Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review : The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Annyeong :3 
Today I want to review my current make-up remover, it's TBS vit.E cream cleanser~ 
Maybe this type of cleanser is not well-known compared to liquid makeup remover or cleansing oil. I get this from Juli's giveaway soI don't know wether this is available in TBS counter here or not.

"Daily cleasning cream with a unique skin-softening complex. 
Suit ALL skin type ^^

It comes in a 60ml bottle packaging with transparent plastic, sturdy enough to bring for traveling!

The texture is a little bit thick, with white bones (?) color I think hahahah. It has a nice smell for me, somehow like hand-body but it's not too much :)

Now let's start the test about "can this cream cleanser really removes makeup?"

Swatch eyeliner, liptint, bb cream, mascara, eyeshadow

Use about this amount of this cleanser on a tissue

Spread it on :D
Above : 1 swipe, Below : 3 swipe
About 5-6 swipe
The used tissue ;3;

As you can see, it can't remove waterproof + smudgeproof eyeliner and mascara completely. so I'll just use this on my daily makeup (just bb cream and liptint). I LOVE how it doesn't leave greasy, oily feeling like my maybelline or silky girl makeup remover. It makes my skin feel supple to the point I touch it every 2 seconds lol. I only need a pea size amount too to clean my entire face :D So if you just use like bb cream, powder, liptint for daily use, I think you'll like this cleanser~ But if you use full makeup like eyeliner mascara etc I don't think this will work for you.

That's all for today, gotta watch Running man naoo~ :3

PS : Sorry for not being able to post often now, I'm having a lot of test and homework gaaah :| Oh, and I'm busy watching 'how I met your mother' too hahahah XD Season 9 soon! *giggling*

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sponsored Review : Bouncia Body Soap

Hi guys :)
Sorry for not able to post for the past days.. This college thingy keeping me really busy x_x
I feel so bored with my days since everyday feel so long and tiring :/ 

But on last saturday, suddenly JNE courier came and hand me a package, wrapped in cute pink color <3 I was thinking what might be in it since I don't have any package that could arrived on that day.. 

And when I opened it, turn out that it's a package from Cowstyle ID ! :) 
I almost forget that I filled their form to join the sampling campaign~ Thanks for sending me this product Cowstyle ID :D

Product description :
Since it first release in 2003, Bouncia has been supported by heavy users thanks to its high performance. We steadily increase repeat users and Bouncia becomes one of our main products now. 

This product contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk butter to make our skin moist and smooth. So this products is suitable for people with dry skin. It also contains licorice-derived dipotassium glycyrrhizate to remove and replace the dead skin cells <3 (source : Cowstyle ID's website).

The backside - just in case you want to read the ingredients, how-to-use, and cautions.

This soap comes in a pump tipe packaging. It contains 550ml products for the full size with bottle and 430ml for the refill.

Here's the soap looks like. It has white-milky color and the texture is not too thick, it's kinda watery I think. However, the scent is extra dupra super good! I don't know how to describe it but it does give a fresh and pleasant feeling. It stays quiet long too, for about 4-5 hours :) 

Then now maybe some of you think.. what? the texture is not thick? but but but.. I like a thick soap since I like to bath with bubble T___T

Do NOT mistaken ladies and gentleman *ahem*

hahahah seriously I like to bath with bubble <3 <3
Oh and another think I notice after using this for about 5 days is.. I love how it give me a 'clean' feeling without make my skin dry :) 

For the closing, here's a video to show you this bouncy soap :

Price : IDR 75k for the full size and IDR 35k for the refill.
Where to buy?
Guardian, Grand Lucky, PAPAYA, Yogya

See you on the next post! Byeeee :3

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hyuna Ice Cream Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Happy saturday evening ladies! :)
Today I'm having my holiday since I still in mid-term test and I was bored so I decided to make a tutorial again XD hehe please don't be boring ya ya? 

