Friday, 4 October 2013

Liebster Award ! :)

Hi everyone~
I was checking my email and found a comment from Airin that she give me Liebster Award !
Yeay.. Thankyou so much Airin <3 I'm so excited because this is my first award since I started blogging (which is last month :p). You guys should check Airin blog at she is so adorable :DD

Rule of the award :
1. Each nominee must answer 10 questions that were asked by the blogger that nominated them.
2. You must choose 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers to pass the award onto.
3. Then come up with 10 questions that they will answer.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have nominated them.
5. No tags back.

So here's Airin questions for me :

1. How do you keep your face healthy?
I wash my face 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. I like to use mask at least once a week, and do peeling with Whoo brightening gel when I have free time hehe :D My current skin care routine is using sleeping mask from laneige since it gives a good result :D I use toner and lotion too ~

2. What country do you love the most for the bets makeup style?
Well of course Korea. I always like their ulzzang makeup because it's natural yet so cute :D

3. More confident with or without makeup?
Confident in both. But with makeup more hehe ;)

4. What cosmetics that you carry in your bag?
Since I'm only going to college, I just bring a liptint and blotting papers. I don't think it's necessary to bring palette, blush on, etc righttt?

5. When did you start blogging and why?
Last month, 16 Sept to be exact. Because I love beauty thingy and want to share about my opinion with this blog :) I want to have more friends with the same hobby too! :)

6. Tell me about one of your fav cosmetic!
Hmm for now I thinks it's either UDPP or The Balm Nude Tude. UDPP works so well that I'm amazed, while The Balm Nude Tude had stole my heart since the beginning by it's packaging and even more, the quality is good :D

7. New accecories or new dress?
I prefer new dress. I'm not the kind of girl who likes to use accecories. Maybe all accecories I have until today is just 10?

8. Which part of your body that you confidence the most?
My eyes and my hair, even though I'll like my eyes more if they have double eyelid T^T

9. Named 3 of your most favourite local brands!
Hmm.. I don't use local brands too much actually.. But maybe Sari Ayu, Aubeau, and Revlon?

10. Recommend something that you want me to review
How about whitening products? hahaha since I really want to brighten my skin now T^T

And I nominated these fella for the Liebster award :
1. Rin from
2. Stephanie from
3. Ce Belliani Bebe from
4. Jennifer from
5. Anggia from
6. Yessica from

(Sorry for only tagging 6 people, I don't know any bloggers who haven't got this Liebster award anymore >_< )

Here's my questions :
1. When you started blogging and why?
2. What makeup products that you use every single day?
3. What makeup brand do you like the most?
4. How much is your monthly allowance for buying makeup or skincare products?
5. How many times do you need to finish your daily makeup?
6. Who's your inspiration when it comes to beauty blog? Named at least 3!
7. What are your current wishlist?
8. Choose : Skin care or makeup? Why?
9. What's your hope for your blog in the future?
10. For the last question.. Will we be friends? ;)

... and that's it!
Please do leave me your post when you have done making this post award. I'll be looking forward to read it :D Thanks again Airi for tagging me <3



  1. Wah !! This is my first time get award ! Haha ! Thank you so much sweetheart <3 *xoxo*

    i'm your follower now~
    saya adain give away nie~ ikutan yuk ! sampai 31 okt <3
    - -

    1. you're very welcome :)
      iyaaa jen aku jg uda follow km sm ikt giveawaynya :p ehehe thanks yaaa

  2. makasiih icel! seneng dpt award ini :D
    keep blogging... :D