Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Mini Haul

Hi everyone~ 
Just want to do a quick post showing you my mini september haul. Actually I want to stop buying things and save my money but.. you know what happened lah HAHA. But The stuff I bought on september were mostly on sale so I just couldn't resist it.. Orz

Anyway let's just show my mini haul~

All of my mini sept haul :D

Etude House Silk Scarf - hair serum (left) and hair mist (right)
I was wandering around at Etude FCL and ended up buying this baby~ It's my second repurchase :D Actually I had have the conditioner too but I haven't bought it again after it run out~ this silk scarf line seriously has the best scent in the world ! it's like a flower scent, something girly but not being "too much". It's just.. PUWAHFECT :D . Review soon ?
PS : Idk why but this line has a very reasonable price in the store. Almost the same with those in online shop ! Ready stock + directly at etude + heavenly smell = why not? hahahah XD

NYX jumbo eye pencil in yogurt (pink)
Bought this for only IDR 18k or $1,8 with shipping fee! crazy, no? HAHAHAH such a bargain XD Too bad the cap is broken though, but beside it, it almost like new :D

Maybelline makeup remover eye&lip 
You guys now this for sure right? Bought it at Matahari when there's a discount 50% for second item. Total cost for this 2 big size makeup remover only IDR 65k or $6,5 hehe XD

Whitening products - Belo body lotion and kojie-san soap
Since I use motorcycle a lot nowadays, my skin (especially my hand) become darker and darker :/ So I buy this whitening (or brightening) products. The kojie-san is my 2nd repurchase :) It's on sale 50% on second item so without further thinking I just bought it even though I still have one more :/ So right now I have 3 hahahah :D

Etude house sweet recipe nail #green
 I love pastel color and the packaging is to die for. Why not? :3

Laneige water speeling pack 8x10ml
I saw this famous sleeping pack on SALE and I've been curious to try it so I just bought it without further ado. It happens a lot T^T like sale is a magic word hahahah. Have you experienced something like that too? anyway this is the same amount like the fullsize (80ml) but I pay for only a half tehee :p

PERFUMES! :) left mom - middle me - right acel

I love love love the parfumes :D Actually mine is just the middle one (yes, that cute perfume with ribbon on the bottle and that cute orange color) on the left is mom's and the right is acel's.

Issey Miyake - 100ml
Mom's choice is the Issey Miyake.. It has an elegant feeling by looking at the bottle right? I think both the packaging and the scent suit my mom so well~

Miss Dior - Cherie 100ml
Mine is "Miss Dior Cherie". Actually I fell in love with the packaging :/ It's just too cute to resist *banci packaging* The ribbon, the perfume color~ aaaaa turns out I don't like the smell too much. Not my type of scent.. I want something like flowery, fruity, or smell like baby scent. Acel said it smeels like manisan-cina-yang-biasa-ada-pas-sinciah. wtf :/

Katty Perry Purr - 100ml
While the freak acel choose this cat bottle, Katty Perry Purr. She choose this because she like the packaging too hahahaha. It smells like vanilla which is quite good ;3 I often use it when acel has go to school before me nyehehe XD

Couple Crown Wallet <3
As I was window shoping-ing, I saw this cute wallet and Acel like it too. So we decided to buy this together with the same design and similar color. Why similar?

The inner side
The pink color has blue color on the inside and the blue has pink on the inside :D Similar righttt? hahha :D Mine is the pink one, of course. *stay-away-with-pink-its-mine look*

And that's it! :D I'm glad I didn't spend too much (or should I say I spend quite much but it's with sale price LOL :v ) Which want you want to be reviewed first? :)

Thanks for reading, bye! :D

PS : I will be having my first mid-term test in college since next monday so I'm sorry if I'll be lack of post. Wish me luck! ^^

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  1. nunggu review kojie sannya ya acel, baru inget kalau nama boneka aku acel juga :3
    itu waletnya dapet dari mana, lucu, berapa duit?? pengen

    1. ini iceeel hahha :D si acel udah males nda mau ngeblog katanya :p
      sipp ntar di review soon ya kojie san nya ^^ itu beli di ol shop hehe km mau? ak bantuin beli nya :) 95rb an say XD hehe

  2. Omooo ini sih bukan mini lagi tapi udah big hahaha

  3. aaaa jgn bkin aku merasa bersalah *tutup mata*
    hahaha tapi ini kan bnyk nya yg harga sale ci, jd kann gapapa la ya *pembelaan diri* *kabur* XD

  4. waaa... pengen juga yg parfum katy perry nya... *ngiler* hehe..

  5. aku suka banget ma silk scraft .. >,,< apalagi wanginya ..

  6. kalian saudaraan ya? yg ini mitchel?
    aku suka bingung XD
    aaa ditunggu review katy perry edt nya..
    km beli d mana?
    aku penasaran pengen beli..

    1. smuanya aku ci ahahah si acel udah ngga mau nge blog katanya :D
      okayy~ tar ak pm di FB deh ya ci ;3

  7. beli NYX jumbo eye pencil di mana sis? Kok murah banget cm 18K, seingetku di online shop aja 50K :O

    1. itu beli di FB preloved, tapi masih kaya baru :D ahahah dia jual 10rb, sm ongkir jd 18rb murah kannn :D

  8. Hi dear, you have a gorgeous blog!
    Please check out my blog , I nominate you a Liebster Award!

    Pinkies Diary

    1. Thank you sooo much Airin! :)
      I've followed your blog <3