Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sponsored Review : Bouncia Body Soap

Hi guys :)
Sorry for not able to post for the past days.. This college thingy keeping me really busy x_x
I feel so bored with my days since everyday feel so long and tiring :/ 

But on last saturday, suddenly JNE courier came and hand me a package, wrapped in cute pink color <3 I was thinking what might be in it since I don't have any package that could arrived on that day.. 

And when I opened it, turn out that it's a package from Cowstyle ID ! :) 
I almost forget that I filled their form to join the sampling campaign~ Thanks for sending me this product Cowstyle ID :D

Product description :
Since it first release in 2003, Bouncia has been supported by heavy users thanks to its high performance. We steadily increase repeat users and Bouncia becomes one of our main products now. 

This product contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk butter to make our skin moist and smooth. So this products is suitable for people with dry skin. It also contains licorice-derived dipotassium glycyrrhizate to remove and replace the dead skin cells <3 (source : Cowstyle ID's website).

The backside - just in case you want to read the ingredients, how-to-use, and cautions.

This soap comes in a pump tipe packaging. It contains 550ml products for the full size with bottle and 430ml for the refill.

Here's the soap looks like. It has white-milky color and the texture is not too thick, it's kinda watery I think. However, the scent is extra dupra super good! I don't know how to describe it but it does give a fresh and pleasant feeling. It stays quiet long too, for about 4-5 hours :) 

Then now maybe some of you think.. what? the texture is not thick? but but but.. I like a thick soap since I like to bath with bubble T___T

Do NOT mistaken ladies and gentleman *ahem*

hahahah seriously I like to bath with bubble <3 <3
Oh and another think I notice after using this for about 5 days is.. I love how it give me a 'clean' feeling without make my skin dry :) 

For the closing, here's a video to show you this bouncy soap :

Price : IDR 75k for the full size and IDR 35k for the refill.
Where to buy?
Guardian, Grand Lucky, PAPAYA, Yogya

See you on the next post! Byeeee :3


  1. lucu ada suara ayamnya xD
    nice post cel sangat jelas :D

    1. si papa miara ayam gitu soalnya jes, hobby katanya T_T
      video bomber banget wkwk
      makasihhhh :D

  2. Banyak busanya x) cocok sm yg suka mandi berjam jam d:

  3. oooo! Love how the bottle looks! I also love soaps that are really bubbly everywhere :D Great review! :)

  4. Hahaah aku juga suka kalau mandi busany melimpah gtuu >.< Main2 bubble :P