Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to Shop at Luxola [Easy-Peasy] !

Hello everyone~
I'm not into a good mood lately since I'm still on my spending ban so all I could do is window shopping without purchase anything T_T Since I can't do any shopping yet, YOU should do some shopping, right? ;) lol

In this post I'll make a post about how to shop at Luxola, my favorite shop to get ready stock items from all over the world :) They're based in Singapore but they've expand their shop and now they can deliver internationally! ^^ At first I thought it will be hard to shop since I don't have any credit cards, but it turns out very easy and fast, plus they provide local bank payment! Yayy~ Let's start, shall we?

1. Go to first. And yes, your eyes aren't wrong, they provide FREE international delivery with minimum purchase IDR 315.000 for Indonesia :) To make it easier, they provide many payment options just as you can see in picture below :)

2. Register an account or sign in. You need to have an account to shop here so if you don't have one yet, just register! It's fast tho, don't even take a minute of your time :) If you have an account already, you're lucky since you just need to log in and you don't have to fill your name, address, phone etc in every future order :D

3. Browse! Luxola provide a huge range of beauty stuffs include makeup, skincare, nails, bath&body, tools, brands, luxury, and even men :D Now you just need to search what you wanna buy ;)

4. Don't forget to check their 'sale' tab. Luxola never fails to surprised me with their huge and frequent discount and mostly only for a short period of times, so make sure you check them often or subs their email and like their FB page. Or if you're in a rush and already have something in mind that you wanna buy, just type the item's name on the search box located at the top right of the page :)

5. Add To Cart. After you found out what you wanna buy, just simply click 'Add to Cart' (the one inside the pink box)

6. Check Out Cart. After you finish your shopping, simply click the 'Cart' on the top right corner and you'll be directed to your shopping cart (pic below). Do you see there are IDR 95.000 shipping cost? It's because the order still below IDR 135.000~ 

7. Get that free shipping! To get the free shipping, all you should do is just order more stuff until your order exceeds IDR 315.000 :) I personally think it's a shame to pay such an amount for shipping while you can use that to buy more stuff ^^ Last December Luxola was having a HUGE sale up to 70% off and me being kiasu of course don't want to miss that. Since I don't want to order too much, I ask my friends to join so we can get the free shipping hehe ;3

8. Check your delivery address. Make sure you wrote it right and complete so your package will arrive safely and fast :)

9. Choose your payment method. As I said earlier, Luxola provide many options for payment including Visa, PayPal, Bca klik pay, mandiri, and many more~ I chose BCA since it's the only bank account I have lol

10. Email Confirmation. Another thing I love about Luxola is they always send an email on every steps of purchase. Like the first email is about the items detail, then the confirmed payment, and last is the delivery info. They also provide tracking number (Aramex) so we can easily know where our baby is :DD

11. Check order status. You can also check your order history on their website~ Just click order status and all of your order will show up :D Complete with the order number, date, status, and tracking info.

And you're done! Now all you have to do is just relax and wait until the package arrive :D I receive mine about 10 days after payment since it's christmas and new year holiday. Quite fast right? It arrived with thick bubble wrap packaging. At first I was a little bit scared since I ordered makeup palette and I have a bad experience before (with another online shop).

Turns out that even inside the bubble wrap, they cover the palette with another bubble wrap + cartoon! Talk about how secure their packaging is. <3

They even give me this makeup pouch as a bonus hehe :D 

Overall it's such a nice experience to shop at Luxola and I'll make sure to shop there again! Know after you know how easy and how good their service is, would you too? :)
Tell me what you think!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day~

PS : I'm going to Jakarta to celebrate CNY with dad's family so I don't think I can make any post until next month :p Happy advance Chinese New Year everyone! ^^

Thursday, 23 January 2014

[ Tutorial ] : Penguin Nail Art

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since i haven't posted anything here like.. maybe a week? >,< Blame a new korean drama 'My Love from Another Stars' that really caught my interest. No, I'm not the kind of girl who really like watching drama whatsoever, I watch this drama just because Kim Soo Hyun is the main actor lol XD
And I'm glad the story itself is quite good so yeah, currently finished ep.10 and waiting for the new release~

