Sunday, 29 September 2013

Simple Tutorial + FOTD

Happy Sunday :D
I've just came home from church and have nothing to do so I made a simple tutorial :D Sorry if it's not good though, it's my first time to make a tutorial nyehehe :3

Let's start !

And you're done ! :D 
hehe I hope you can understand the simple tutorial above. Sorry for bad quality pictures, I don't have any DSLR camera so I just use my pocket camera T^T

And now to the result + camwhores :p

Bye ~ (/‾▿‾)/

Friday, 27 September 2013

Derping Around

Hi dolls~
Life has been hectic for us nowadays. 

Acel is on her 3rd year of high school, which means that she will face national exam this year. Because of that, she get LOT of test, homework, etc >,< and she doesn't has enough time to post on this blog :/ notice she only post once? nyahahaha.

Meanwhile, I'm in my first semester on college. I enter the accounting which give me a bunch of homework too. There are so much to learn and to do :/ but I'll try my best to keep blogging since I like it nyehehe~

So I think I'll just remove the 'icel / acel' label since she won't post anything anymore. Or maybe later sometimes. What do you think?

Anyway, please join my mini giveaway here ^^ Good luck~
Thanks for reading this and support this blog <3 

Bye~ gotta sleep now since I have a class tomorrow (yes, on saturday geez) at 7.00 AM 
Must wake suppa early since I need 1 hour to arrive at my college ._. 
Good nite :D

Monday, 23 September 2013

Review : Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream

Hey :)
Today I want to review Lioele Triple Solution BB cream. I got this from Lioele Indonesia and Absconding Reality ( Rhea's photography ) giveaway! yayy~
Thankyou ^^

What's I got is not only the BB cream but also their best seller Secret Pore Rich Balm !
You can't imagine how happy I am when I open the package :3 I was like YAY YAY YAY I finally got 2 of my wishlist hahaha AKLJLKLKFH. *ehm*

Lioele triple soluction bb cream and secret pore rich balm <3

And here's a picture of the BB cream :

Love the packaging! So princessy looking tehee

This bb cream come with pump type and contain 50ml products. It has SPF 30++ and whitening plus wrinkle care~ It claims to moisten our skin as yogurt and hyaluronic acid supplt moisture and nutrition :) Lioele Triple Solution BB cream only come with 1 shade, but fortunately it's not too light so I can use it hehe :D

Here's the swatch on my hand :

Left : one pump of LTS bbc, middle : spread roughly, right : spread smoothly 

Then how about it formula? Is it good?
Let's start with my bare face :

Sorry for bad quality photo :x

As you can see, I have a dark dark circle and some discoloration on my nose. I have a few dark spots too >,< Theeeen, I apply this BBC this much :

a pea size amount enough for my entire face !

And dot it on my face like this :

Looks like avatar lah HAHAHA

Using my F80 Sigma brush, I spread it evenly on my face and here's the result :

After using LTS bbc <3

Another test for it's coverage!
I swatch a black eyeshadow on my hand, and I want to see how far this bbc can cover it :

Left to right : swatch eyeshadow - put LTS bbc - blend - finish

As you can see, it's not perfectly gone, but hey, it's good lah!
I don't think anybody has a dark circle as dark as that eyeshadow or acne scars as clear as that right o_O
thumbs up !

It covers my dark circle quite nice, make the discoloration on my nose dissappeared, and made my skin look flawless~ yay :D

Now how about the oil control? I've done a small test and here's the result :

After left for about 1 hour.
According photo above, etude cotton fit is the best when it comes to oil control, but again it's the main duty for it to give 'matte powdery' finish. The ccc silky however, has the worst oil control >_<
Lioele? Not too different than etude cotton fit, it has a VERY LITTLE dewy finish but not "cling2" like nymph aura of course. I use this for about 8 hours but my face seems quite okay without oil paper. (I have combination skin)

me camwhoring tehee :p
Lioele Triple Solution BB cream has a medium to full coverage, has a good oil control, has SPf 30++. It does a good job and I love it :D
The downside are it only has 1 shade so maybe it's not suitable for some people and it's expensive .___. If I not wrong, it cost IDR 290rb or $29 at the counter, and IDR 185rb or $18 at online shop. But with 50ml, you can use it everyday for a year. Quite "cengli", I think hehe :p

Disclaimer : None of the photos above are edited except for the watermark. This is my honest opinion although lioele send this product to me for free.

