Wednesday, 18 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is you! [ Ci Carnellin's Giveaway ]

Hi :)
Today I want to make a special post dedicated to Ci Carnellin !
FYI, she is a 'senior' beauty blogger here in Indonesia and she is the one who take care of events here~ I have read her blog for quite some time and I do think her blog is really fun to read!

About a week ago, Ci Carnellin made a post about HUGE giveaway~ Why do I called it huge? Because there will be 67 ( YES, SIXTY SEVEN ) winner this time! And the prize is mostly from high-end brand like YSL, LX, Shu uemura and some famous brand like maybelline, loreal, silky girl, etc. So much right? *u*

So without further ado here's what I want the most from this giveaway :
YSL TOUCHE ECLAT CONCEALER in shade 4.5 ! This product cost IDR 450k already and if I want to buy it myself I have to stop eating for 10 days hahahah XD

I really want this since my current concealer cannot conceal my oh-so-dark circles anymore and it's almost empty too. I have heard so many good reviews about this products, lotsa people even nominated this as the best concealer ever! How can I don't want this la?

Created some 'comics' to show you my weird expressions and how much I want this lol :

So please please Santa Carnellin? *puppy eyes* XD

I also created a YSL inspired makeup nail!

Using black as base color and gold on 1 of my finger :D not forget to put YSL logo on it XD
I always love YSL theme since it gives such a luxurious feelings, especially this Touche Eclat one!

 So what are you waiting for? Show your effort and creativity and be this MEGA giveaway winners! :D You even can win more than one items hehe~ click here for further info about this giveaway and prepare yourself for droolling :p

PS : I'll update this post again soon since ci Carnellin said I can gather the items I want in one post :) Wait for it! I already prepare SO MANY entry lololol :D


  1. nice post sis ! hope you win the giveaway ~ :D


    1. crazy sister always stalk me lah *banjur air seember*
      nanti kalo menang ga akan dipinjeminnn biar ttp mata rakun lol :p

  2. Hehehehe lucuuu ekspresimu celllll *pinch* . Amiiin smoga menang yaaak

  3. ahahah ga kobeee yak XD
    goodluck juga naa~

  4. Aaaaaahk YSL, keren ichel syg :*