Friday, 27 December 2013

Unboxing : Indonesian Beauty Bag - December

Hi girls :)
First, I want to say a merry merry Christmas to all of you >_< so sorry I can't post it yesterday since I went to PVJ and arrived at home it's 5.30 PM already. Then I want to start edit these photos but American Next Top Model start to play. After it's finished, mom suddenly ask to accompany her to watch prisoners in DVD so.. call me the queen of procrastination lol XD

So let's get back to the post! Do you know that there are a new "Beauty Box" ? It's called Indonesian Beauty Box and they start their first box on November. I saw their facebook and the November box is quite something with tons of full size products so I thought.. Why I don't give it a try? 

So here I am, subscribed another beauty box after I always being dissapointed -__- Since it's my first subs, I choose the cheapest one, which called the beauty bag. But unfortunately, starts from now they don't provide beauty bag again so there's just beauty box. If you are wondering what beauty box and beauty bag's difference, beauty box is more expensive which means the stuffs you get inside also will be more and better.

Here's the new pricelist btw just in case you also want to try :

Ordinary Box : IDR 160.000
Earth Box : IDR 210.000
Water Box : 260.000
Air Box : 310.000
Fire Box : 360.000
VIP Box : 600.000
VVIP Box : 850.000

Oh and one thing you should now about this box is every month's box is different, and every person's box is also different. When you want to subs, they will ask you to fill a from and basically choose what is your preference. Interesting? :D

Enough for the rambling, let's see what I got for this month!

It came with that white plastic packaging. The box itself is quite sturdy and a point plus to use plastic so it doesn't get wet just in case it's rain. I've read another beauty box came with wet box and of course we don't want that to happen.

After I open the plastic, I found this card box. I've told you how sturdy the packaging is right?

Since I ordered the Beauty Bag, it's came in paper bag packaging and I love the design! I always love vintage or USA design not to forget eiffel tower and Paris *u*

So that's what I got on this month's beauty bag.

1. Trial set of Hada Labo Shirojyun
Well to be honest I don't really expecting this since I just got a free sample from Hada Labo itself from their free sampling campaign. So now I have two sets and don't know what to do lol -_-

2. Wonder pore freshner (spray)
This one is my fav from the entire stuffs in the box. I've been curious to try this and I finally got it :p I did write this as my wishlist so yay :D
PS : I also write EH any cushion as my wishlist but why it's not there? (slapped) XD

3. Beauty mask
It's a mask produced by rohto (cmiiw). I've received and try it from Franky's giveaway long time ago and it's doesn't break me out so.. it's acceptable. But I'll be happier if they put korean brand mask like etude or skinfood or the face shop, etc. The price is quite the same though.

4. A piece of biore porepack
Okay I won't say much for this one.. Like it's just IDR 10k for 4 pieces so this one is only IDR 2500 worth .___.

After all, if I have to give a score between 0 to 10 , I'll give this a 7.
I do happy because of the wonder pore, but that's the only item I'm excited about. And I pay 100k ( 80k for the box, 15k for the shipping, and 5k for the bank transfer since they don't have BCA ) and I can even buy the 250ml size wonder pore -_- Hahah but that's just my opinion, if you are interested you can contact them at their Facebook here.

Oh you also can collect beauty points and exchange it with free beauty box once you reached 250 points.

The admin said that they have written the points wrong, I should get 5 points hehe :D

So that's it!
Have a nice day~

I'm so excited right now since it's less than a week to my birthday and I knew Acel and mom have bought something for me and it's freaking awesome! Will post about the gift once they handed it to me lol
Byeeeee <3


  1. BOXnya lucuuuuuu bangettt!!!!!!!!
    Yahh setidaknya ga sample smua sih cel :P

    1. iya kan lucuuuu XD ak jg suka naa hehe
      cm sayang penyok2 jd ahirnya ak buang deh~ :(
      iya sih, not so bad kaya beauty box tetangga *ehem* wkwkw

  2. Still waaay better than BTI December's box. I wish I could get my hand on this.
    check my review about BTI December's box on

    1. I've read your review and yes, it sucks. *patpat*
      maybe you should try this? :D

  3. Heemm..
    Aku juga sdh pernah pakai mask itu chel.. enak ya habis pemakaiannya.. dingin adem plus seger banget..

    1. iya gitu ka? hahah ak wktu itu pernah pake tapiiii asa biasa aja :(
      not my favourite mask sheet tp bolehlah :DD