Then last weekend I went to Jakarta to attend my cousin's wedding. Need to wake up so early since the mom and dad wanna attend the church reception (10 AM) too so we went on 6 AM -_- lol I know it's not that early but for someone like me who wakes up at 8 or 9 AM since I'm still on holiday it's so early right? So I (well, Acel actually) just curl my hair and I did all the makeup on the way hahah. I even think to record it as 'Makeup in the car' challenge XD

Enough for the ramblings, today as the tittle said, I will share about penguin nail art tutorial! Let's get started~

1. Use base coat to protect your nail and make the nail polishes stays longer.

2. Paint your nails using random color (I like to make it colorful :p) 

3. Now using a white or pale pink nail polish, draw the penguin's body. It will be easier if the nail polish 
has wide brush and all you do is just stroke it slowly.

4. If you use pastel color or similar color like the pale pink one, draw a black thin line to make some contrast. I'm using a nail art brush here so it can by tidier.

5. Then using dotting tools, make the eyes and the foot :)

6. Draw the nose (it should be yellow but since I don't have one I just use black) and voila~
you're done!


Product Used : 
So messy, I know hahah XD

So that's it for today! What do you think? Will you try to make these cute penguins too? ;3 Let me know in the comments below~ Have a nice day everyone ^^

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Review : Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar #6 - Orange

Hi everyone~
So about 2 days ago I received a package from Korea Beauty as I'm the one of the winners of their previous giveaway. The prize is Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar which I'll review today! I chose the #6 shade, orange, because lately I've some obsession towards orange lips products :p

So this gloss comes with uber cute packaging~ Right Right? The cap has ears and has a face too hahah~ I didn't notice it before but mine come in grumpy face.. yet it still cute <3

Why you mad, bro? lol
The cap is secure enough so you don't need to worry to carry this gloss when you're travelling~ To use it, you just have to turn the bottom side, just like when you use auto pencil liner.

That's how it looks when I have twisted it fully~ Long enough in my opinion, about 3cm? hehe
If you're wondering that the color looks so orange in photo above, it turns out that it is NOT. Don't forget that it's a gloss after all, the color won't as vivid as liptint :p

Here's the swatch :

Left : 3 swipe , Right : 1 swipe

You can see that the color is pretty sheer and it's glossy, just like it's name hahah~ I really love the color! It's not overly orange, yet it's orange in a pretty way lol I don't know how to explain it but.. It's a perfect shade of orange <3

How it looks on my lips

Another plus point is this gloss doesn't make my lips any drier! It moisturizes my dry lips and the color shows up nicely. I used several swipes to achieve that color though :) I think it's a right choice if I'm in rush, no need to apply concealer, lipbalm, and liptint~ Just use this and you're ready to go! ;3 It also stays for more than 5 hours! I try this at noon and until I'm writing this post (9 PM) it's still there~

+ Cute packaging
+ Perfect shade of orange ;p
+ Moisturizing
+ Long lasting

- Not so vivid color but it's buildable :D

Where to get?
The owner, Reo Min (oppa?) is staying in Korea so no need to worry that the products is fake!
They also sells korean cosmetics from all brands with affordable price :)

Last, a few selca won't hurt anyone, right?

Don't you think the color is pretty? :)
That's it for today, byeeee~

Monday, 13 January 2014

Review : Tony Moly Cat Chu Mini Tint - Red Apple

Hey there!
Today I want to share a well known liptint, which is Tony Moly Cat Chu Tint ! I already have the full size in cherry pink shade. I was also curious to try the other shade, red apple, but I have too much liptint already so I don't buy it~ Luckily, Miss Lie Collection gave me the red apple shade in mini size to try it! :D

 Photo above is the comparison about the size with the full size product. I personally like the mini size more, since it's cute and it's so travel friendly hehe :D

The name of the product is written on the cap~ At first I'm a little worry since Acel said that many people said the cap isn't secure enough so the content can easily spill but turns out that the cap is secure :DD The mini size approximately has 2,5ml product inside ^^

 The wand itself is so similar with the full size one, and the length is just perfect for me :DD Well, you can see that the size of this mini tint is almost the same with my thumb haha XD forgive my big and long finger :p