Have you try this BB cream? Or what's your fav BB cream / CC cream?
I appreciate comments! :)
Thanks for reading, good nite~

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Review : Klairs Face Mist

Hiiiiii <( ‾ ▽‾)-σ 
Today I want to share about my current face mist which is "Klairs Cherry Blossom and Rose" :)
I got this from Wishtrend and Devi's giveaway about a months ago. thanksss <3

Nowadays, Bandung is so HOT especially on the afternoon. What makes it worse, I use motorcycle to go to college, sometimes in 12.00 am ._. It's just freakin HOT HOT HOT ! It makes me feel greasy, oily, etc.
Plus, don't forget about the dirt that can stays on my face. That's why I use this face mist. Let's meet.. Klairs Cherry Blossom and Rose Essential face mist ! ( such a long name ._. )

Klairs Essential Face Mist in Cherry Blossom and Rose
Description :
Brand : Klairs
Suitable for : All skin type
Volume : 50ml
Made in : Korea

It claims to be the best face mist spray for all skin types ! Recommended to protect yourself from troubles , containing chrysanthemum , aloe vera extract, and abundant moisture.

Comes in spray packaging :)
It also contains pink solution powder which is good for those looking for a way to remove acne scars and want to stop squeezing out pimple and start curing them.

all of information above
source : wishtrend

Here's how it looks like in my hand.
Spray about 3 times.

It gives cooling sensation and really refreshing in the first seconds ! <3 It didn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling too and can absorb well and fast.

After fully absorb.

As for the claim to removes acne scars etc, I didn't really feel it since I don't have any acne scars >,< I rarely have acnes since I start to care about my skin condition hehe :D
But you may try it ! At least if it doesn't cure your acne scars, it can freshen your face and also your mood~
a picture of me won't hurt anyone la ya EHEHEH x)

This face mist is a must have in my bag nowadays. I always use it whenever I feel oily, greasy, or dirty ( I mean by all the dirt while driving the motorcycle hahah ). It really does a good job in moisturising and refreshing my skin ^^ The scent is nice too <3

Disclaimer : This review is based on my HONEST opinion, even though wistrend send this for free. 

Thankyou for reading ^^ Have a nice sunday everyone~

Yes that's our mom and dad hehee <3

Since this day is freakin HOT, me and Acel drink half of this bottle of cola in just 5 minutes !! o_o
Seriously I think we are camel siblings la hahahah. Screw healthy life style, DRINK ALL THE COKE !

Bye :p


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Review + Korean Eyebrow Tutorial ~

Hi everyone!
Today I will review one of Etude House's best seller which is the drawing eyebrow! Mine is in grey brown shade because I think this is the closest shade to my hair hehe :D

It comes with dual-ended pen type. One is the drawing eyebrow itself and the other one is the brush. Pretty convenience, no?

It has a creamy texture and contains 0,2 g products. Be careful when you use it though, it's easy to break (just happen when I took the photos for this post .___. ) 

The brush itself is quite good but I'd prefer a softer brush :| The purpose is to blend your eyebrow after using it to make it looks more natural :DD

Swatch :

Here's my short korean eyebrow tutorial :

Sorry if it's not so good since I use bangs and I'm not really do my eyebrow everyday ( almost never in fact lol ) but at least I've tried! :D

So that's it! I hope you enjoy this short review and tutorial 
Have a nice day, stay pretty ^^

Review : Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original

Soooo, I just arrived at home after finished my class and picked acel up at her friend's house.
After that we went to Shihlin to eat since we are both hungry~ you know shihlin righttt ?
Acel decided just to order the "XXL chicken" since she didn't feel so hungry SHE SAID, and I pick the "Happy Rice Box". In the end Acel eat some of mine too lol x)

Without further derping, let's jump to the review !
This time I'll review the.... *drumroll* URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION in original !

