Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review : Daiso Puff and Sponge Cleanser

Lemme start this post by asking a simple question : How often you wash your brushes?
Now some of you might say once a week, twice a month, or once a month..
me? depend on my mood T__T 

Back then I don't have any proper brush cleanser so I use baby shampoo instead. I don't know if it's alright or not, but it doesn't effectively clean my brush. And my brushes were like :

I don't have a lot of brush, just a fondation / bb cream brush ( Sigma F80 ) and a travel set of masami shouko brush contains blush brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, lipbrush, and the on for eyebrow. Look at how sad they are being dirty ._.

The most dirty one is probably my bb cream brush, since I use it everyday :/ I don't really use the other brushes since I don't use eyeshadow etc in daily makeup~

So last holiday when I went to Daiso at Singapore, I bought this sponge and puff cleanser (but I guess it can be used for brushes also?) which has been quite famous for it's cheap price and good quality. :D

The new version of daiso's brush cleanser has a pink color packaging. I love the combination of white-pink-black color, feels elegant somehow tehee :p The material itself quite sturdy so no need to worry when you want to bring it~

It contains 80ml and claims to removes remaining fondation quickly amd kind to the skin & sponges :D
Another plus point : this products is fragnance free :3

Now let's start the bath time, shall we?
Step 1 : prepare a small cup and pour a little bit of Daiso's puff and sponge cleanser into the cup. Can you see the liquid in the cup? I only use a little since a little is already enough :D The texture is very watery and yes, it doesn't contain any fragnance! :)

Step 2 : Put your brush into the cup and gently stir it. The liquid will change into foundation color and also has some bubbles? ( I don't know how to describe it properly T_T please look at the photo below ) :

Step 3 : 
After done washing your brush, rinse it. I wash the cup and fill it with water then gently stir it again. It takes time though, I do it for about 6-7 times until the water doesn't change to foundation color anymore.

Step 4 : After rinsing the brush, dry it. I put the brushes in a vertical position (with the bristles on the bottom) above tissues for about 8-10 hours to make sure they're dry. TIPS : do NOT ever put the bristles on the top when the brush is still wet since water will run down and it will make the bristles fall out.. You don't want that right?

The after wash brush :D back to it's white color hehehe XD

I really recommend this brush cleanser :D  It's so cheap that I think everyone can buy it, has the ability to clean the brush properly, and it keeps the bristles soft. Oh and it also (again) doesn't contain any fragnance so it suits people with sensitive skin too, I think. Plus, a little goes a long way :D I think if I clean my brush twice a month, this products can last for 6 month maybe? hahah :D
Price : S$2 at Daiso Singapore.

My brushes and this Daiso's brush cleanser loveline. HEHEHE

*Please note that whats work for me maybe doesn't work well with you. This is my personal opinion and I bought this with my own money.

Thanks for reading everyone ~
Please do drop some comments and I'll try my best to reply it ASAP.
Have a nice day <3

PS : Acel has finally come home ! *joget* I won't be lonely again at home nyahahah XD


  1. Beli di Daiso mana cel, si detegen ini??

    1. beli pas di SG cee, kan ud ak tulis jg di atas hehe XD

  2. Kalo aku skrg pake detergen biasa sama dettol. Ikutin saran Mylovelysister ^_^

    1. aku mikirnya lebih aman pake ini sih ce, soalnya dibikin khusus buat brush kan.. tp tergantung opini orang jg sih >,<

  3. Wah, nyesel deh kemarin ke SG ga mampir ke Daiso ._. Aku pake punya Etude ce x) wangiii ::

    1. iya yg etude tp harganya lumayan ya lin?
      ntar klo cc ke daiso lg cc bawain deh :p hahahah *ga janji*

  4. aku bersihin pake sabun cuci muka..hehehe..
    iya ini bisa mbantu banget ya sayang ga ada dsni :)

    1. emg bisa yaa git?
      iya nih, daiso di indo ga lengkap banget :/ mana lebih mahal pula~

  5. aku bersihin make up kuas pakai shampoo bayi campurin dikit jeruk nipis. hasil lebh bersih dan ngak bkn bulu rontok

    1. oh bisa yaa pake jeruk nipis? tp ak ga suka bau jeruk nipis sih T^T
      nanti dicoba deh~ thanks yaaaa :)

  6. Aku juga pakai ini~ Baru sebulanan, soalnya susah banget dapetinnya u___u mungkin lagi gak jodoh jadi ke Singapore gak nemu, online shop Indonesia juga pada OOS semua, ke jepun pun pergi ke 7 Daiso dan cuman nemu di 1 Daiso, itu pun cuma ada 2 biji (dan langsung libas semua hahaha)

    BTW, salam kenaaal <3 kapan2 main ke blogku yaaa~

  7. Here's my take on the other variant of this product. I have yet to try this one out.