Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Haul

Ahooy pretty :p
Hahahah it's finally DECEMBER! <3
So excited since there will be lotsa events in December (read: Christmas) and today is 1st December so it's exactly 1 month before my birthday! So curious what will Acel and mom buy for me. I think mom will buy me samsung tab since I've told her I want it #shameless LOL XD pray for me okay? :p

As usual, I want to show you my last month haul *u*)/ Let's see them, shall we? :D

As you can se emost of them are from Etude House hehe since last month I went to their beauty workshop with ce winda. They're having 50% sale all items except hair products, body wash, perfumes, and accs. I don't think I'll post about the beauty workshop though, I don't really find it exciting since what they taught is just too basic like how to use cc cream, bb cream, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush on, liptint. Even the products they gave to be used is not useable anymore. Boooooo~

Forget about the BWS, let's see the detail of the haul!

From Etude House's counter : Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy (to erase your nail polish). Bought this since the packaging and the cotton is soooo cute with pink-blue-white colour. Ci Winda bought it also :p hahahah. Next is their jewel nail stone. Bought this in purpose to make Tiffany Twinkle makeup ^^ Next is the nail art pen in white, and the last is the goody bag from the BWS, Magnet play nails in purple colour. 

Also bought Revlon double twist - this can be used as a base coat and top coat as well ! Bought this since I don't have any top coat yet and the price is quite affordable as well :D I also bought TBS choco mania body butter (mini size) since I wanna try the choco scent~ hehe

Then when me and Acel was derping around we found this cute cat ear and decided to bought one for each of us! Mine is the pink one of course.

And FINALLY have a proper hair dryer yayyyy~ My previous hair dryer can be caller ancient hair dryer already hahahah. Mom said it's given as her wedding gift which is.. 20 years ago! LOL get it now why I called in ancient right? :p It's a miracle that it still can be used up until now.

And my favourite from november haul is this set of Etude House alphabet mask sheet! Bought 5 masks with my name on it and a heart :3 Isn't it cute? I give EH thumbs up for their creativity of always creating cute packaging. Review soon?

Actually there should be more items on this post but sadly the package haven't reach my home yet so I guess I'll just put it as my December haul next year ( Next month is next year right? :p )

So that's it! Off to watch running man now~ Suzy looks so pretty there - oh but she always looks pretty everywhere hahahah. Thanks for reading, Bye! :*


  1. Pertamax cel! Hahahah XD
    Nice haul. D tunggu review mask nyaa ya :3

    1. gamau ah pertamax mahaaal, premium ajaaa #apasih #abaikan lol
      makasih ernaaaa~ ntar reviewnya abis dipake poto2 dulu yakk, lucu abisnya XD ehehe

  2. waah nice haul, bandonya juga lucu^^
    ditunggu reviewnya yaa:)

  3. luc maskernyaaa, ditunggu reviewnya ya :D

  4. Masker nya cute! Tp yg plg cute bando nya jelas,mi also want hahah

  5. Hi! :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find more infos on my blog.
    - -

  6. aku jg baru abis beli TBS choco body butter, wanginya sepanjang hari. Body butternya TBS emang the best <3

    1. hihi iya nih suka jg sama bau coklatnya, sblmnya ak pake yg japanese cherry blossom krg suka >,<

  7. wiih bando pinknya unyu bgt wkwk ditunggu review masknya ya ^^

    1. unyu an lalaaa tapi ;;) ihhihih
      sippo thanks la :D