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) in original :)
Everytime I see the packaging I always think that it so classy ! Likeeeey <3

The backside. Mine is in 6ml or 0.20 oz size :)

It have tube packaging which I love since I can use EVERY drop of it nyehehe #cheapskate
the old UDPP has wand packaging so we couldn't use it until the last drop~

Here's how it looks like on my hand :

 It has skin color and creamy yet thick texture. The good point is, it's so easy to blend and after blended, it become invisible~ look at the picture below :

UDPP after blended. Invisible right?
Now try to tilt your head down-right. You'll see the UDPP hahahah :P 
For your information, eye primer's function are to make color pop up and make it stay longer. How about this UDPP? ^^
Let's see !

comparison between using UDPP before eyeshadow or not
See See ?
The left side is using UDPP and the right side isn't.
You can see that the left one shows more vibrant color :D
Anyway, I use the balm nude tude for swatch above. Gonna review it soon too~ the packaging is to die for la x)

As for the staying power, it does a REALLY good job for me. I have super oily lids so if I wear eyeshadow or not-so-good eyeliner, it will smudge and makes me like panda. Buuuuut, whenever I use this, it never happened ! hahaha :D Just how much you've help me la UDPP <3

This UDPP is my HG eye primer now. You have read how much it can help for people who have oily lids like me. It makes eyeshadow color pop out, makes eye makeup stay longer, and makes me fall for it hahahah :D
The only downside about this is the PRICE. Seriously I think it's too expensive >,< I bought it at Sephora Singapore at this 6ml UDPP cos me about $15 or IDR 150.000. The full size one (11ml) cost $24 or IDR 240.000. Expensive, no? But it will last for a long time though, so I will repurchase it when this one is empty.
Have you try this UDPP ? Do you have another recommend for eye primer that does a good job too ?
Please drop some comments :DD

me HAHAHAH just want to show the nude tude's packaging.
freakin adorable riteeeeee ?

Thanks for reading :)

PS : if you're wondering why I'm the one who keep posting, blame Acel for being lazy :p I've told her to post something but all she do is wandering around tsk.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Review : GEO grang grang big choco

Hi !
In this first review, I want to talk about my favourite circle lens so far : Geo grang2 big choco <3

Diameter : 15.00 mm
Water content : 38%
Base curve : 8.7 mm
Lifetime : 1 year (though it's better not to use it after it's not feel comfy anymore~ I usually throw it after 8-9 months)

Let's see this baby, shall we?

GEO Grang Grang Big Choco. Notice the "B" letter?
I think it stands for Big since Grang2 series have the 14.20mm and this 15.00mm.

As you can see above, Geo Big Grang Grang Choco is a dark brown color lens. It has a black ring to make our eyes look dolly. :) It gives a natural looking too, not too dramatic and perfect for everyday use. From distance, the brown color is not visible unfortunately. I think it will be awesome if it gives more brown color effect ! 

Now, let see it on my eye ! My eye ! hahahah :p

Using Geo Big Grang Grang Choco on my left eye. Can tell the difference directly, no?

What surprised me is this lens really give a HUGE difference ! 
You can see that my left eye look so different with another, right ? And it doesn't look too 'alien-looking' which I love :D 

With flash

Another thing that make this lens my favourite is, the color and pattern appear when I use flash~ I love how it looks cute yet not too much tehee (。♥‿♥。)

Here's the picture after using the lens on both of my eyes and put some eyeliner and mascara :
With flash

Without flash

 For the comfort thingy, I think it quite good since I can wear it for like 6-7 hours daily, sometimes even more since I left home in the morning and come back at 5-6 p.m. It feels dry if I stay too long in class (AC) but it still tolerable :)

And let's meet me for THE VERY FIRST TIME (≧◡≦) 

Using Acel's orange liptint when she is at school HAHAHAHA

This lens is perfect for those who like natural and dolly look. It's quite comfortable for daily use too.
The only downside (personaly for me) is the brown color didn't show up as I expect it would. But nevertheless, I love this baby 

Thanks for reading ! (‾▿‾)
I hope it's useful and please do drop some comments or follow this new blog of ours.
We'll appreciate it :D


Thursday, 19 September 2013

First Post! (σ‾▿‾)-σ

hi there!

let us introduce ourself first okay?
have you read our blog's name? 
the first chel stand for icel and the second for acel.
acel (17) is my little sister, currently a senior high schooler. and me (18) I'm a fresh student in college ahahah :D

finally after (acel) struggling for hours, this blog is finished!
it still needs a lot of change though, but the dumb acel has to stop or else her head will be over-heated lol.
right now she is drinking a glass of cola with lotsa ice beside me hahahah. I think she is trying to make her head cooler :p

anyway, in the future this blog will contain mostly about beauty post. or maybe a food and travelling post. or maybe totally random stuff like our stupidness lol. please keep reading okay? we'll try to post a lot of interesting stuff!

Thanks for reading!