Sunday, 15 December 2013

Review : Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Hey everyone~ :)
I'm still on my final test week and since I haven't updated my blog since 5 days ago ( and I don't wanna study yet :p ), here I come with a new review about Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer!

For you who don't know yet, eye primer's function is to give more vibrant color and make your eye-makeup last longer than usual. I really think that eye primer is important since I have oily lids T_T
Now let's jump to the review ! *jump jump* *ignore me* lol

So that's how the products look. I love the box design, it somehow gives classy misterious (?) feelings lol. Here's the close up photo of the bottle itself :

The design is so simple, only the products name written on the front side plus some bubble (I mean that circles above the proof 10 one ehehe). It comes in beige color which I think has the same color with the content.

The want itself is just like regular wand, nothing special to be said of. But I love how the wand is long enough so it makes me easier to use it. On the other side, the long wand is not so travel friendly since it use quite a space :/ Took the wand and compare it with my finger so you guys can see how long the wand is. FYI my finger is long~ hahah :p

Photo above is the swatch of this eye primer. It has beige color like I've said, right? ^^ It doesn't feel sticky whatsoever, and after a few second it will turn to be something like :

Yep, it almost disappeared~ hahah it will matched your skin tone so it will feels like you're wearing nothing~ Now let's see how this eye primer works, shall we?

I compared this to my UDPP which I've reviewed here since it's the most famous eye primer out there plus it's my favourite too :D If you ask if UDPP is my fav then why I bought this eye primer, no, this is Acel's, my sister XD I borrow it for this review nyehehe :3

*ehem* so as you can see, the one who doesn't use eye primer is not so pigmented, while the 2 look more pigmented :) And I was quite surprised too that this primer almost give the same vibrant color like my UDPP :O you can see, there's almost no difference right?

Then I try to give some splash of water to test this eye primer, turns out it does help the eyeshadow to stay! ^^ but but, UDPP one stay more so I can say UDPP win in this test :D

As for the staying power, it also does quite a good job to make eye makeup stays. Can't really decide which one win for this test, since it really depends on the weather + how long I use it hahah XD

+ Affordable (about IDR 70k / $7)
+ Give a pigmented color
+ Help eye makeup stay longer
+ The long wand make it easy to use

- Still lose to UDPP ( by a little distance btw :p UDPP price is about IDR 250k so it is understandable! )
- Not travel friendly

So I recommend this for those who have oily lids like me, or you who want to use eye primer with affordable price :) Most of ol shop nowadays sell this since it's quite famous so you can grab them soon? :p *racun mode* XD

Some EOTD using this eye primer :

DID YOU SEE MY BLUE SPARKLING LASHES? Awesome to the max heheh *nyengir* :p

Thanks for reading! 
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Have a nice day <3
*back to study* *sleep* LOL


  1. Kapan2 coba ah. Masuk wishlist dl nih hahaha. Racun racunnnn

  2. aku juga suka primer ini.

  3. Pigmented hasil nya.. racun Icheeel..

    1. iya kak dynee, lumayan nih :D hehe
      ayo beli beli *joget*

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  5. aku pakai primer elf sama holika bagus yaak racunn nih :3
    itu km pake eyeshadow apa cell? warnany cakeps

    1. ak malah blm pernah cobaa yg elf sama holika2, tar coba ah~ :3
      pake sleek oh so special sama essence yg biru2nya hehe XD

  6. Replies
    1. urban decay primer potion ciii, eye primernya Urban decay..
      bagus cuma mahal jd ak pake ini aja seringnya lol XD