I choose Hyuna this time since I like her makeup in this ice cream MV. And the other reason is.. she use bangs like me hahahah~

I think the point in her makeup are:
1. Longer and thicker eyeliner, plus tighline the under eye too.
2. That card shape symbol below the eye.
3. Bright coral-orange lips
4. Neon nails.
5. Some drawing (?) on her hand
6. ICE CREAM! :3

Anyway let's start the tutorial~

As for the lips, I forget to take a picture but I just use orange liptint ( Saemmul aqua tint )
that I've reviewed here.

And you may noticed that there are some drawings in Hyuna's hand so I told Acel to
draw it for me and this is the result :

And that's it >,< so simple right? hahahah sorry if it's not good though, I'm still a newbie in
makeup and blogging >,<

The result : ( pictures heavy )

Trying to pose like Hyuna but awkward pose lah ya duh ._.

Andddd, since the MV is about ice cream, why don't you guys see me eating ice cream? XD

Hahaha sorry for being cemong of chocolate XD
That's it for today, I hope you guys have a nice weekend okay? :)
Thanks for reading, bye~

Acel took a candid photo of me again and here's what she got :

Sorry for the messy kitchen ._.
I don't know what I was doing too, If you guys wondering.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review : Daiso Puff and Sponge Cleanser

Lemme start this post by asking a simple question : How often you wash your brushes?
Now some of you might say once a week, twice a month, or once a month..
me? depend on my mood T__T 

Back then I don't have any proper brush cleanser so I use baby shampoo instead. I don't know if it's alright or not, but it doesn't effectively clean my brush. And my brushes were like :

I don't have a lot of brush, just a fondation / bb cream brush ( Sigma F80 ) and a travel set of masami shouko brush contains blush brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, lipbrush, and the on for eyebrow. Look at how sad they are being dirty ._.

The most dirty one is probably my bb cream brush, since I use it everyday :/ I don't really use the other brushes since I don't use eyeshadow etc in daily makeup~

So last holiday when I went to Daiso at Singapore, I bought this sponge and puff cleanser (but I guess it can be used for brushes also?) which has been quite famous for it's cheap price and good quality. :D

The new version of daiso's brush cleanser has a pink color packaging. I love the combination of white-pink-black color, feels elegant somehow tehee :p The material itself quite sturdy so no need to worry when you want to bring it~

It contains 80ml and claims to removes remaining fondation quickly amd kind to the skin & sponges :D
Another plus point : this products is fragnance free :3

Now let's start the bath time, shall we?
Step 1 : prepare a small cup and pour a little bit of Daiso's puff and sponge cleanser into the cup. Can you see the liquid in the cup? I only use a little since a little is already enough :D The texture is very watery and yes, it doesn't contain any fragnance! :)

Step 2 : Put your brush into the cup and gently stir it. The liquid will change into foundation color and also has some bubbles? ( I don't know how to describe it properly T_T please look at the photo below ) :

Step 3 : 
After done washing your brush, rinse it. I wash the cup and fill it with water then gently stir it again. It takes time though, I do it for about 6-7 times until the water doesn't change to foundation color anymore.

Step 4 : After rinsing the brush, dry it. I put the brushes in a vertical position (with the bristles on the bottom) above tissues for about 8-10 hours to make sure they're dry. TIPS : do NOT ever put the bristles on the top when the brush is still wet since water will run down and it will make the bristles fall out.. You don't want that right?

The after wash brush :D back to it's white color hehehe XD

I really recommend this brush cleanser :D  It's so cheap that I think everyone can buy it, has the ability to clean the brush properly, and it keeps the bristles soft. Oh and it also (again) doesn't contain any fragnance so it suits people with sensitive skin too, I think. Plus, a little goes a long way :D I think if I clean my brush twice a month, this products can last for 6 month maybe? hahah :D
Price : S$2 at Daiso Singapore.

My brushes and this Daiso's brush cleanser loveline. HEHEHE

*Please note that whats work for me maybe doesn't work well with you. This is my personal opinion and I bought this with my own money.

