Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Review : PeriPera Wonder Liner in Deep Gray

Hi guys :)
Get some time for blogging now since tomorrow and 2 days again I've a holiday before facing my last final exams~ Today I want to share about another eyeliner! Girl can't have enough eyeliner, can we? hahah :p

Since I'm bored with black eyeliner and I saw this eyeliner is on sale with super cheap price, I bought this without thinking lol. This eyeliner is called PeriPera Wonder Liner, and this one is in deep gray. At first I was like, what? Deep gray? How would it looks like on me? :/ but again, because of the cheap price I bought this XD

So let's see the product, shall we?

This eyeliner comes in pink-black box packaging with the name written. I think it's quite cute with that pink color XD but actually nothing special and the plastic is somehow so thin :/

What it claims : "Super-strength waterproof eyeliner that clearly drawing with soft texture and long lasting without smudgy."

Photo above is how the eyeliner looks like. It comes in automatic pencil model - I mean you can just twist it so no need to sharpen it - a point plus for me since I always feel lazy to sharpen my eyeliner lol. I also love the glossy-pink font!

It contains decent size of eyeliners inside, I think it's enough for 3 months usage if you use it everyday. Now let's see the deep gray color! :D

Left : 1 swipe, Right : 3 swipes.

When I first swatched it on my hand, the first thing I notice is yes, it really does come in deep grey. The second think is the glitters. Actually I don't expect it to has glitters since most of eyeliners is matte right? But I don't think that's a bad thing since it's quite pretty too when I apply it on my eyes :D

See See? It's obviously different than black! What I love about this color is it looks more natural since the color isn't as obvious as black. The glitters make my eyes looks more "pop" too~ 

Did the waterproof + smudgeproof test by poured water to the eyeliner and rub it HARD, surprisingly it stays even though it does fade. (see picture above)

+ Cheap
+ Waterproof + Smudgeproof 
+ No need to sharpen it
+ A little goes a long way
+ Unique color

- Doesn't really well-known so a lil bit hard to find
- Not so sturdy box packaging

I recommend this for those who is bored with black or brown eyeliner and those who like to try something new :D Btw I've tried to find reviews about this products but I can't find it so I conclude that it's not so well-known? :/ Idk but I still like this! 

Last sessions, pictures of me using this eyeliner ahahah please don't close this post yet :p

Cut my hair yesterday so hair still looks good after the hair-blow :3 what do you think of my new hair? Mom said she can't tell the difference zzz ._.

So that's it! Thanks for reading and have a nice day :DD


  1. Rambutnya bagus kok celll :3 Rambutmu halus ga kyk akuu errr :(
    Warnanya bagus cuma sayang ad glitternya ak ga suka sering jatuh ke pipi sama susah apus glitternya T_T

    1. iyaa sih na, ak suka sbnrnya pake yg glitter2 cm emg males bersihinnya XD
      ini rambut sbnrnya suka ngembang2 kaya singa gitu na lol~

  2. rasanya automatic pencil liner korea rata2 berglitter.. >.<
    kyny mmg rmbutnya ga beda jauh ya sm yg sblumny XD

    1. oyaa? ak baru punya 1 sih yg automatic giniii XD
      ah ci rini sama kaya mamaaa ahahah pdhal ini jd pendek gitu keliatan >,<

  3. Kalo yang punya rambut pasti merasa bedaa tiap habis ptg walopun org2 bilang sama he5.. Cakep warna abu2nya.. Aku jg kurang suka glitternya tapi sama kayak kata rini, hampir semua eyeliner pensilnya korea penuh glitter ha5

    1. iyaa XD kan kita yg ngerasa yah hahaha
      iya krg suka glitternya tp ini awet bangeet dipake tidur bsk paginya masih adaa ce sha :DD

  4. Well, this post is definitely convincing me to purchase one that I just look. N on sale jg..∩__∩

    1. Yes you should try it! :D where on sale? How much is it now? hahaha