Sunday, 22 September 2013

Review : Klairs Face Mist

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Today I want to share about my current face mist which is "Klairs Cherry Blossom and Rose" :)
I got this from Wishtrend and Devi's giveaway about a months ago. thanksss <3

Nowadays, Bandung is so HOT especially on the afternoon. What makes it worse, I use motorcycle to go to college, sometimes in 12.00 am ._. It's just freakin HOT HOT HOT ! It makes me feel greasy, oily, etc.
Plus, don't forget about the dirt that can stays on my face. That's why I use this face mist. Let's meet.. Klairs Cherry Blossom and Rose Essential face mist ! ( such a long name ._. )

Klairs Essential Face Mist in Cherry Blossom and Rose
Description :
Brand : Klairs
Suitable for : All skin type
Volume : 50ml
Made in : Korea

It claims to be the best face mist spray for all skin types ! Recommended to protect yourself from troubles , containing chrysanthemum , aloe vera extract, and abundant moisture.

Comes in spray packaging :)
It also contains pink solution powder which is good for those looking for a way to remove acne scars and want to stop squeezing out pimple and start curing them.

all of information above
source : wishtrend

Here's how it looks like in my hand.
Spray about 3 times.

It gives cooling sensation and really refreshing in the first seconds ! <3 It didn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling too and can absorb well and fast.

After fully absorb.

As for the claim to removes acne scars etc, I didn't really feel it since I don't have any acne scars >,< I rarely have acnes since I start to care about my skin condition hehe :D
But you may try it ! At least if it doesn't cure your acne scars, it can freshen your face and also your mood~
a picture of me won't hurt anyone la ya EHEHEH x)

This face mist is a must have in my bag nowadays. I always use it whenever I feel oily, greasy, or dirty ( I mean by all the dirt while driving the motorcycle hahah ). It really does a good job in moisturising and refreshing my skin ^^ The scent is nice too <3

Disclaimer : This review is based on my HONEST opinion, even though wistrend send this for free. 

Thankyou for reading ^^ Have a nice sunday everyone~

Yes that's our mom and dad hehee <3

Since this day is freakin HOT, me and Acel drink half of this bottle of cola in just 5 minutes !! o_o
Seriously I think we are camel siblings la hahahah. Screw healthy life style, DRINK ALL THE COKE !

Bye :p



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