Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review : Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original

Soooo, I just arrived at home after finished my class and picked acel up at her friend's house.
After that we went to Shihlin to eat since we are both hungry~ you know shihlin righttt ?
Acel decided just to order the "XXL chicken" since she didn't feel so hungry SHE SAID, and I pick the "Happy Rice Box". In the end Acel eat some of mine too lol x)

Without further derping, let's jump to the review !
This time I'll review the.... *drumroll* URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION in original !

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) in original :)
Everytime I see the packaging I always think that it so classy ! Likeeeey <3

The backside. Mine is in 6ml or 0.20 oz size :)

It have tube packaging which I love since I can use EVERY drop of it nyehehe #cheapskate
the old UDPP has wand packaging so we couldn't use it until the last drop~

Here's how it looks like on my hand :

 It has skin color and creamy yet thick texture. The good point is, it's so easy to blend and after blended, it become invisible~ look at the picture below :

UDPP after blended. Invisible right?
Now try to tilt your head down-right. You'll see the UDPP hahahah :P 
For your information, eye primer's function are to make color pop up and make it stay longer. How about this UDPP? ^^
Let's see !

comparison between using UDPP before eyeshadow or not
See See ?
The left side is using UDPP and the right side isn't.
You can see that the left one shows more vibrant color :D
Anyway, I use the balm nude tude for swatch above. Gonna review it soon too~ the packaging is to die for la x)

As for the staying power, it does a REALLY good job for me. I have super oily lids so if I wear eyeshadow or not-so-good eyeliner, it will smudge and makes me like panda. Buuuuut, whenever I use this, it never happened ! hahaha :D Just how much you've help me la UDPP <3

This UDPP is my HG eye primer now. You have read how much it can help for people who have oily lids like me. It makes eyeshadow color pop out, makes eye makeup stay longer, and makes me fall for it hahahah :D
The only downside about this is the PRICE. Seriously I think it's too expensive >,< I bought it at Sephora Singapore at this 6ml UDPP cos me about $15 or IDR 150.000. The full size one (11ml) cost $24 or IDR 240.000. Expensive, no? But it will last for a long time though, so I will repurchase it when this one is empty.
Have you try this UDPP ? Do you have another recommend for eye primer that does a good job too ?
Please drop some comments :DD

me HAHAHAH just want to show the nude tude's packaging.
freakin adorable riteeeeee ?

Thanks for reading :)

PS : if you're wondering why I'm the one who keep posting, blame Acel for being lazy :p I've told her to post something but all she do is wandering around tsk.


  1. Wah jd kepingin beli :,( sayang d bali ga ada huhuuTT
    anw nice review ^^

    1. beli di ol shop ajaa :) 150an gitu deh klo ga salah.
      ak jg ini belinya di sephora SG >,<

  2. ini bagus bgt emang sayang pricey yaaa :D

    1. iyaaa
      coba kalo 20rb an gitu ak borong deh 10 biji *lebay* *abaikan*
      ahahah :D

  3. UDPP sih ga usa diragukan lagi yaa.. :D
    aku jg ada tp blakangan ini lg males pake ._.v

    1. iyaaa emg bagus banjet :D
      sama sih, ak pakenya klo mau keluar seharian aja biar ga jd panda.. hehe
      thanks for visit ^^

  4. Pengen banget UDPP, tapi harganya itu lho gak tahan hahaha

    1. iya harganya bkin kontroversi hati labil ekonomi T__T
      ntar deh kalo lg ada bkin giveaway UDPP ini :DD *tapi ga janji* *kabur*
      hehe XD