Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Review : Daiso 6 Colour Eyeshadow

Hello ladies *dance* hehe I'm in the mood of blogging so here I come again with another review! Today I want to  share about this eyeshadow palette from Daiso~ Actually it's Acel's but I borrow it :p 

 When we went to SG and visit Daiso we both saw this 6 colour mini eyeshadow palette and we both interested because.. it's CHEAP! hahah only S$2 you get 6 colour eyeshadow, why not? If it's converted to IDR one colour only IDR 2.5k still so cheap XD

The backside packaging. All written in Japan so I actually have no idea what it's about. This product is made in china, not japan. Nett weight : 6g.

The quality of packaging itself is not so good, I mean look at that thin cheap-looking plastic :/ But I understand lah since the price is so cheap already. What can you expect? Urban Decay packaging ? lol

So this is what you get from this mini palette :
1. Medium brown - matte
2. Brown - shimmer
3. Yellow - shimmer
4. White - satin
5. Greyish - matte
6. Gold-Brown - shimmer

The combination of matte and shimmer is quite fair here I think, 3 shimmer, 2 matte, 1 satin finish. The colour is so wearable too for daily makeup. Oh btw I give numbers on every colour since what you see on the palette may not the same as the swatctes :/

Oh did you spot that tiny little mirror there? Pretty useless I think since I can't even see my full eyes there :| Daiso, why u no make it bigger? 

You can see that the pigmentation is not that good, no.1 can barely visible :/ My fav is no.2 and 5 though, since I can use it for daily makeup without being too much. No. 3 and 4 even have almost same colour on the swatch which is weird since it should be yellow, not white =3=

The texture itself is too chalky in my opinion, so when you are 'taking' the eyeshadow from the palette you'll find some fall out :/ That's one of the reasons why this palette get dirty so easily~ But when I use this on my eyes I don't find it as a problem.

Another closer swatch on my fingers~ in order no. 1, 2, 3, 4.

No.5 and No.6

The good side about this palette maybe the staying power. After I swatch this palette on my hands like photos above, I took a shower and surprisingly it stays! It does fade but for S$2 eyeshadow, can stays after shower like that is already good lah hahah :p

Here's some EOTD using this palette :

Use no.2 and no.5 <3


(+) Freakin cheap
(+) Good finish variation (shimmer-matte-satin)
(+) Wearable for everyday makeup

(-) Cheap, bad quality packaging
(-) Tiny useless mirror
(-) Not so pigmented colour
(-) Too chalk texture
(-) Hard to find in Indonesia

Repurchase ? No. I'll just stick with my Nude Tude Palette or borrow Acel's Sleek oh so special XD

I do recommend this for people with low budget or people who is still learning to use eyeshadow~ it's useable and the price won't hurt you at all ^^

Have anyone tried this too? What do you think? Worth the price or not?
Do drop some comments! It will make my day~

See ya!


  1. aku juga punya sama persis :3 ayey !

  2. sayang warnanya ga gitu keluar ya kalau di swatch. kalau di pake bagus tapi. hihi

    1. iya lumayan klo buat pake sehari2 sih cukup eheheh :D

  3. Replies
    1. iya glor lumayan dibandingin sama harganya sih ya ehehe :3

  4. Hasilnya lumayan cel
    Yaaaah, sayang sekali di Kotaku ga ada Daiso.hiks...

    1. di indo ini emg ga ada cee, plg ada di SG apa Malay~ ^^

  5. Waah. Ak jg ad daiso blush tapi ud ancur minah. Jatuh lgsg pecah :|
    Banyakin tutor eyeshadow cell hehehe ^_^

    1. wahahah iya dia fragile gitu sih, ga heran klo jatoh lsg pecah :p
      klo e/s blm bisa pakenya naa >,< coba nanti diusahain deh ya eheheh thankyou <3

  6. aku punya yg 4 warna, tapi belum dibuka >< hehehehe. aku suka produknya daiso, tapi emang susah ya carinya disini ><
    btw udah di folback dear :)