Monday, 30 December 2013

December Haul and Freebies + Ramblings

안녕하세요 !
Today is 30th December already and this is my last post for this year! 2013 has been so nice to me and give me so many new experience. The first one is I finish my high school, enter college, then drive motorcycle, learn to drive a car, and of course, made this blog and meet lotsa blogging friend ^^ I hope 2014 will be better for me :DD

So today I want to share my December haul (and freebies hehe). If you notice, I always post haul at the beginning of the month but next 1st January is my birthday so instead of monthly haul I'll show you my birthday haul + gift !

So basically this is what I got in December :

1. Lashes from kkcenterhk (super love the brown one >_< review soon! )

2. Peri Pera Water Tint in cherry juice and Wonder liner in dark grey ( I've reviewed it here ) + samples

3.  Stuffs from IBB : Hada Labo trial set, beauty mask, biore pore pack, etude house wonder pore.
     Unboxing post : here

4.  Make Over light makeup remover + Hada Labo trial kit from Hada Labo Indonesia from their free sampling :D Thankyou!

5. Bunch of Etude House's nail polish

6. Giveaway prize from Elin

So that's my December haul hahah what do you think? In fact I've ordered more but since it's christmas + new year holiday, the delivery serive is overload and become so slow -____- 

Btw, 2 days ago I met ci Bebe ! She visit Bandung to attent some wedding party and we decided to meet up >,< She's so kind to the point she brought me "kemplang" from Palembang and she even pay for the food! T___T next time you go to bandung I'm the one who pay okay ci XD

Is it just me or I looks older than her? T___T hahahah she's pettite so I think people will think I'm the one who's older ._.

And this is my new year's nail ( NOTY - Nail of the Year lol )

Thanks for reading!
Do drop some comments - it will makes my day ^^

Friday, 27 December 2013

Unboxing : Indonesian Beauty Bag - December

Hi girls :)
First, I want to say a merry merry Christmas to all of you >_< so sorry I can't post it yesterday since I went to PVJ and arrived at home it's 5.30 PM already. Then I want to start edit these photos but American Next Top Model start to play. After it's finished, mom suddenly ask to accompany her to watch prisoners in DVD so.. call me the queen of procrastination lol XD

So let's get back to the post! Do you know that there are a new "Beauty Box" ? It's called Indonesian Beauty Box and they start their first box on November. I saw their facebook and the November box is quite something with tons of full size products so I thought.. Why I don't give it a try? 

So here I am, subscribed another beauty box after I always being dissapointed -__- Since it's my first subs, I choose the cheapest one, which called the beauty bag. But unfortunately, starts from now they don't provide beauty bag again so there's just beauty box. If you are wondering what beauty box and beauty bag's difference, beauty box is more expensive which means the stuffs you get inside also will be more and better.

Here's the new pricelist btw just in case you also want to try :

Ordinary Box : IDR 160.000
Earth Box : IDR 210.000
Water Box : 260.000
Air Box : 310.000
Fire Box : 360.000
VIP Box : 600.000
VVIP Box : 850.000

Oh and one thing you should now about this box is every month's box is different, and every person's box is also different. When you want to subs, they will ask you to fill a from and basically choose what is your preference. Interesting? :D

Enough for the rambling, let's see what I got for this month!

It came with that white plastic packaging. The box itself is quite sturdy and a point plus to use plastic so it doesn't get wet just in case it's rain. I've read another beauty box came with wet box and of course we don't want that to happen.

After I open the plastic, I found this card box. I've told you how sturdy the packaging is right?

Since I ordered the Beauty Bag, it's came in paper bag packaging and I love the design! I always love vintage or USA design not to forget eiffel tower and Paris *u*

So that's what I got on this month's beauty bag.

