Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Black Friday?

Sooooo Black Friday attack is coming! So many of them is having or going to have a BIG SALE and rob our wallet! *alert* *alert* lol
No lah jk jk. I love black friday since I can buy stuffs which have been on my wishlist with cheaper price BUT I'm afraid I end up buying something I don't really need. Have you experienced something like that? I guess yes. *sigh*.

So in this post I want to give a few (cosmetics and fashion) site which take a part in black friday or cyber monday or whatever that is lol
Here they come!

They're having 50% off ALL ITEMS! When I saw this I was like "what?!" seriously it becomes so cheap! The 88 color palette cost below $10, 120 palette also only $9 something!
*offers end 2 Dec 2013. 

Move on to BH Cosmetics - they're having an early Black Friday steals with suppa cheap price also! Take a look at pics below :
a) 2 pcs of 88 color palette only $15.95
b) Hard case brush set and a california makeup palette $12.95
c) 28 color of neutral and smoky palette PLUS the eyeliner only $15.95 

Cheap cheap cheap I wannnttt T^T

3. The Body Shop USA

Even The Body Shop join this Black Friday sale duh >,<
See picture below? 3 ITEMS ONLY $30 FOR THE ENTIRE STORE! Not only that, if you purchased $30 or above, you can buy their tote bag filled with 9 customer's fav products for $25 with $108 value! How good is that? >,<

Just to make sure I try to add 3 items to cart and YES, IT ONLY COST $10 / ITEM. Want lah sfnlasnfaklsnflakn =,=

4. Forever21

They are having a daily deals for Black Friday and today's deal is buy 1 get 1 free for jewelry~ Deals change daily so do check their website for further info!

H&M offer their jeans (for both woman and man) with up to 70% OFF ! Not so interested since I have tons of jeans already but still include this, who knows you want a brand new jeans with good quality and decent price? *wink*

I don't know wether MUA is having black friday sale or not, but they're having Christmas sale so I'll just include it here. ( Well, even without sale they're cheap already, right? )
BIG SALE for their fashionista collection and many more! Check it out, I'm sure you don't wanna miss it right?

7. Sigma Beauty

They offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for black friday and 20% OFF selected items for cyber monday! yay for the free shipping <3

Here's some products that will be disc for 20% :


Okay this is SERIOUSLY the hardest test not-to-buy-too-much on black friday ladies. Here's some snapshoots what will be sale on ulta :

9. Beauty Brands

Next, moving to Beauty Brands! They're also having a huge black friday sale~ Check this out :

10. Pinky Paradise - Circle lens

They're going to have 50% disc ! Further info wait til Friday~

And the last to wrap this post up is the best deal ever, better than ALL of disc I've post above.. 










KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken! :p
Hahahah sorry2 it just I'm so hungry right now then I saw this pic on their FB :

Hahahah off to eat! 
I hope I don't make your wallet going to cry, or have I? XD
See ya <3


  1. hahaha, yaampun sama banget aku juga hari ini lagi mantau diskonan XD KFCnya bikin laper

  2. Dari promo atas sampe bawah, ngiler semua #drolling. Hhahaa. Nice post anyway. Jadi kepingin makan KFC juga

  3. Pengen beliii, ada yang buka PO gak ya? :))

    1. ikut PO ol shop ajaaa banyak tuh yg buka black friday ^^

  4. Hahahaha xD Terakhirnya lucuuu xDDD

    1. lebih lucu lg klo km beliin buat cc linnnn :3

  5. pny account BH cosmetics ya?? klo shipping ke sini berapa??

    1. ak ga punya nih, dan krg tau jg.. sorry yaaa >,<

  6. I love The Body Shop Malaysia. Currently they released the festive limited edition Vanilla Bliss collection that I've been eyeing.
    BTW, I have nominated you to this Liebster Award! Let's get to know a little bit more about each other! Happy tagging! :D
    Check out for more info in my blog!

    xx, Mira

    1. I don't quite love TBS' products actually :/ nothing works really well on me hehe :D
      thanks for the nomination! <3