Monday, 23 September 2013

Review : Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream

Hey :)
Today I want to review Lioele Triple Solution BB cream. I got this from Lioele Indonesia and Absconding Reality ( Rhea's photography ) giveaway! yayy~
Thankyou ^^

What's I got is not only the BB cream but also their best seller Secret Pore Rich Balm !
You can't imagine how happy I am when I open the package :3 I was like YAY YAY YAY I finally got 2 of my wishlist hahaha AKLJLKLKFH. *ehm*

Lioele triple soluction bb cream and secret pore rich balm <3

And here's a picture of the BB cream :

Love the packaging! So princessy looking tehee

This bb cream come with pump type and contain 50ml products. It has SPF 30++ and whitening plus wrinkle care~ It claims to moisten our skin as yogurt and hyaluronic acid supplt moisture and nutrition :) Lioele Triple Solution BB cream only come with 1 shade, but fortunately it's not too light so I can use it hehe :D

Here's the swatch on my hand :

Left : one pump of LTS bbc, middle : spread roughly, right : spread smoothly 

Then how about it formula? Is it good?
Let's start with my bare face :

Sorry for bad quality photo :x

As you can see, I have a dark dark circle and some discoloration on my nose. I have a few dark spots too >,< Theeeen, I apply this BBC this much :

a pea size amount enough for my entire face !

And dot it on my face like this :

Looks like avatar lah HAHAHA

Using my F80 Sigma brush, I spread it evenly on my face and here's the result :

After using LTS bbc <3

Another test for it's coverage!
I swatch a black eyeshadow on my hand, and I want to see how far this bbc can cover it :

Left to right : swatch eyeshadow - put LTS bbc - blend - finish

As you can see, it's not perfectly gone, but hey, it's good lah!
I don't think anybody has a dark circle as dark as that eyeshadow or acne scars as clear as that right o_O
thumbs up !

It covers my dark circle quite nice, make the discoloration on my nose dissappeared, and made my skin look flawless~ yay :D

Now how about the oil control? I've done a small test and here's the result :

After left for about 1 hour.
According photo above, etude cotton fit is the best when it comes to oil control, but again it's the main duty for it to give 'matte powdery' finish. The ccc silky however, has the worst oil control >_<
Lioele? Not too different than etude cotton fit, it has a VERY LITTLE dewy finish but not "cling2" like nymph aura of course. I use this for about 8 hours but my face seems quite okay without oil paper. (I have combination skin)

me camwhoring tehee :p
Lioele Triple Solution BB cream has a medium to full coverage, has a good oil control, has SPf 30++. It does a good job and I love it :D
The downside are it only has 1 shade so maybe it's not suitable for some people and it's expensive .___. If I not wrong, it cost IDR 290rb or $29 at the counter, and IDR 185rb or $18 at online shop. But with 50ml, you can use it everyday for a year. Quite "cengli", I think hehe :p

Disclaimer : None of the photos above are edited except for the watermark. This is my honest opinion although lioele send this product to me for free.

Have you try this BB cream? Or what's your fav BB cream / CC cream?
I appreciate comments! :)
Thanks for reading, good nite~


  1. yay! congratz yaa! bagus banget emang si triple ini hhhihi,, cantik deh :3

  2. congrats yaaaa.. ih seneng bener deh klo dpt hadiah kece2 hihihi..

    1. ahahahak iya XD
      ini emg 2 ud jd wishlist lmyn lama, eh dpt gretong dr giveaway :D

  3. itu pake kertas apa waktu result??

    1. kertas yg bbc cc cream itu?
      pake blotting paper ce.. :D hehehe

  4. Wah congrats yaa ^^
    Iya bener bb cream ini mahal tp bagus hihi thanks for the review~
    I followed you back ♡

    1. thanks dear <3 hehe
      iyaaa worth it sih imho :)
      thanks for visiting our blog yah laaa.. ^^

  5. great review,,aku blm pernah nyoba 2-2nya,,jd kepengeeeeen (>_<)
    BB favourite aku Etude house AC Clinic Sun BB,,tp skrg aku lg seneng pakai CC cream Silkynya Etude House :-D

    btw,,aku udah follow back gfc & g+ kamu yaa <3

  6. ahhaha ayo cobaaa bagus ini *racunin* XD
    ak blm prnah coba yg AC clinic, pernah nya yg bright sm cotton fit + cc silky nya :D cuma keputihan kalo di aku hehe :D

    thanks deaaar~