1. Trial set of Hada Labo Shirojyun
Well to be honest I don't really expecting this since I just got a free sample from Hada Labo itself from their free sampling campaign. So now I have two sets and don't know what to do lol -_-

2. Wonder pore freshner (spray)
This one is my fav from the entire stuffs in the box. I've been curious to try this and I finally got it :p I did write this as my wishlist so yay :D
PS : I also write EH any cushion as my wishlist but why it's not there? (slapped) XD

3. Beauty mask
It's a mask produced by rohto (cmiiw). I've received and try it from Franky's giveaway long time ago and it's doesn't break me out so.. it's acceptable. But I'll be happier if they put korean brand mask like etude or skinfood or the face shop, etc. The price is quite the same though.

4. A piece of biore porepack
Okay I won't say much for this one.. Like it's just IDR 10k for 4 pieces so this one is only IDR 2500 worth .___.

After all, if I have to give a score between 0 to 10 , I'll give this a 7.
I do happy because of the wonder pore, but that's the only item I'm excited about. And I pay 100k ( 80k for the box, 15k for the shipping, and 5k for the bank transfer since they don't have BCA ) and I can even buy the 250ml size wonder pore -_- Hahah but that's just my opinion, if you are interested you can contact them at their Facebook here.

Oh you also can collect beauty points and exchange it with free beauty box once you reached 250 points.

The admin said that they have written the points wrong, I should get 5 points hehe :D

So that's it!
Have a nice day~

I'm so excited right now since it's less than a week to my birthday and I knew Acel and mom have bought something for me and it's freaking awesome! Will post about the gift once they handed it to me lol
Byeeeee <3

Sunday, 22 December 2013

All I Want for Christmas is You [ Ci Carnellin's Giveaway ] #2

First, I want to say happy mother's day to every single mother out there. And for my mom, thank you. Words can't describe how much I feel thankful for having you beside me. You are always there whenever I need you the most. When I'm down, when I feel about to cry, when I feel empty, you're always there. Thank you. So much. :*

Next, as the tittle I want to submit more entry for Ci Carnellin's giveaway :DD
I've made the first post to get YSL touche eclat here and now I also want the Johnny Andrean new K-look colouring >,<

See? The colour looks so good and of course, I believe that's because Johnny Andrean is a professional Salon so the result won't be the same with those cheap salon.

The reason why I want this SO MUCH is because couple of month ago I dyed my hair using the bubble hair colouring type and the results is so uneven :(( what make it worse is my hair have growth and the black roots really annoyed me :/ So I reaaaally need and want this ><

Created a cover special for this Johnny Andrean voucher :p


Oh and I also want this new Silky Girl's new CC cream since I'm bored already with korean brands throwing many many kind of cc cream. I've tried Silky Girl's BB cream and it's quite good actually, so I'm curious about this cc cream :DD

There's 10 CC cream for 10 winners! How amazing is that? 

Now if you are interested to join this MEGA giveaway, go to the giveaway post and hurry up submit your entry! It'll be closed tomorrow~ 

Wish me tons of luck! *finger crossed* >,<

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Collaboration : 12 Chinese Zodiac - Dog

Hella everyone ( using hella since hello is just too mainstream ) lol.
Today I'm back with another collaboration! For you who don't know, it's my 2nd collab with other IBB member. If you want to see my first collab you can click -- here

So at first Elin bbm me and ask if I want to join a collab with other 11 IBB and of course I said yes~ Turns out that this collab is made by Kak Dine :) Thanks for asking me to join this awesome collab! <3

So this is the result...

And here's the list of the others 11 awesome bloggers :
Nurina as Ox
Ken as Tiger
Yunita as Rabit
Anisa as Dragon
Dine as Snake
Anne as Horse
Rifka as Goat
Hanny as Monkey
Ike as Rooster
Aldila as Pig
Elin as Mouse
and me as Dog :3

Make sure to check out their blog, okay?

So now let's move on to my character : Dog! 
Actually I choose this without thinking again since it's my actual shio lol. And I do think that dog is the cutest animal on earth <3 And I bet you'll asking later why the photos below is not the same with the cover photo above :| it's because I made that look on the cover photo about a week ago and give it to Kak Dine and then today when I want to post this, I don't feel that that's good enough.. So I made it again and this is the mini tutorial + result!

