Friday, 8 November 2013

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Hi guys! :3
So today when I arrived at home my mom said that there's another package. She scold me for having so many package arrives at home lah hahaha ;3;
And when I checked the sender, turns out that it's from everbuying :D

So last month they contacted me and offer to launch a giveaway campaign or product review. Since I already prepare my own giveaway for you all (wait for it! :D) I choose to review their products as I find their products is pretty interesting too ^^.

So Everbuying is online store who sells not only makeup but also fashion stuff, gadget, cell phones, accecories, and even cosplay costume. They're a whole saller based in Hongkong, and seriously almost all of their stuff is freakin cheap! :D They started the online shop since 2006 and since then they has gained a continuous growth! Now they're serving thousands of customer all over the world! :) 

I'll show you some of their stuff  (all taken from their website) :

Above is the beauty and health section, I capture the nail thingy :3 All is so cute and affordable!

And look at that clothes! I love the beige tanktop one, cutee T___T

They really do have a lot of items that I can't show you one by one, so if you are interested you can visit their shop now :))

Now let's see my package! 

Safely arrived all the way from Hongkong to Indonesia - oh and it only needs about 2 weeks! fast lah :D
( Acel kindly put that hair holder (?) to hide our address lol)

So above are the products I choose : Set of nail art brush, a box contains 10 pairs false lashes, a purple studed kabuki brush, and a cute comb with mirror panda :D

1. Kabuki brush (for blush or powder) $4,21

For this one I think you can't choose the color. I personally want the baby pink color one but purple is nice also! ^^ (click the product link if you want to see the detail information)

Surprisingly for $4 brush, the bristles are dense and soft! I'll use this for my loose powder since I don't think this will works well for blush on.

Don't forget that cool bling-bling diamond on the holder! nyahahah :D 

I choose this false lashes as I love natural lashes and the criss-cross design gives more natural effect than the straight one.

Contains 10 pairs - can use it for months! More review about this lashes later ^^

This one also in random model I think :/ 
So basically this is a mini comb and mirror with printed cute animal cartoons~ cuteness overload hahah XD
To take out the mini comb, you just pull the body part *cruel? lol*

The mirror and the comb :D

4. A set of nail art brush (7pcs) $3,76 

It comes in orange color holder and white-pink color bristles. I haven't tried it yet since this is just 
the first impression post, but I'll try it soon and post my nail art work! nyahahah :3

Every brush protected by the plastic to keep it clean and keep the pointed shape.

So if you are searching for a cheap online shop with fast respond and fast delivery, you might want to try purchasing from Everbuying! :) They do ship worldwide and have a lot of sale items but hey, even without sale they're cheap already! 

What do you think about the items? Is it interesting enough for you? :3

Find Everbuying on :

*This is my honest review. Everbuying do send this products for free but it doesn't affect my opinion.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend! :D


I have a good news! Everbuying kindly email me and said that they have FREE TRIAL ACTIVITY!
So basically all you have to do is pick your favourite item, share it on your facebook, and wait. 
They pick the winner randomly from the most popular items - 3 winners!
Plus, seven runners up will get 50 EB points. If your facebook friends clicked your post and joined in, you will also win the prize if one of them wins. So many chance! :D
This week most popular is some android smatphone :O I also want lah! hahahah

Klik picture about if you want to read further information or want to join.
I just do! hahaha :D Good luck~


  1. aaa sisirnya lucu bangeet<3 jadi mauuu:3 hhihi

  2. Love the kabuki and the lashes! I think criss cross lashes are also very natural looking too! :) Great haul! :)

    1. me too! especially the bling2 part in that kabuki brush hahaha :D
      thanks for visit mizu ^^

  3. kabuki brush nya lucuuuu >_<
    review bulmatnya yaa ^^

    1. iyaaa, cuteness overload >_<
      sippo~ ASAP yak hehe

  4. omoo unyuu banget sisir ma cerminya.. prktis bnget... hehe.. wow pengen kabuki brush nya jg... lolol

  5. aihh kabuki brushnya unyu bangeeeet <3

  6. Replies
    1. hihi ini ak udah coba lumayan bagus nihh, kepake banget buat nail art jd bisa gambar yg kecil2 :D

  7. Biaya shippingnya berapa tuh? barusan cek websitenya kayaknya banyak produk menarik..tapi kepikiran biaya shipping internationally.

    1. tadi ak coba sih free shipping :) klo mau ada tracking numbernya tambah $2.. hehe :D

  8. super nice brush nyaa^^
    Btw mind to follow each other?(:

    1. I love the brush too :D
      hehe followed you already! thanks~