Saturday, 21 December 2013

Collaboration : 12 Chinese Zodiac - Dog

Hella everyone ( using hella since hello is just too mainstream ) lol.
Today I'm back with another collaboration! For you who don't know, it's my 2nd collab with other IBB member. If you want to see my first collab you can click -- here

So at first Elin bbm me and ask if I want to join a collab with other 11 IBB and of course I said yes~ Turns out that this collab is made by Kak Dine :) Thanks for asking me to join this awesome collab! <3

So this is the result...

And here's the list of the others 11 awesome bloggers :
Nurina as Ox
Ken as Tiger
Yunita as Rabit
Anisa as Dragon
Dine as Snake
Anne as Horse
Rifka as Goat
Hanny as Monkey
Ike as Rooster
Aldila as Pig
Elin as Mouse
and me as Dog :3

Make sure to check out their blog, okay?

So now let's move on to my character : Dog! 
Actually I choose this without thinking again since it's my actual shio lol. And I do think that dog is the cutest animal on earth <3 And I bet you'll asking later why the photos below is not the same with the cover photo above :| it's because I made that look on the cover photo about a week ago and give it to Kak Dine and then today when I want to post this, I don't feel that that's good enough.. So I made it again and this is the mini tutorial + result!

Starting with bare face. 
1. Put your face primer and then BB cream to make your skin flawless~

2. Use a lip concealer to cover your skin since I want to make the mouth to be like 
this --> :3
3. I use eyeshadow on my nose.
4. Also make a straight line with black eyeshadow towards the lips
5. Make like a "3" symbol on your lips, not forget to draw some "moustache" by drawing 3 lines on both side of your cheeks.

Forget to capture the eye makeup but it's just typical eyeliner but don't make it upward or
it'll looks like a cat hehe~

and here's the result :

Not so bad rite rite? :p

Hahahah that's it! Thank you for reading and do drop comments below.
I have so much fun creating this dog makeup looks and again thanks to other beauty bloggers who
have asked me to join this collab!
Let me know what you think, okay? :3


  1. Keren ichel, mirip anjing laut ichel syuuuuka :*

    1. Ahahah malah miripnya anjing laut yaa? Gpp deh sama2 anjing XD makasih naga ketjee ehehe

  2. Cantik icell hidungny mirip bgt sama doggy hehehe
    kumisnya kurang jelas si yaa

    1. aaa makasih naaa :*
      iya sengaja tipis biar kaya kumis asli gitu tp fail ya XD

  3. ichel cute banget siiihhh, gemes deh pengen cubit pipinya >,<

    1. aaaa makasihhh :DD
      pipiku kenapaaa? tembem? gendut? LOL ~

  4. lucu ci icelll ! wkkwkw kreatif banget kepikiran post ini :3

    1. ahahah ini mah collab diajakin temen sal, klo sndri jg gakan kepikiran bkin makeup gogok :DD thanks anyway <3