Starting with bare face. 
1. Put your face primer and then BB cream to make your skin flawless~

2. Use a lip concealer to cover your skin since I want to make the mouth to be like 
this --> :3
3. I use eyeshadow on my nose.
4. Also make a straight line with black eyeshadow towards the lips
5. Make like a "3" symbol on your lips, not forget to draw some "moustache" by drawing 3 lines on both side of your cheeks.

Forget to capture the eye makeup but it's just typical eyeliner but don't make it upward or
it'll looks like a cat hehe~

and here's the result :

Not so bad rite rite? :p

Hahahah that's it! Thank you for reading and do drop comments below.
I have so much fun creating this dog makeup looks and again thanks to other beauty bloggers who
have asked me to join this collab!
Let me know what you think, okay? :3

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is you! [ Ci Carnellin's Giveaway ]

Hi :)
Today I want to make a special post dedicated to Ci Carnellin !
FYI, she is a 'senior' beauty blogger here in Indonesia and she is the one who take care of events here~ I have read her blog for quite some time and I do think her blog is really fun to read!

About a week ago, Ci Carnellin made a post about HUGE giveaway~ Why do I called it huge? Because there will be 67 ( YES, SIXTY SEVEN ) winner this time! And the prize is mostly from high-end brand like YSL, LX, Shu uemura and some famous brand like maybelline, loreal, silky girl, etc. So much right? *u*

So without further ado here's what I want the most from this giveaway :
YSL TOUCHE ECLAT CONCEALER in shade 4.5 ! This product cost IDR 450k already and if I want to buy it myself I have to stop eating for 10 days hahahah XD

I really want this since my current concealer cannot conceal my oh-so-dark circles anymore and it's almost empty too. I have heard so many good reviews about this products, lotsa people even nominated this as the best concealer ever! How can I don't want this la?

Created some 'comics' to show you my weird expressions and how much I want this lol :

So please please Santa Carnellin? *puppy eyes* XD

I also created a YSL inspired makeup nail!

Using black as base color and gold on 1 of my finger :D not forget to put YSL logo on it XD
I always love YSL theme since it gives such a luxurious feelings, especially this Touche Eclat one!

 So what are you waiting for? Show your effort and creativity and be this MEGA giveaway winners! :D You even can win more than one items hehe~ click here for further info about this giveaway and prepare yourself for droolling :p

PS : I'll update this post again soon since ci Carnellin said I can gather the items I want in one post :) Wait for it! I already prepare SO MANY entry lololol :D

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Review : PeriPera Wonder Liner in Deep Gray

Hi guys :)
Get some time for blogging now since tomorrow and 2 days again I've a holiday before facing my last final exams~ Today I want to share about another eyeliner! Girl can't have enough eyeliner, can we? hahah :p

Since I'm bored with black eyeliner and I saw this eyeliner is on sale with super cheap price, I bought this without thinking lol. This eyeliner is called PeriPera Wonder Liner, and this one is in deep gray. At first I was like, what? Deep gray? How would it looks like on me? :/ but again, because of the cheap price I bought this XD

So let's see the product, shall we?

This eyeliner comes in pink-black box packaging with the name written. I think it's quite cute with that pink color XD but actually nothing special and the plastic is somehow so thin :/

What it claims : "Super-strength waterproof eyeliner that clearly drawing with soft texture and long lasting without smudgy."

Photo above is how the eyeliner looks like. It comes in automatic pencil model - I mean you can just twist it so no need to sharpen it - a point plus for me since I always feel lazy to sharpen my eyeliner lol. I also love the glossy-pink font!

It contains decent size of eyeliners inside, I think it's enough for 3 months usage if you use it everyday. Now let's see the deep gray color! :D

Left : 1 swipe, Right : 3 swipes.

