thanks to it's cute packaging tehee :p 

Overall, I think this Etoinette EDT is worth to have! I know the price is a little bit expensive for a korean brands perfume but sometimes it's not wrong to spoil yourself with an eye-candy perfumies and a sweet elegant scent right? <3

Where to get?
Gangseou Gu, South Korea
Tel +82(0)10.4140.1076
Price : $31.50 (Get this EDT + Pocket Mirror)
Use code QHTW53X1 to get discount ^^


  1. Cakep ya botolnya... kalo makeup nya aq lbh suka yg pny taon lalu, pink sih hihhihi

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    2. salah account lol
      iyaaa ci cakep kaya ci mindy *ngegombal* XD
      ak suka 22nya sih, abis 22nya sama lucunyaaa~

  2. wanginya manis ya, must have item kayanya ^^
    nanti beli ah mau cobain, suka ga tahan kalo denger yang manis kaya vanilla, chocolate, mango, atau apapun, makasih icel buat reviewnya :))

    1. iya manis2 bunga gitu hahah bingung jg gmn jelasinnya~
      sama2 dinaaa :D

  3. Aku suka parfum yang wangiannya manis-manis...

  4. Wah~ you're so lucky!!! So envy of you to get this! :D I wonder when is this going to arrive in Malaysia. Hopefully when I finally get this on my own, it'll be as nice. Cause I read from some other bloggers, all of them are saying this is just some pretty-looking perfume with average scent and staying power. Well, it is EDT, right?
    Thanks, hun for the review!
    xx, Mira |

    1. haha yes I am! I was so happy once I know I'll receive this baby~
      the staying power is just okay, like it will remain for 4 hours. You're very welcome!

  5. Gilaaaaa packagingnya cute banget deh... Apalagi kalo wanginya enak, top deh. Hahaha Racunnya wanita :p
    Nice review Chel

    1. iya emg, si etude mah curang packaging nya smua dibikin unyu buat menguras dompet kitaaa *loh?* hahahah
      makasih ciii :D

  6. Astagaaah~ Packagingny princess banget!!
    Wanginya enak yah kayakny dr deskripsinya >.<

    1. setujuuh berasa jd princess ;3
      iya na lumayan kok enak~ hehe