Thanks for reading everyone ~
Please do drop some comments and I'll try my best to reply it ASAP.
Have a nice day <3

PS : Acel has finally come home ! *joget* I won't be lonely again at home nyahahah XD

Monday, 14 October 2013

Review : Belo Essential Whitening Lotion

Hi everyone!
Today I want to share my opinion about one of philippine's whitening products - Belo whitening lotion. As we know, philiphine has SO MANY whitening products, like kojie san, belo, gluta-c, DOP, etc. And those brands become famous since a lot of people said that it DOES actually work. That made me curious so I grab one in september (read here). After using for a month, I'm ready to share my review! 

Descriptions : A nourishing lotion that lavishes skin with long lasting moisture as it visibly whitens in just 7 days! Skin vitamins and Pentavitin moisturize and nourish skin, white micro-encapsulated technology encloses active ingredients in microspheres to ensure maximum whitening power.

It claims to be expertly formulated, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. Use twice a day with Belo essentials whitening body bar for the best results.

Direction for use :
Apply libetally on the whole body. Use regularly.

It comes in a tube packaging with white and blue color. Actually there are 2 types of this lotion, this one is more moisturising while the pink one has SPF.
Netto : 100ml

The texture of this lotion is cream-like, I mean not to watery but not so thick either. It absorb quickly to the skin and doesn't leave any greasy feeling :D

Using belo whitening lotion 

Absorb quickly! <3

Hmm about the moisturizing effect, I do feel that it moisture my skin. But of course not as good as body butter, this one only last for about 2-3 hours maybe? So I don't think it's so good :/

Now how about the whitening effect? I don't feel ANY! Geez, I've been using it for a month and it doesn't even brighten my skin at all :/ I had a high expectation about this product after reading tons of review and.. it doesn't work at all. *sigh*

This products doesn't work on me. I don't feel any whitening effect that this product claim ._. The only posstive side is maybe the moisturizing effect, but it doesn't last long too :/ I think it's just a waste of money.
I bought it for about IDR 90k or $9 and I regret it :x

*Note : This is just my honest opinion. What doesn't work on me may work for you since every people's skin is different. 

Have you tried this products?
What do you think? Does it work on you?

Thanks for reading! Have a nice long weekend everyoneee~
I'm going to ciater hehe it's a hot bath in lembang *.* annyeong ~ :3

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Eunji - A'Pink Inspired Makeup Play

Happy saturday ladies (and gentleman) ! ;3
Today I want to share about Eunji inspired makeup~ hehe I'm bored since I'm home alone today so I try to do her makeup :D I personally know Eunji from 'We Got Married' show when she and Key from Shinee appear at Taemin & Naeun couple for blind date. She is so pretty yet so funny hahahah :D

Eunji - so pretty right? :D

I think that she doesn't use a lot of makeup, the main point is just flawless skin, a thicker and longer eyeliner, plus some orangy eyeshadow :D That's why I named this post makeup play, not makeup inspired tutorial cause I think the step is just so basic that you'll be bored to read it lol XD


I know it's so different la hahahah but it's her fault for being too cute :x isn't it?


Hahaha so different again T^T 
anw that's mochiii, acel's doll. Well to be honest even I'm already 18 and acel 17 we still play dolls ! hahaha and ochi is our favv~ we even think ochi as acel's daughter and my little sister. So 'ochi' call acel 'eomma' and call me 'eonni' XD okay slap me.

Another selca :

ehehe I upload a lot since you guys haven't seen my face this month rightt? :p *dilemparin batu*
so sorry about the lightning, I made it at night and my camera can't capture nice pics without sunshine so.. yeah I took it at my mom's room with yellowish lightning ahahah :D 

That's it! Off to spend Saturday night now~ 
Have a nice (long) weekend guys :D

The girl who will not spend long weekend since she has mid-term test in monday.