Saturday, 30 November 2013

OOTD : Korean outfit from PGStore Jakarta ^^

Hi guys :D
As you may know nowadays lotsa girl are so into korean, including the makeup, dramas, songs, K-pop, and of course the fashion! Well, I am one of those girl hahahah you too right? :p
In this post, I want to share about PGStore Jakarta who kindly have sponsored this OOTD :D
Please do note even though this is sponsored, I'll always give my honest opinion.

So let's see what I've got!

Size : All Size
Material : Cotton
Colours : Grey, Yellow, Pink

I choose this because it's just simply cute! Look at those SNSD in chibi mode hahahah :D It's indeed made in cotton and so comfortable to wear. It can gives you the cute casual looking without putting too much effort :D here's how it looks like on me :



 or if you don't like waering jegging, you can combine it with hot pants for a fresher looks :D

Well from the name 'sweat shirt', I though wearing it would be hot but no! This does gave a warm feeling but not hot :p It still wearable even in the noon ( I've wore it to college and it's fine :p )

Size : All Size
Material : matt lace semi brukat, inner semi sutra
Collar colour : deep pink, light pink, white pearl

Choose this cute blouse because I always love outfit with lace, I think it make girls look kawaii-er :3
hehe plus the material is soooo comfortable, like it gives cooling sensation (?) lol

Also super love the collar!

Here's some photos of me wearing this blouse :
(sorry if I hurt ur eyes :p )

 The GG sweatshirt cost only IDR 60k and the lace blouse only IDR 55k! Cheap huh? Why you don't grab one? (or two? :p) lol. They have many models avalable in ready stock, so don't forget to check their collection! Plus, they're having END-YEAR-SALE promo so DISC IDR 10k every item! So cheap la yet good quality :D

The online store of Korean stylish apparel in Jakarta, 
provides many up to date style, high quality and affordable collection

Find PGStore Jakarta on :
Facebook : PGStore Jakarta
Kaskus : here --> They upload here on kaskus faster than other social media - check their new arrival!
Twitter : @Racun_Kpop
SMS : 0897 4542 603
BB Pin : 764E2F80
(please mention 'PGStore blog' when you invite the bbm)

Oh and don't forget to mention 'chelslatte' to get IDR 10k disc with min.purchase of IDR 100k ^^

 PS : PGStore and I will be hosting a giveaway soon for you :D what's your fav collection from them?

Thanks for reading *u*)/
Have a nice day ladies ~

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Black Friday?

Sooooo Black Friday attack is coming! So many of them is having or going to have a BIG SALE and rob our wallet! *alert* *alert* lol
No lah jk jk. I love black friday since I can buy stuffs which have been on my wishlist with cheaper price BUT I'm afraid I end up buying something I don't really need. Have you experienced something like that? I guess yes. *sigh*.

So in this post I want to give a few (cosmetics and fashion) site which take a part in black friday or cyber monday or whatever that is lol
Here they come!

They're having 50% off ALL ITEMS! When I saw this I was like "what?!" seriously it becomes so cheap! The 88 color palette cost below $10, 120 palette also only $9 something!
*offers end 2 Dec 2013. 

Move on to BH Cosmetics - they're having an early Black Friday steals with suppa cheap price also! Take a look at pics below :
a) 2 pcs of 88 color palette only $15.95
b) Hard case brush set and a california makeup palette $12.95
c) 28 color of neutral and smoky palette PLUS the eyeliner only $15.95 

Cheap cheap cheap I wannnttt T^T

3. The Body Shop USA

Even The Body Shop join this Black Friday sale duh >,<
See picture below? 3 ITEMS ONLY $30 FOR THE ENTIRE STORE! Not only that, if you purchased $30 or above, you can buy their tote bag filled with 9 customer's fav products for $25 with $108 value! How good is that? >,<

Just to make sure I try to add 3 items to cart and YES, IT ONLY COST $10 / ITEM. Want lah sfnlasnfaklsnflakn =,=

4. Forever21

They are having a daily deals for Black Friday and today's deal is buy 1 get 1 free for jewelry~ Deals change daily so do check their website for further info!

H&M offer their jeans (for both woman and man) with up to 70% OFF ! Not so interested since I have tons of jeans already but still include this, who knows you want a brand new jeans with good quality and decent price? *wink*

I don't know wether MUA is having black friday sale or not, but they're having Christmas sale so I'll just include it here. ( Well, even without sale they're cheap already, right? )
BIG SALE for their fashionista collection and many more! Check it out, I'm sure you don't wanna miss it right?

7. Sigma Beauty

They offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for black friday and 20% OFF selected items for cyber monday! yay for the free shipping <3

Here's some products that will be disc for 20% :


Okay this is SERIOUSLY the hardest test not-to-buy-too-much on black friday ladies. Here's some snapshoots what will be sale on ulta :

9. Beauty Brands

Next, moving to Beauty Brands! They're also having a huge black friday sale~ Check this out :

10. Pinky Paradise - Circle lens

They're going to have 50% disc ! Further info wait til Friday~

And the last to wrap this post up is the best deal ever, better than ALL of disc I've post above.. 










KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken! :p
Hahahah sorry2 it just I'm so hungry right now then I saw this pic on their FB :

Hahahah off to eat! 
I hope I don't make your wallet going to cry, or have I? XD
See ya <3

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Review : Daiso 6 Colour Eyeshadow

Hello ladies *dance* hehe I'm in the mood of blogging so here I come again with another review! Today I want to  share about this eyeshadow palette from Daiso~ Actually it's Acel's but I borrow it :p 

 When we went to SG and visit Daiso we both saw this 6 colour mini eyeshadow palette and we both interested because.. it's CHEAP! hahah only S$2 you get 6 colour eyeshadow, why not? If it's converted to IDR one colour only IDR 2.5k still so cheap XD

The backside packaging. All written in Japan so I actually have no idea what it's about. This product is made in china, not japan. Nett weight : 6g.

The quality of packaging itself is not so good, I mean look at that thin cheap-looking plastic :/ But I understand lah since the price is so cheap already. What can you expect? Urban Decay packaging ? lol

So this is what you get from this mini palette :
1. Medium brown - matte
2. Brown - shimmer
3. Yellow - shimmer
4. White - satin
5. Greyish - matte
6. Gold-Brown - shimmer

The combination of matte and shimmer is quite fair here I think, 3 shimmer, 2 matte, 1 satin finish. The colour is so wearable too for daily makeup. Oh btw I give numbers on every colour since what you see on the palette may not the same as the swatctes :/

Oh did you spot that tiny little mirror there? Pretty useless I think since I can't even see my full eyes there :| Daiso, why u no make it bigger? 

You can see that the pigmentation is not that good, no.1 can barely visible :/ My fav is no.2 and 5 though, since I can use it for daily makeup without being too much. No. 3 and 4 even have almost same colour on the swatch which is weird since it should be yellow, not white =3=

The texture itself is too chalky in my opinion, so when you are 'taking' the eyeshadow from the palette you'll find some fall out :/ That's one of the reasons why this palette get dirty so easily~ But when I use this on my eyes I don't find it as a problem.

Another closer swatch on my fingers~ in order no. 1, 2, 3, 4.

No.5 and No.6

The good side about this palette maybe the staying power. After I swatch this palette on my hands like photos above, I took a shower and surprisingly it stays! It does fade but for S$2 eyeshadow, can stays after shower like that is already good lah hahah :p

Here's some EOTD using this palette :

Use no.2 and no.5 <3


(+) Freakin cheap
(+) Good finish variation (shimmer-matte-satin)
(+) Wearable for everyday makeup

(-) Cheap, bad quality packaging
(-) Tiny useless mirror
(-) Not so pigmented colour
(-) Too chalk texture
(-) Hard to find in Indonesia

Repurchase ? No. I'll just stick with my Nude Tude Palette or borrow Acel's Sleek oh so special XD

I do recommend this for people with low budget or people who is still learning to use eyeshadow~ it's useable and the price won't hurt you at all ^^

Have anyone tried this too? What do you think? Worth the price or not?
Do drop some comments! It will make my day~

See ya!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Review : Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

Hi guys~ do you still remember that I won a giveaway from Gita and Lioele Indonesia? They sent me the 2 best seller products from lioele which is the Triple Solution BB Cream and now I want to review this Secret Pore Rich Balm ! :D

It comes with a cute pink-white coloured box, which I really like since it gives a cute yet feminine style~ Let's see the description on the box first, shall we?

It comes with 20g amount of products inside. I hope the picture is clear enough so you can read the (at least) english description on it ^^

So from what I get is this products is made to cover large pores, hide fine wrinkles and make our skin smooth~ I've never tried to use it after my makeup done though, always use this before bb cream hehe :D

As you can spot from the ingredients, for you who have sensitive skin might have to avoid this since it contains silicon, paraben, fragnance, and another ingredient which I've never heard :| But it doesn't cause break out on me though (and so other products. I've strong (?) skin that I never have any product that break me out hehe) :p

Lioele in Indonesia is distributed by PT. INTERSA at Jakarta and it cost IDR 310k ($30) at counter. Yes I do think it's quite expensive :/ but in fact Lioele is a middle class brand in korea, so no wonder the price is higher than low class brand like Etude, Skinfood, etc.

The packaging <3 Suppa love! It comes with a thick transparent glass jar with pink lids and "Secret Pore Rich Balm" written beautifully~ The size is about my palm and again, it contains 20ml products inside. BUT, I won't use this full sized product since it still sealed and I don't want to open it yet >,< If I open it, it will expired 12 month later so no no no not yet :p hehe

Instead, I'll use this share in jar which I bought earlier before I won the giveaway. Yes, this products has been on my wishlist for a looooongg time but I think the price is too expensive so I bought this share in jar from FB for IDR 50k ($5).

Photo above show you the texture of this product - I find it hard to explain :/ well it's not liquid, not creamy, not powdery but.. let's say it's balm. No wonder the name is Secret pore rich balm lol. Once it applied, you can feel your skin is a lil bit brighter and it does can cover your pores and fine wrinkles. It also give that smooth feeling when you touch applied area AND makes your skin look so smooth~



See the difference? I ussually only applied this on my nose + cheek area to cover my pores~ It also helps me to control my oil too. I love this products so much! But too bad the ingredients is not too good for skin so I don't use this everyday~ 


(+) Cover up pores and fine wrinkles
(+) Make applied area smooth
(+) Brighten up applied area
(+) Have pretty good oil control
(+) A little goes a long way

(-) Not so friendly ingredients
(-) Quite expensive for korean brands

Repurchase? Not sure yet since I still have a full size one :3

So that's it ladies!
Thanks for reading and I hope this post is useful ^^
Please drop some comments - I'll reply it ASAP. Good night <3