Friday, 20 September 2013

Review : GEO grang grang big choco

Hi !
In this first review, I want to talk about my favourite circle lens so far : Geo grang2 big choco <3

Diameter : 15.00 mm
Water content : 38%
Base curve : 8.7 mm
Lifetime : 1 year (though it's better not to use it after it's not feel comfy anymore~ I usually throw it after 8-9 months)

Let's see this baby, shall we?

GEO Grang Grang Big Choco. Notice the "B" letter?
I think it stands for Big since Grang2 series have the 14.20mm and this 15.00mm.

As you can see above, Geo Big Grang Grang Choco is a dark brown color lens. It has a black ring to make our eyes look dolly. :) It gives a natural looking too, not too dramatic and perfect for everyday use. From distance, the brown color is not visible unfortunately. I think it will be awesome if it gives more brown color effect ! 

Now, let see it on my eye ! My eye ! hahahah :p

Using Geo Big Grang Grang Choco on my left eye. Can tell the difference directly, no?

What surprised me is this lens really give a HUGE difference ! 
You can see that my left eye look so different with another, right ? And it doesn't look too 'alien-looking' which I love :D 

With flash

Another thing that make this lens my favourite is, the color and pattern appear when I use flash~ I love how it looks cute yet not too much tehee (。♥‿♥。)

Here's the picture after using the lens on both of my eyes and put some eyeliner and mascara :
With flash

Without flash

 For the comfort thingy, I think it quite good since I can wear it for like 6-7 hours daily, sometimes even more since I left home in the morning and come back at 5-6 p.m. It feels dry if I stay too long in class (AC) but it still tolerable :)

And let's meet me for THE VERY FIRST TIME (≧◡≦) 

Using Acel's orange liptint when she is at school HAHAHAHA

This lens is perfect for those who like natural and dolly look. It's quite comfortable for daily use too.
The only downside (personaly for me) is the brown color didn't show up as I expect it would. But nevertheless, I love this baby 

Thanks for reading ! (‾▿‾)
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  2. Wah <3 Cute :D That is lovely lens

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    1. iyaaa ehehe tapi ini ga gede2 banget juga kok. ak ada yg 16mm :3
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  5. ci icel! matanya kaya boneka O.O
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    1. Boneka sadako? Wkwkw
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