 The texture is a lil bit watery if it's compared to Etude's dear darling and fresh cherry tint. It also dries faster, so you better blend it not too long after you applied it. ^^ The color itself is indeed red and so pigmented! I also use a little amount for above swatch and the color already so vibrant o_o perfect for gradient lips :3

After blended
Another plus point above this liptint is the staying power~ It can stay for 4-5 hours! Even if you eat or drink, it will still stay, not like other liptint. I also have tried to take a shower after using this liptint and it stays hehe ;3

Here's the swatch on my lips. Yes, I'm trying to make a gradient lips but it's fail XD My lips is so dry right now, and this liptint make it even worse so you can see my chapped lips >,< My advice, don't forget to apply lipbalm first before using this liptint ^^

(+) Super pigmented color
(+) Secure packaging
(+) Travel friendly
(+) A little goes a long way
(+) Affordable

(-) Make my lips dry so don't forget to apply lipbalm first :)

Some random FOTD using this Tony Moly Mini Tint

Where to get :
Line, Kakaotalk, Whatsapp : 08998175285
BB Pin : 757DA67F
Twitter : @mslie
Instagram : mslie86

Price : 35k
buy 2 each 30k
buy 4 each 28k

Miss Lie Collection guarantee that their products are 100% original and ready stock ^^ We should be
aware nowadays since there are so many fake cosmetics on the market >,< It's also one of my favorite and trusted sellers since it has been 5 years since they started this bussiness and they have more than a thousand testimony already :D

Use code : "chelslatte" to get free shipping for min. order IDR 150k :)

That's it for today, off to watch Running man hehe ;3 Annyeong ~

Friday, 10 January 2014

Review : Etude House Princess Etoinette EDT

Hello everyone :3
Do you know that recently Etude House release a new Etoinette series? It directly caught my attention because of the cute packaging~ I love their EDT the most since the packaging is so princess-y and I imagining the peony scent that must be so 'sweet'. Luckily, I was choosen as Twofacemall's 2nd supporter and they sent me this EDT !

The delivery was quite fast, about 2 weeks all the way from South Korea to Indonesia~ It comes with a secure bubble wrap packaging so no need to worry about your stuff ^^

Have I told you that the packaging is so cute? Even the box itself is cutee~ look at the flowery prints all around the box with white and pink color. Love!

So apparently this EDT is made by " Princess Etoinette " lol :D Made from peony flowers that has elegant scent. Do you know how peony flowers looks like? 

Credit : selene-stock DA
Here's the perfume's notes :
Top : Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Pear, and Raspberry
Middle : Peony, Rose, Jamine, and Muguet
Bottom : Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, and Musk

I also love the Princess Etionette logo on the box, hahah so cute that it said it was made on 1985. I haven't born at that time XD 

Moving inside. So when you open the box, you'll find the perfume bottle itself and the atomiser with lace in it. All you have to do is throw away the bottle cap and replace it with the atomiser and it's ready to use!

To use it, just squeeze the atomiser and the perfume will come out~ I personally love the idea of this atomiser since usual perfume spray is too mainstream. lol :D

The Etoinette Logo on the bottle
Netto : 30ml
Ingredients : Alcohol, Fragrance water, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate, Ethilhexyl Methoxycinnamate

The atomizer lace detail
Well about the scent, to be honest is not my favourite scent. I expect it to be similar like their Petit Bijou collection which smell sweet powdery (something like baby smell (?) ) but it turns out to be different. I don't know how real Peony flowers smell but looking at it picture above, the image does represent how it smell for me. It smells.. Flowery. Sweet. And yes, elegant, just like the box said.

As for the staying power, the scent stays on me for about 4 hours and then starts to disappear~ I don't mind to re-use this EDT again though, thanks to it's cute packaging tehee :p 

Overall, I think this Etoinette EDT is worth to have! I know the price is a little bit expensive for a korean brands perfume but sometimes it's not wrong to spoil yourself with an eye-candy perfumies and a sweet elegant scent right? <3

Where to get?
Gangseou Gu, South Korea
Tel +82(0)10.4140.1076
Price : $31.50 (Get this EDT + Pocket Mirror)
Use code QHTW53X1 to get discount ^^