Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Mini Haul + Freebies

First Post on November!

Time does walk so fast.. It's just 2 month again to 2014 :| When I think about something like that it reminds me what have I done this year and what I haven't. Maybe the biggest thing happened this year is I enter college. Then I've experienced to work part time (in my dad's office but hey it's still count work rite? lol). And theeen last month I made this blog! 

But on the other side I still want to do this and that and this and that that I haven't done until now. Call me queen of procastinating :x

Enough for the rambling, I'm here to show you my mini october haul and some freebies I got :3 Actually I've ordered some more but it hasn't arrived yet so I just put it on next month haul.

 Not so much right? hahah nowadays I tend to use my money to buy clothes since I think I have enough makeup products already but but everytime I see a CHEAP products I always want to buy :|

 Bought this eyecream from whoo for only IDR 2000 / $0,2 / pc. CHEAPP XD I hope this can make my oh-so-dark-circle better.

 Then I saw this colorful rubber (?) watch when I was browsing and I bought it directly when I saw the price. Can you guess how much it cost? IDR 5700 / $0,5 / pc! plus free shipping all the way from korea to Indonesia! hahahh such a great deal :3 Since it's so cheap, I don't think the battery will work so I'll just use this as an accessories but Acel has used the green one and the baterry works! XD 
PS : anyone want this? 5 is too much to use for me and Acel so If you want I'll give you XD just pay the shipping fee ok? :D but please note that the green one has been taken by Acel and the pink one is ABSOLUTELY mine. MINE. *stare* lol

 I bought this because I love the mint scent and it's 100ml for IDR99k / $9,5 which is not too expensive. And sometimes I have foot odor *UHUK* since it's raining season and I rides motorcycle so my shoes often get wet and smells quite bad, according to my mom and Acel lol.

 On the left is baviphat primer which cost me only IDR30k / $3 for 30ml products. Actually I don't really need it since I still have the Lioele secret pore rich balm but.. idk. 

Move to FREEBIES! :3

Got this Korean mask and Oriflame pure skin from Titasya's giveaway. Thanksss :D

Got a free pair of circle lens from ISZO's photo contest. I choose the new I.Fairy Pon Pon in brown :3 Thanks ISZO :)

And the last is some sample sachets I got from online shops. The Dove body lotion is from Blitz Megaplex though hahah :D

That's it!
Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend :D 

PS : The other reason I think about 2014 is.. the first day of 2014 will be my 19th birthday. And I hate being older. :/


  1. lucky bangeet! hihi mananya mini nya? itu banyaaakk haha hihi
    rubber watch nya murah meriah, beli dimana? lucuuu.. hihi aku pnya 1 warna hitam wkwk ga pernah ak pake hihi sadar uda emak2 *sigh lol

    1. tp klo diitung2 yg ak beli sndri 200rb jg ga sampe dew XD hahahah
      iyaaa cuma 5rb perak, beli di qoo10 pas lg promo gitu..
      aduh km emak2 apa masih unyu2 gitu jugaaa masih 20an kan? hahahah :p

  2. Ihh lucky banget km chell :D
    Eh baviphatnya muree amet? beli dmna? hahahah XD

    1. you're the lucky queen! :D
      beli di FB na.. ^^

  3. Mantepp. Gak mini nih cel hahaha. Mataku langsung ke sample eye gelnya. Hahaha. Ayo2 direview hahahaha

    1. ga sampe 200rb loh cee ini sebulan :p hahahah
      iya ntar di review yaaa :3

  4. Baviphattt!! *blind-eyes
    Mauu! Hahahaa

  5. Wkwk aku juga jarang banget beli baju gara2 uangku tak buat beli makeup terus sampe numpuk :P Btw, you're so lucky hehe ^^

    1. iya nihh skrg pgn belanja baju aja drpd makeup, lebih kepake :/ hahah
      hihi makasihhh :D