Thursday, 21 November 2013

Review : K-Palette 24 hours Real Lasting Eyeliner Tattoo (LE) in Super Black

 Hi fellas~
 Today I want to share about my favourite eyeliner so far, my holy grail eyeliner :D

Before that, let me explain why I care so much about eyeliner. Back then when I was still a newbie in makeup, I want to try using eyeliner and my mom bought me my first eyeliner : Maybelline eye studio (cmiiw). It was in liquid with felt tip type and it was SO HARD to use. Even when I already succeed, after hours it will crack and become so ugly :/ so meh.

The second eyeliner I've tried is My Darling, so cheap yet quite famous. It only cost me IDR 10k or $1 so I though why not? It does a pretty good job but I didn't repurchase since I'm afraid what might be in the ingredients with such a price.

Third eyeliner : Silky girl gel liner - bought this when it was on sale only IDR 45k or $4,5 with the makeup remover. It does travel friendly with the brush joined on the cap and easy to use, but unfortunately after hours of usage my eyes turns into panda! I was confuse why that happen back then :/

Fourth eyeliner : Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner - read some good reviews about it so I bought it. Cost me IDR 79k or $7,5 if I'm not mistaken. It comes with pen and brush type, so easy to use but.. it also make me looks like a panda. 

Fifth eyeliner : Koji Eyeliner from Beauty Treats (mini size) - so excited at first since I know that dolly wink is under the same company and dolly wink eyeliner raved everywhere! The texture is creamy and the color is pigmented, but it also smudge on my eyes >_< The smudge isn't as bad as silky girl and maybelline hyper sharp liner though.

Sixth eyeliner : Tried Acel's Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner - same type like silky girl one but with better formula I think. It smudge on me too, but not as bad as silky girl + the hyper sharp liner yet worse than koji eyeliner.

I was confused and stressed and almost kill myself (ok this one is a lie lol). WHY EVERY EYELINER I'VE TRIED DIDN'T WORK ON ME? Then I search google and find out that I have super duper oily lids~ That's why all the eyeliner above smudge on me :/ So I was looking for a GOOD staying power eyeliner and of course SUPER SMUDGEPROOF. I don't want that panda eyes :/

 Found this when I was in Sasa Singapore.. I've heard that K-Palette eyeliner is good and the Sasa BA said it was good too! To be honest I actually want to buy Dolly wink liquid liner but it was OOS and the BA said this one is better. Plus it's limited edition. Plus it's PINK. Plus the packaging is quite cute. Plus the price is cheaper than Dolly wink. Plus, I've test it on my hand and it does smudgeproof + waterproof. So I bought it lol XD

So without further ado let's jump to the review!

I love the pink packaging colour with black checkered pattern. On the backside, the explanation use english~ good so I can understand lol :D It cost me SGD19,90 or USD16.

Here's how the eyeliner looks like. It comes with pen type with pink colour and white text~ Somehow feel princess-y, no? hahah :D

The brush is so pointy and soft - easy to apply. Be careful when you want to close the cap though, if you 'miss' that pointy brush can be messy like the tester on Sasa lol.

Picture above is the swatch.
1. Swatch 1x and 3x. It has a nice black pigmentation, can make a very thin line and thick line also :D
2. Time for waterproof test! I give a few drops of water, it stays.
3. Then I rub it with the previous few drops of water. The water doesn't turns into black~
4. After about 20 times rubs. It stays! It does fade a little but only about 10% so YEAH! hahahah

Here's a picture of me using this eyeliner :

Oh and everytime you see me using eyeliner on this blog, I'm using this eyeliner! No more other eyeliner la this one is the best for me XD

TIPS : If you have this pen-type eyeliner, remember NOT to put the cap on top since the ink will go downward and make your eyeliner's ink become thin. Put the cap on the bottom position so everytime you want to use this eyeliner, bold ink can come out! :p

As I said before, this is the only eyeliner which has work for me so far. And that makes this my HG eyeliner~ :D So for you guys who have oily lids too like me, you can try this one! For you who doesn't have oily lids? Lucky you it'll works better on you hahahah :D I know the price isn't cheap but it doesn't as expensive as other high-end brand and it works wonder on me <3

( udah cukup teracuni belom? :p )

Thanks for reading - Have a nice day!
PS : it's 34 days again before Christmas and 41 days again before new year and ... guess what! hahaha :p


  1. cocok buat diving neh kayaknya heheh

    1. iya kayanya bisa asal ga sering2 amat ucek2 mata hahaha :D

  2. Oh danG! This looks very good! Although it faded a bit but I haven't seen one that lasted this good! Thanks for this review! :)

  3. Ah aw! Suka deh sm bulmatnya *eh

    1. bulmat apa elinn? haha itu pake maskara aja ngga :p
      salah fokus yak lol xD

    2. enggaa lin pake maskara jg ngga ituu hahah ~
      keliatan panjang ya di fotonya? :3

  4. Replies
    1. Ahahha ayo cobain jess.. Bagus loh ini beneran :D

  5. Waaah..waterproof.., Masuk dalem wish list nih..
    Thx reviewnya cel..

    1. waterproof + smudgeproof ceeee bagus deh *racun*
      ayo2 beli hahaah~ you're welcome :D

  6. Duh jd pengen nyoba jg nih cel >___<
    Thanks for the review <3

    1. ayo laaa coba laa *bisikan setan* wkakak :p
      samasamaaa :)

  7. Hi, issit difficult to remove even with make up remover?

    1. hi :D
      umm no. You can remove it easily even with warm water but of course it'll be easier to use makeup remover ^^ hope it helps!