When I first swatched it on my hand, the first thing I notice is yes, it really does come in deep grey. The second think is the glitters. Actually I don't expect it to has glitters since most of eyeliners is matte right? But I don't think that's a bad thing since it's quite pretty too when I apply it on my eyes :D

See See? It's obviously different than black! What I love about this color is it looks more natural since the color isn't as obvious as black. The glitters make my eyes looks more "pop" too~ 

Did the waterproof + smudgeproof test by poured water to the eyeliner and rub it HARD, surprisingly it stays even though it does fade. (see picture above)

+ Cheap
+ Waterproof + Smudgeproof 
+ No need to sharpen it
+ A little goes a long way
+ Unique color

- Doesn't really well-known so a lil bit hard to find
- Not so sturdy box packaging

I recommend this for those who is bored with black or brown eyeliner and those who like to try something new :D Btw I've tried to find reviews about this products but I can't find it so I conclude that it's not so well-known? :/ Idk but I still like this! 

Last sessions, pictures of me using this eyeliner ahahah please don't close this post yet :p

Cut my hair yesterday so hair still looks good after the hair-blow :3 what do you think of my new hair? Mom said she can't tell the difference zzz ._.

So that's it! Thanks for reading and have a nice day :DD

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Review : Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Hey everyone~ :)
I'm still on my final test week and since I haven't updated my blog since 5 days ago ( and I don't wanna study yet :p ), here I come with a new review about Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer!

For you who don't know yet, eye primer's function is to give more vibrant color and make your eye-makeup last longer than usual. I really think that eye primer is important since I have oily lids T_T
Now let's jump to the review ! *jump jump* *ignore me* lol

So that's how the products look. I love the box design, it somehow gives classy misterious (?) feelings lol. Here's the close up photo of the bottle itself :

The design is so simple, only the products name written on the front side plus some bubble (I mean that circles above the proof 10 one ehehe). It comes in beige color which I think has the same color with the content.

The want itself is just like regular wand, nothing special to be said of. But I love how the wand is long enough so it makes me easier to use it. On the other side, the long wand is not so travel friendly since it use quite a space :/ Took the wand and compare it with my finger so you guys can see how long the wand is. FYI my finger is long~ hahah :p

Photo above is the swatch of this eye primer. It has beige color like I've said, right? ^^ It doesn't feel sticky whatsoever, and after a few second it will turn to be something like :

Yep, it almost disappeared~ hahah it will matched your skin tone so it will feels like you're wearing nothing~ Now let's see how this eye primer works, shall we?

I compared this to my UDPP which I've reviewed here since it's the most famous eye primer out there plus it's my favourite too :D If you ask if UDPP is my fav then why I bought this eye primer, no, this is Acel's, my sister XD I borrow it for this review nyehehe :3

*ehem* so as you can see, the one who doesn't use eye primer is not so pigmented, while the 2 look more pigmented :) And I was quite surprised too that this primer almost give the same vibrant color like my UDPP :O you can see, there's almost no difference right?

Then I try to give some splash of water to test this eye primer, turns out it does help the eyeshadow to stay! ^^ but but, UDPP one stay more so I can say UDPP win in this test :D

As for the staying power, it also does quite a good job to make eye makeup stays. Can't really decide which one win for this test, since it really depends on the weather + how long I use it hahah XD

+ Affordable (about IDR 70k / $7)
+ Give a pigmented color
+ Help eye makeup stay longer
+ The long wand make it easy to use

- Still lose to UDPP ( by a little distance btw :p UDPP price is about IDR 250k so it is understandable! )
- Not travel friendly

So I recommend this for those who have oily lids like me, or you who want to use eye primer with affordable price :) Most of ol shop nowadays sell this since it's quite famous so you can grab them soon? :p *racun mode* XD

Some EOTD using this eye primer :

DID YOU SEE MY BLUE SPARKLING LASHES? Awesome to the max heheh *nyengir* :p

Thanks for reading! 
Don't forget to join my current giveaway ft. PGStore Jakarta HERE :)

Have a nice day <3
*back to study* *sleep* LOL